The I of the Storm - Recap

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The scene opens with Dewey Crow talking to Boyd Crowder in a bar. Ellen May comes up to Dewey and he tells that he has nothing for her right now. Boyd tells that he is more than willing to contribute to him. Dewey tells that Boyd sounds just like he always had and leaves. Meanwhile, Winona and Raylan are at a concert in the middle of nowhere so that they can be together. She tells that she doesn’t want to be seen and Raylan suggests that she divorce Gary. She tells that she would divorce Gary if she knew that she and Raylan would be happy. She sees Tim at the bar and tells that they need to go. Raylan agrees. Later, a bus pulls up to a road closed sign. Suddenly a gunman appears from the back of the bus and shoots. Another gunman shoots from outside and kills the man shooting at his partner. The other gunman enters the bus and steals Prescription Drugs and leaves.

At the station, Art tells that Jess Timmens’s death was good and asks Tim what he would have done if he would have missed. Tim tells that he doesn’t ever miss. He leaves and Art asks if he needs to be concerned and then gestures to Tim. Raylan thinks that he is talking about him and Winona and he tells Art that it was just him and her together as friends. However, Art was talking about Tim and the fact that he shot a man and is fine with it. Raylan tells that he hasn’t seen any weird behavior. Art tells that there was a robbery that has Boyd Crowder’s style written all over it and tells that Raylan needs to get to Harlen and deal with that. Art wants to know who he was out with and guesses it when he is in the elevator. Art tells that Raylan is a smooth guy and tells that it is not like that but he needs to go to Harlen. Boyd Crowder gets out of the mines and a co-worker gets in Boyd’s face and tells that he knows who he is and that he is a murderer. Kyle, another co-worker, breaks up the argument and introduces himself. He asks if Boyd knows where they could get a drink. However, Boyd tells that he drinks alone. Kyle tells that he is going to be a tough hog to tie.

Raylan and the Police Officer from the previous episode investigate the bus and he tells that Bobby Lawton, the man who was shot was Dixey Mafia. Doyle comes on scene and he says that he wants the same thing as they do and suggests that Raylan talk to Boyd Crowder and says that he is living with Ava. Dewey comes over to Boyd’s and says that he saw Cutter and that he was the one who robbed the bus and took the drugs. Boyd tells that he had no such thing in it. Ava comes out and tells Boyd to get Dewey out of there now. Dewey says that he doesn’t care who robbed it, he needs it back. He tells Boyd that he is going to get the drugs back, but Boyd warns him. Dewey says that he isn’t going to do anything. Later, Raylan walks up to Ava’s and asks for Boyd. Ava tells Raylan that Boyd doesn’t do anything bad because she will kick him out if he does. She tells that Boyd doesn’t go strait to work first. He stops by Audrey’s first. Meanwhile, Dewey walks into a store and asks for a ski mask. The shop owner tells him to hurry up and buy and get out. Dewey looks up and sees a cowboy hat above him.

Raylan runs into Boyd at Audrey’s and he tells that he had nothing to do with the bus and that he can leave him alone. Raylan puts his card down just in case something comes up. Boyd rips up Raylan’s card. Cutter and another guy are in their house when Dewey comes in pretending to be Raylan Givens. He takes the drugs and makes the two guys get on the ground. A woman watches from the bathroom. Doyle comes up to Raylan and says that they know who took the drugs. He says that the witness said that he took the drugs. Raylan goes to the witness and asks if it was him who she saw and the woman tells that Raylan is not the guy. She says that it was a man with a tattoo on his neck. Raylan realizes that it was Dewey Crowe. Meanwhile, Dewey is at Audrey’s and gets Ellen Maye to get a friend. He laughs and says that he pretended to be Raylan Givens. Boyd goes to work and tells Dewey that he is stupid because he hasn’t started driving. Boyd calls Raylan and tells that he is at Audrey’s.

In a trailer, Dewey and the girls are “enjoying” themselves when Raylan comes in and Raylan says that the girls need to get dressed. Raylan says that Dewey is very stupid. Dewey says that Raylan deputized him and that he was going to give them to him. Suddenly Cutter and his friend show up and Raylan tries to identify himself. However, they start shooting. Doyle shows up behind them and asks who hired them to hit the bus. Cutter says that it was Doyle’s brother, Dickey. Doyle shoots both men. Later, Doyle visits Dickey and Cougar and tells them that they are idiots and that they don’t do things like they did. He tells that the bus belonged to the Frankford Boys. Raylan drives up to Ava again and tells that Boyd didn’t rob the bus. However, he still tells Ava to throw Boyd out. He asks if she is trying to get back at him and she tells that she needs to pay her rent, but Raylan doesn’t buy it. Ava reminds him that he cheated on her with his married ex-wife. She tells that Boyd is staying.

At a bar the next day, Kyle comes up to Boyd and says hello. He tells that he drinks alone. Kyle tells that he came to offer something. He tells that he is an admirer of all he has done and he understands who he is. Boyd tells that he doesn’t know anything about him and leaves. Kyle tells that he kills people too and has lost friends too. He says that people are exposable. Boyd gets into his truck and grabs Kyle when he tries to reach for his keys. He drives off with Kyle dangling. Boyd tells that now he can talk now. He tosses Kyle and drives off. He stops to make sure that Kyle is still alive and drives off.