Cottonmouth - Recap

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The scene opens with guards going into Dewey Crowes’s cell. The guard tells that he tested positive for TB. He gets escorted into a room where Raylan Givens is. Dewey tells that he thought he was really sick. Raylan asks what the news was that he has regarding things going down in Harlen. He says that Doyle is a crooked cop and Raylan says that Dewey has to tell him something he doesn’t already know. He says that the child molester, Jimmy Earl Dean, who tried to get Loretta, told Dewey that things are going down in Harlen and it is not their normal weed selling either. He says that it has to do with Loretta’s dad.

Cougar goes into the store and Loretta is watching the store while Mags is away. Cougar is upset that Mags never allows him to watch the store. He takes things off the shelves and walks off. Loretta reminds him that he has to leave money on the table for the things that he takes. He tosses her a Kit-Kat bar and says that he was told and walks off. Meanwhile at the U.S. Marshall’s office, Art gets off the phone and tells Raylan that Arlo violated his tether agreement and Raylan tells Art to tell the officers to do what they want with Arlo. The officer from Harlen and asks if Raylan can come back with him to Arlen. Art says that Raylan has a lot of work for the Marshall’s office and he doesn’t know if it is a good enough reason. He tells that someone has been cashing Loretta’s dad’s government checks and it looks like a forgery. Raylan remembers what Dewey told him about the thing involving Loretta’s dad. Art says that they found Raylan’s dad. He is in the office.

Arlo comes in and puts money on his desk. He says that now they can take off his tether. Raylan asks where the rest of it and he says that he doesn’t have anything else. Raylan says that he could probably pay it off with information and asks what he knows about forgery in Harlen. Arlo says that the man who would know that is dead. He says that he is not telling anymore and if he tells that he can get the dead man to talk, it would be beneficial. Meanwhile, Boyd talks to Kyle and his friends and says that they are going to rob the safe at the mines and tells that Boyd is going to kill Shelby, the old man that watches the money. Boyd doesn’t like that news and doesn’t know about it. The phone rings and Boyd answers it. He pretends that it is Ava, but it is really him listening to Kyle and the others talk about the heist. He hears Kyle that they are going to kill Boyd in the heist and he tells the imaginary person on the phone that he has to go. He tells Kyle that he is in.

Later on, Boyd is doing dishes and Raylan drives up. Raylan says hello, but they are not welcoming. Boyd dips the battery in the sink and dries it off and puts it back on the pack. He goes outside and welcomes Raylan. He asks what he is doing there and Raylan is immediately suspicious of his new “friends” and tells that they are packing. Boyd tells that they are not going to use them. Raylan asks if Boyd knows anything about what his brother was into before Ava killed him. He says that he doesn’t know anything and tells Raylan that he has to get to work. Boyd and Kyle go back into the house and Boyd says that the battery isn’t taking a charge and that they are going to have to do it again some other time. However, Kyle is set on getting it done today and says that they will stop by Radio Shack. Boyd leaves a note for Ava before he leaves. They get to work and Boyd looks at the armored truck escorting the money into Shelby’s office.

Raylan visits Banes and asks if he knows of any checks matching his famous forgery. He says that he has to grab his glasses and then reaches for his taser and tases Raylan. However, Raylan grabs the taser and tases Banes in the private parts after trying to shoot him. Raylan recovers before Banes and says that he needs information. However, he is not talking to anyone about it. In the cave, Kyle and the other miners fake Angina and get out of the cave. Boyd has them hand over their cell phones and says that he doesn’t want any accidental explosions. Back at Ava’s house, Ava sees the note that Boyd left. It says that she needs to call a number at a certain time with no questions. Back at the mines, the Boyd and the rest of the guys get their guns and bust into Shelby’s office. Before Shelby can react, he is hit in the face. Kyle tells Boyd to fill the explosives in the brown bag and the money in the green bag. Kyle’s cell phone rings and he says that he thought he turned it off. Boyd tells Kyle to get out of the trailer.

Raylan drives up to Cougar getting high off marijuana and asks why he has been cashing in Walt McCreedy’s checks and tells that he would like to talk to Walt when he gets in. Boyd gets out of the office and Boyd tells that he is going to take the batteries. He takes Shelby with him. Kyle says that he was a boy scout and he is always prepared. He pulls out the detonator and has his own batteries. They say goodbye to Boyd and push the trigger. However, the truck explodes rather then the mine. Boyd and Shelby walk out and one of the men is still alive. Boyd shoots him and tells Shelby that he needs a favor. He needs him to tell the police that Boyd left early. He agrees. Meanwhile, Couger and Dickey pull up to Bane’s and it is empty. Cougar wonders if Bane told Raylan anything. They see Raylan parked and Cougar asks what they do. Dickey says that Raylan doesn’t have anything on them and tells that they are cleared. They drive off.

Boyd walks in and Ava is waiting at the stairs. He says that he can explain the note. Raylan pulls up to the officer and tells that there is something fishy about the fact that Walk McCreedy is not surfaced and he is probably dead. Boyd explains that she saved his life from calling the number and he was forced to do it because it is his nature. He says that he found the letter and says there should be about $15,000-20,000. There are sirens and he asks if she can do him a favor. He says that he will understand if she doesn’t want to help. Mags and Doyle visit Dickey and Cougar’s trailer and says that she has to break Cougar’s fingers. He cries and says that she doesn’t have to do it, but she says that she does. She breaks his fingers. Raylan goes up to Loretta and she is selling marijuana. He says that he doesn’t care about that and just wants her to know that she can call him for any reason if she gets into trouble and he will be there.