Blaze of Glory - Recap

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The scene opens with Boyd and Ava getting interviewed by ATF agents. Boyd and Ava’s stories match up and the agents have nothing they can use to charge Boyd with. They try to tell that Ava is going to go to jail and Boyd says that if they don’t stop insulting Ava, he is going to climb over the table to get to them. One of the ATF agents says for Art to arrest Boyd for threatening a Federal Agent. However, Art says that Boyd didn’t really and it has to be more specific. Boyd goes up to Raylan and says that he is not in handcuffs because he was only protecting a woman’s honor and says that Raylan is in the middle of two women that he has to make a choice with. Meanwhile, Gary and Winona argue about the fact that Gary put up their house to put on a horse. Gary says that the horse is going to give them money to be able to pay for their debts. She walks off to get out of the house.

The next day, Winona says that she missed Raylan last night and Raylan says that he had to work late. She says that she was up late. Raylan teases that she was thinking of him all night and she says that there was a good 5 minutes where she wasn’t thinking of Raylan. She says that Gary and her got in a fight because Gary bought a horse. He laughs and she tells that it is not funny. She tries to get in a cage and Raylan says that he doesn’t have keys to that and that they have to wait for Weaver to unlock it. Raylan says that it is a circus upstairs and he is happy to avoid it. Winona says that she remembers the night he told her about the pregnant fugitive and that it doesn’t have to end again with them like it did. Winona talks to Raylan and says that it might have been a good thing to wonder about them and Raylan says that he does. They are interrupted by Weaver and he opens the cage. He gets a call and gives Winona the keys and tells her to lock up. She opens a locker and finds thousands of dollars.

Later, Winona is in her car looking at a $100 bill. She is at the bank standing in line. She has second thoughts and starts to walk away. Suddenly a man with a gun tells everyone to get on the ground. An old man and two young men are the bank robbers and one of the young men, Carter, stops at Winona, who has a $100 bill in her hand. He turns her over and sees that she is holding on to it. He takes it away and kicks her in the face. At the Marshall’s office, Raylan walks up to Winona and says that she shouldn’t look a man in the eye. Frank Reisner, the old guy, is one of the bank robbers and that they are still trying to ID the other two. Mrs. Reisner comes into the station and watches the video of Frank robbing the bank. She says that Frank was good inmate and that it is not like him. She tries to make excuses for him. Meanwhile, Frank and the other two are in a hotel and Bobby, one of the young men, says that they are going to hit the Bank in Versailles next. However, Frank says that they aren’t going to do it. Carter says that they don’t need Frank to pull the job. Frank lunges at Carter and nearly chokes him as Bobby tries to pull them apart.

Back at the station, Winona recognizes Bobby and Tim comes in and gives a copy of the serial bills that they took from the bank. He says that they will scan each bill in the database and Winona is worried. She goes up to Raylan and says that she has a problem. Raylan takes her in a back room and Winona tells that she took $100 from the locker to take it to the bank to make sure that it was real, but got scared at the last minute. Raylan says that the money is Federal Money that if scanned when the bank robbers are caught, they probably won’t care about one bill going missing. Raylan asks Art if he can be the first one in to take the men down and Art says that he can’t allow him to be on the entry team, but will allow Raylan to make sure that the one who kicked Winona bumps his head. Mrs. Reisner video chats with Frank and he knows what is going on and asks for the person in charge and tells his wife to go outside. Frank talks to Art and says that he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Art says that he was chasing Frank back in the day and Frank tells where they are.

They get set up and Art says that they might have to worry because Frank said something about going out in a Blaze of Glory. Art doesn’t believe that Frank is not going to be there. Carter straps on the dynamite and Frank says that he is going to leave him there. However, his condition makes him fall on the floor. Bobby and Carter leave the hotel. At the station, Raylan asks if they have any new evidence to see where Frank might go. An agent walks in and says that an anonymous caller told about Bobby and Carter being in a bank in Versailles. Raylan pulls up and sees Bobby and Carter in line through the window. Two Federal Agents drive up and Raylan says that he is going in to run surveilence. Meanwhile, Art is looking through Frank’s computer that the tech cloned and finds a sim flight program. He has an idea where Frank is. Raylan goes in the bank and approaches Carter and Bobby. He tells them that they need to keep their hands where he can see them. Raylan tells that someone tipped them off and Bobby sees that the car is gone. The money was in the car. Carter tries to threaten, but Raylan tells Bobby is the smart one and Bobby gets down on the ground. Raylan tells Carter that he is from Harlen County. He punches Carter and says that they know the difference from dynamite and road flares. He kicks him in the face.

At a runway, Frank gets out and Art comes up and says that he didn’t believe him and that he was re-familiarizing. Art says that he will put a bullet in his tank. Frank takes off without his tank and Art runs off after him. Frank falls down and doesn’t escape. Art hands him his oxygen and takes Frank’s gun. Art sits down and rubs his knee. Frank says that he was hoping to get away and fly off to some island. Art tosses his handcuffs at Frank. Raylan arrives and Art says that he knew it. Raylan offers to scan the money for him. Later that night, Raylan shows that the bills that could be the one that she took. She kisses him and he takes her to the bed. They kiss and Raylan says that they are going to have to talk about it sooner or later. She says that she knows.