For Blood or Money - Recap

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The scene opens at the Bennet’s house. They are having a barbecue and enjoying a family gathering. Raylan drives up and Doyle asks what he is doing there. Raylan says that he is working the Task Force and asks to sit down with Mags. He gives the kids around them a U.S. Marshall coin and Raylan and Mags sit down. Doyle, Cougar and Dickey join them. Raylan says that he knows that based on Leroy’s phone records. He and Dickey talked a lot prior to the robber of the bus with the drugs. Dickey says that it was for an ATV that he was selling. Mags asks why Raylan came down to ruin their family barbecue over some opinion of the past. Raylan says that it is because of the past that he came to warn them. He says that the Dixey Mafia are going to come for them and Mags laughs. He leaves and Mags yells at them and asks why she was not told that Doyle killed Cutter and Leroy. Dickey says that he thought it was a good bust. She tells them that she wishes that Raylan didn’t sniff around them so much. Dickey takes this as the sign to kill Raylan.

At Boyd and Ava’s house, Boyd is reading a book and listening to loud music. Ava comes in and tells him to join her on the patio. She tells that she had to cut a wig today and that they are making their way into the world again. Kyle and his friends come and Boyd tells Ava to get into the house. He talks to them and Ava has a shotgun on the opposite side of the door. Meanwhile at a halfway house, a man named Clinton gets ready to go to his son’s birthday. He goes downstairs and the director tells him that he forgot to clean the bathrooms. Clinton says that he got it wrong and did the kitchen instead. He offers to clean it now, but he tells that he looses his day pass today because of this. Clinton says that he needs this day, but the director is not allowing him to go. Clinton yells at him and gets a 30-day suspension. Clinton punches him and beats him with the phone. Meanwhile, Raylan visits Frankford and sits down with Emmitt Arnett, the former leader of the Dixey Mafia. He tells Raylan that he is no longer in it and that Win Duffy is the man he should talk to.

At the halfway house, the secretary finds the director on the floor bound and gagged. She asks if they call the police or the Marshalls. He says that he is going to bring him back and for her not to call anyone. Winona walks into Gary’s office and he is about to go show a house. She asks why Gary spoke to Raylan and Gary tells her it was to show him where he stands. He tells her that they are going to need to get a divorce. In the Marshall’s office, Art tells Rachel Brooks, the sister-in-law of Clinton, that Clinton is on the loose and that she should sit this out. She says that she knows where Clinton is heading because it is his son’s 12th birthday and that is where he is headed right now. Meanwhile, Clinton meets and old friend, Flex. He tells that he is going to be a magician and Clinton says that is a good idea. He says that he needs a ride to his son’s school, but Flex tells that he has errands to run. Clinton grabs Flex’s gun and shoots his hand. Flex falls out of the car and Clinton takes off.

At Boyd and Ava’s, Boyd tells that he is going to work and Ava tells him that he better tell the boys that came around earlier that he is not interested. He says that he will. Clinton drives down the road and Raylan stops him. He tells him to turn off the car and to step out of the car. However, Clinton drives off before Raylan could react. At the station, Clinton’s son is there and Rachel is watching him. He jokes and says that he found Rachel a husband. It is a criminal on the database. Raylan meets Winona downstairs and tells that she and Gary are going to get a divorce because Gary tells that they are upside down on their mortgage and that it would be best to do that. She feels guilty and Raylan says that Gary is a smart man because he is trying to guilt Winona. They get a location to where Clinton is and Art tells Raylan to go with Rachel so that things don’t go south. They get to Rachel’s mother’s house and find her tied up in another room. She says that she almost killed Clinton, but wasn’t meaning to. She tells that he took her car. Rayland gets a call and tells Rachel that Clinton called asking for her.

At a restaurant, Clinton waits for Rachel when the director of the half-way house comes in. He tells that he is going to take Clinton back and Clinton tells that he needs to do one thing first. Suddenly “Flex” comes in and has his hand bandaged up. He asks where his car is and Clinton tells that he ditched it. The director tries to talk to “Flex” and says that he doesn’t have to do anything he is going to regret. “Flex” points his gun to Clinton’s head and then points it to his hand. Just then, the Marshalls bust in and the director grabs “Flex’s” gun. Clinton points a gun to the director’s head and Rachel tells Clinton that he doesn’t have to do that. He drops the dun and Tim takes him into custody.

Afterward, Art talks to Raylan and tells him to talk to Rachel about firing her weapon and killing “Flex”. He says he will. Rachel takes Clinton’s son to see his father before he is escorted to prison. Clinton gives the Furr-Bot to him and it has a bullet hole and blood on it. He tells that he will keep it with him always. Later that night, Rachel, Raylan, and Tim talk about their family life and how all of them had messed up families and that Rachel is not alone. Boyd gets off work and Kyle comes up and tells him more about the job. He says that he has people who are going to make sure that they are not going to be able to look like criminals, but heroes just like the miners in Chile. He tells that it is a lot of money that he could make if he is interested. Boyd thinks about it and the episode ends.