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Brother's Keeper - Recap

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The scene opens with Mags fixing up Loretta’s hair for the party. She tells that she looks beautiful, but Loretta is unsure about herself. Cougar comes in and Mags gets angry with him and tells that he needs to knock before he enters. He leaves and overhears Mags tell Loretta that she tells people that she dropped Cougar on his head, but in truth, she doesn’t have an answer to why he is the way he is. The party begins and Mags tells Loretta to have a fun time at the party. She tells that she will. Boyd and Ava come up and Doyle tells Boyd that he is not welcome at the party. However, Boyd tells Doyle that he needs to talk to Mags and she is going to like what he has to say. Meanwhile, Cougar is elsewhere sniffing something up his nose and taking a watch from a truck and goes to the party. Raylan and Carol arrive to the party and tells that she needs to show that she is there with peaceful intent, but Carol is not in the mood for that.

They get into the party and Hobart Curtis tells that Carol is beautiful. He flirts with her and tells her to dance. Raylan tells that he can’t touch Carol unless she wants him to. He tells that Carol wants to rid them of their land and spill waste in their rivers. He reaches for her and Carol drops him to his knees by grabbing his finger. Raylan tells that he got the picture and Carol lets Hobart go. Dickey comes up and tells Hobart to leave and allow the party to continue without any problems. Carol sees Boyd and Ava and says hello. She tells Boyd that she sees that he managed to get his way in and asks if he got Arlo and Helen to sign over their Indian land and he tells that they reached an agreement. She tells that she knew that she could count on him. Ava asks Boyd if he knows what he is doing and Boyd tells that he is making it up as he goes. Raylan goes up to Loretta who is having an older kid hit on her and trying to offer her some of Mags “apple pie” liquor. Raylan kicks his chair over and tells him to leave. Loretta tells that she has a father to tell who she can and cannot date.

Carol goes up to Mags and tells that they need to talk. She tells that she has nothing to talk about with her, but Carol tells that she best listen if she wants to be able to keep some money of it and tells that her deal is gone if she doesn’t want to meet. Carol tells Raylan to wait outside and make sure that none of the other Bennett’s come in. He trusts her and waits outside. Carol walks inside to find Boyd there as well as Mags. She asks what is going on and Boyd tells that he has some business to talk with Carol as well and that she had best listened. Confussed, she sits down. Meanwhile, Dickey tries to get in, but Raylan tells that he can’t go in. He tries to dominate over Raylan, but is pushed back. He admits defeat and leaves. Inside, Carol gives an amount to Mags for the buyout that Black Pike is offering. She tells that she needs to triple it and give shares in the company that owns Black Pike. She points out that the roads that they have to build in order to be able to mine are through the properties that she owns. Carol tells that she has to call someone. She comes back in after a moment and tells that they accept her offer.

She gets outside and tells Raylan to get her out of the town quickly. She tells that she doesn’t want to stay in the town anymore. Back inside, Mags talks to Boyd and tells that he did good and says that he can do whatever he wants just as long as he stays out of the weed business. He shakes on it. Boyd comes out and Ava asks if they can go. He tells that he wants to dance with Ava and they dance. Raylan and Carol get back to the hotel and she offers to “get busy” with Raylan again, and again he turns her down. Back at Mag’s, Loretta walks around and Mags asks if she had fun. She tells that she did. She looks back as Mags sings, happy to have them. She goes up to Cougar and helps him load up kegs of beer. She sees that he has a watch that is familiar to her. She tells that she needs to go. She goes inside and starts to rip her dress disgusted with herself. Raylan drives Carol to where she needs to go and asks if it was her that set off the firecrackers. She admits that she paid someone to do it and tells that in the end, she is who she is.

Later that night, Loretta goes to Cougar’s and says that she has a joint for him because she knows how much he loves it. He invites her in and she watches as he smokes the joint. He offers, but she refuses. He slowly falls asleep and she searches around. She goes into Dickey’s room and finds the watch. She looks on the back and it is her dead father’s watch. She realizes that they killed her father and calls Raylan. On the road, Raylan picks up the phone. Loretta cries and tells that they killed him and suddenly Cougar wakes up and grabs her. Raylan whips the car around and goes back toward town. Back at Cougar’s, she tells Dickey that she tried to make him pass out with wet weed. He tells her to show Dickey what she has and Dickey tells that Cougar is an idiot and Cougar tells that she knows and tells that he is going to take her to go see her father. Dickey tries to get through to Cougar and jokes that Mags has taken a shinning to Loretta then to him. He pushes Dickey and chokes him. Dickey passes out. Cougar sees that Loretta ran out and he runs out to find her.

Raylan drops Carol off and tells that he has to go get her. She understands. Raylan goes to Cougar’s and pours water on him. He wakes up and Raylan asks where he is. He tells that Cougar tells that he went to take Lorretta to the mine shaft. Raylan arrives there and sees Loretta’s body lying there. Suddenly he is attacked by Cougar. Raylan and Cougar fight for a bit until Loretta gets up and aims a gun on Cougar. He tells that she won’t shoot him and Raylan shoots Cougar and his body falls down the mine shaft. Doyle goes to Mags and tells her to wake up. The next day, Raylan tells Art that Loretta is in child protective services. The state police tells that there is another body down there. Raylan tells that is Walk McCreery. Mags shows up with Doyle and asks if that is Cougar. He tells that it is. She asks where Loretta is and she tells that she needs to talk to her, but Raylan says that she can’t. She tries to cry and tells that she never said goodbye and he tells that there is no way. Her attitude changes and tells to Doyle that she wants to go. The episode ends.