The Spoil - Recap

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The scene opens with Dickey and Cougar pulling up to a house. They get out of their car and Reggie comes out to meet them. Reggie asks what they have in the bag and Dickey tells him that he doesn’t have to see what is in the bag if he invites them in. Boyd steps out and tells Dickey and Cougar that they are doing business. Dickey tells Reggie that they will be back tomorrow. Boyd tells that if Reggie signs over to Black Pike, they will provide security for him and his family. Meanwhile, Art comes up to Raylan at the batting cases. He tells him that Carol Johnson, the spokesperson for the Coal Mine needs security detail. Raylan says that it is Judge Reardon that needs the security detail. Art tells that he needs to be there in the morning to meet Carol and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Raylan gets home and tells Winona that Art knows about the money. She asks what they are going to do and Raylan tells that he doesn’t know.

The next day, Boyd is driving down the road when two Harlen Police officers stop him. The officer tells that Boyd has a taillight out, as he smashes hit. Boyd tells that he is going to drive away with his stuff because he knows that Doyle put them up to it, but they tell him to step out of the truck. Meanwhile, Carol and Raylan are driving down the road and Raylan is clearly hung over. Carol asks if he is going to be worth the security detail and he tells that he will do as told when the time is needed. Carol gets the call that Boyd is in jail. They get to the station and bail him out. Carol tries to give Doyle a piece of her mind and looks to Raylan for help. He tells that they all are crooked and deserve each other. He walks out and waits in the car. Carol asks Boyd if he is going to be able to handle things and he asks her if she is going to protect him from getting in trouble. She tells that she will. Boyd walks up to him and tells that he liked his little speech.

Raylan and Carol pull up to Mags Bennet’s shop and asks if she knows these people. She tells that she knows of them and says hello to Mags. She introduces herself and Mags tells that she knows who she is. Couger and Dickey come in and Cougar blocks the path of Raylan. He tells that he better back away. Dickey tells that Cougar better back away because it will be years before he comes out of it if he hits a U.S. Marshall. Raylan takes off his badge and puts it away. They start to fight and Cougar gets the upper hand and starts to beat Raylan over and over. Mags steps in and hits Cougar with a shovel to make him stop. Later, Raylan comes to Carol’s hotel and tells that he has bad blood with the Bennett Clan. He tells that for him, it started with a fight in baseball and Dickey hit him in the head with a baseball. When Raylan came to, he picked up a baseball bat and broke Dickey’s leg. Raylan gets a call from Brooks saying that Kirby JR.’s car was found abandoned and asks if he needs help, but Raylan says that he has it. Raylan tells that she should reschedule, but he tells that they are going to the meeting.

Boyd goes to Helen and Arlo’s house and tells that he has been employed by Black Pike and tells that he wants them to sign over to the mining company. Helen tells that she is not signing and he tells that he only has to ask. Boyd tells that Raylan is thinking about leaving Kentucky. Later at the meeting, Raylan tells Tom that Kirby JR. is there around probably. Boyd tells that Raylan’s aunt Helen isn’t going to sign. Boyd asks what the plan is and he tells that Carol is going to hide behind the podium if there is any trouble. Carol talks to the citizens of Harlen County and gets the crowd interested. However, Mags Bennett tells that they don’t need to sell their land to Black Pike because the sludge that is created from mining coal will ruin everything that they own. She tells that the sludge is called “The Spoil” and that they shouldn’t sell their land to Black Pike and tells that everyone is invited to her place for a Woop-De-Doo. Suddenly there are gunshots that ring out and everyone ducks for cover. Afterward, Raylan tells Carol that it was only firecrackers and suggests that she planted the firecrackers. She denies it and tells that her heart is still pounding.

Later that evening, Boyd gets in and is ambushed by Dickey and Cougar. Dickey is about to take out the creature from the bag and Ava comes out with the shotgun. Cougar tells that she is not going to shoot anyone and she shoots the creature in the bag. At the hotel, Carol asks about Raylan’s life and he tells that he is divorced and she suggests that he share her bed with her. He tells that he will pass. Meanwhile, Boyd tells that the Bennetts are trying to secure the properties and needs to figure out what the Bennets are up to. The next day, Carol and Raylan go to Arlo and Helen’s and Helen talks to Raylan and tells that if Raylan leaves Harlen and leaves the Bennetts alone, she will give the rest of the money. He agrees. Suddenly gunfire happens and they rush inside the house. Arlo is shot in the leg in the process. Raylan goes out into the forest and finds the sniper. It is Kirby JR.’s wife. She complains that Raylan broke her arm. He takes her to the police and they take her into custody. He tells them to go to judge Reardon’s place.

Back at Boyd and Ava’s, Boyd figures out the Bennett’s plan and tells that they are going to go to the Bennett’s house. Later, Raylan goes up to Carol and tells that Kirby JR. is in custody and asks why she has to go into the Lion’s Den and she tells that she has a job to do. Helen gives Raylan the rest of the money and he tells that he has something to do first. She asks what it is and he tells that he has to go to the Bennett’s party. She tells that the reason why she gave him the money was to make sure that he would stay away from the Bennett’s place. He tells that he lied and the episode ends.