Save My Love - Recap

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The scene opens with Raylan and Winona in bed. Winona wakes up and remembers that the $100 that she took had a corner ripped off it. Raylan grabs his jacket and says that he is going in to find it. She thanks him for still caring. Gary goes to meet Mr. Duffy and he tells that he has a very exciting “investment” opportunity. Meanwhile, Boyd gets to work and there is a limo outside the office. Boyd meets Carol Johnson, the Executive Vice President of the mine and says that she was devastated when he was let go. Boyd is confused and she tells that she wants him to be on their security team. Boyd tries to deny and tells that his background is not good, but she doesn’t care. He goes with her.

Raylan gets into the office and Brooks tells that it is Raylan’s day to get coffee. She tells that they are helping the FBI and Raylan asks why they are helping them. She tells that they have to help because Art says. Raylan goes to see Art and asks why they are helping. Art says they are busy with Al Qaeda. Raylan asks if the bank robbers spent any of the money and Art says that the old man told him that they never came around to it. He asks what is going on with Raylan and he tells that it is nothing. He watches the security tape again and sees that Carter Hayes pocketed the $100 from Winona. He calls up evidence and asks if they pulled off any money from Carter and they tell that they did. He says that he will be down to pick it up. Meanwhile, Carol shows Boyd a video of a man who videotaped the fact that her company is using bulldozers to cover up creeks and ponds only to be crushed by several rocks. She tells Boyd that she needs for Boyd to help her protect her from the death threats.

Raylan walks up to evidence and the guy tells that Tim already picked up the money. Raylan sees the money in the envelope and then tells that he can run it down to the vault. Tim’s computer shows that he already started scanning the bills. In the elevator, Raylan quickly takes out the $100 and switches it with one that he has and Brooks comes in and asks where he is taking the bills because they need to be scanned first. However, when Raylan goes to scan them, Tim tells that he already did that. Raylan is upset and tells that he will be back. Later, Raylan meets with Winona and she shows that there are bigger problems by revealing that she took all the money. She goes through the story what happened and why she took the money and how she had a change of heart, but could not do it due to the robbery. Raylan is shocked and says that he will help her out and get the money back in the vault.

Winona gets inside and gets through security and Raylan has her bag. Winona walks upstairs, but is stopped by Judge Reardon that wants her to be in chambers now. She tries to tell that she has to put her gym bag inside her office, but he tells that he needs her now to go with him. Raylan sits down and Art tells him that Judge Reardon wants him in his chambers. Meanwhile, Judge Reardon talks about the ground rules that are going to be obeyed in his courtroom. Raylan comes in and Winona gestures to her bag. Judge Reardon says that he wants Raylan to look over his courtroom to see if there are any explosives. He says that he will. He walks in the courtroom and sees Boyd. He asks why he is there and Carol Johnson comes up and says that they were put in the courtroom. Raylan tells that he has to make sure that the courtroom is secure. He asks why Boyd is there and Carol says that she likes to have one of her own and says that Boyd is her private security. Boyd offers to help Raylan his “expertise” on hiding where bombs are, but Raylan tells him that he’s got it. Carol asks if they grew up together and Carol asks if she can trust Boyd and Raylan tells that he doesn’t know, but he has tried to kill Raylan and had his back a few times.

Judge Reardon gets done and Winona says that she is going to her office. She goes down to the vault and Charlie is not there. She goes to the courtroom and tells that Charlie is not in the vault. However, Judge Reardon interrupts them and says that he needs Winona to go inside. She tries to tell she has to take her gym bag to her office and Jill offers to take the bag. Raylan says that he is going up there, but Brooks comes up and tells that he has to go because the secret service is there. Jill is given the bag and Raylan goes upstairs to find out that the secret service wants to talk to Raylan. They ask if Raylan interviewed the bank customers and he says that he did. They look at the bill and realize that it is real and not counterfeit like the bill they are looking for. Brooks comes in and tells that the bill is from a bank robbery 20 years ago and they think that the money is in their vaults. Raylan tries to sway them by telling that the bill being out means that the money isn’t there. They go down there and Charlie looks it up.

Meanwhile, Judge Reardon tells that if the people in the courtroom can’t control themselves, the U.S. Marshalls will. Back down in the vault, they find the box that the money should be and Art says that he bets Raylan a round of drinks that the money isn’t there. They open it and there is nothing inside. Art tells Brooks to call her friends and see if they want to persue it further. In the courtroom, the prosecuting family gets upset and threatens Carol and Judge Reardon has the Marshalls escort them out of the courtroom. Winona comes out and Raylan tells her to get her bag. However, they are interrupted with a bomb threat in the building. Raylan says that he is going to stay back. He realizes that the call was made from the family that was kicked out of the courtroom because the call came right after they were escorted out. Raylan and Tim find the mother and wife of the family but no son. Meanwhile inside, the bomb squad examine Winona’s bag thinking that it is a bomb. As they are about to look inside, Raylan realizes that it was a sniper and not a bomb threat.

Carol thanks Raylan and Raylan is shocked to still see Boyd in the Marshall’s office without handcuffs. Carol says that Art went to get them some good coffee. Raylan and Winona walk in the vault and Raylan tells her to put the money back in a different vault box. Meanwhile in Carol’s limo, Boyd apologizes for trying to get her out so quick. She says that it is no big deal and tells that she has other things for Boyd. She asks what he knows about the Bennet Clan. She tells that Mags is getting in the way of her plan and they need to be “dealt with”. As Winona locks up, Art comes down and asks if Charlie is there. Raylan tells that Winona is putting something in the evidence room and asks if he wants him to log it up. He says that he will wait for Charlie. In the elevator, there is nothing but silence and the episode ends.