Debts and Accounts - Recap

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The scene opens with Art talking to Raylan about the status of Loretta and how she is getting settled. He tells that she is a tough girl and can handle it. Raylan tells that Doyle is saying that Coover went rouge and killed McCreedy over a wristwatch, but he doesn’t believe him at all. Raylan tells that Loretta is going to agree to testify on it, but he is unsure that he wants to drag her through that again. Art tells that Raylan said that she can handle things and so it won’t be a problem. Raylan feels that Art isn’t telling him something and asks if they are alright. Art tells him to close the door and tells Raylan that they are simply not going to talk about what happened and Art is going to keep cleaning up Raylan’s messes and Raylan just needs to keep being the best Marshall as he is being. Relieved, Raylan leaves.

Meanwhile, Mags walks into a restaurant and meets up with Helen. She is upset with Raylan that he killed her boy, Coover. Helen tells her that Raylan was only protecting the little girl and that he had to. She suggests that Mags not retaliate mainly because Harlen doesn’t need that much blood to come down. She gives Helen a wad of money and tells that is her cut from Black Pike and she is shocked that it is there already. She tells that she won’t retaliate. Helen gets up to leave and Mags gets approached by Hogart Curtis. He tells that he is sorry for her loss, but tells that he put his faith in Mags and she just gave the land. She smacks him and tells that he will be killed the next time he opens his mouth to him. Ava meets Boyd and asks what he is doing because she saw his bags packed. Boyd tells that he is going to be a criminal and can’t ask her to be involved. Ava says that healing him was a waste of time. He tells that he is grateful that she did that and Ava tells him to get out.

Winona comes into the station and asks Raylan if he is busy. He tells Winona that he has been trying to call her for three days. She tells that her cell phone died, but Raylan doesn’t believe him. She asks him for a ride to an address. He says that he will take her. They drive around and talk about the fact that she is getting a divorce. Ray sees a vehicle in his rear view mirror and gets out of the car and tells that he is going to go right and they are going to go left. He gets back into the car and the car that has been following them goes left. Raylan asks Winona what she wants to do with things and she tells that she doesn’t like to get on him about his job, but can’t help herself. Raylan gets a call from Loretta’s social worker and he tells that he will be right there. He tells Winona that he has to go. Raylan arrives at the house where Loretta is refusing to go inside. Raylan tells her that she can do it and Loretta asks why the Bennets killed her father. Raylan tells that they are bad people, but she doesn’t have to be like them and will do just fine inside. She agrees.

Meanwhile, Mags meets with Dickey and Doyle and Doyle tells Dickey that Mags is giving up what is left of the weed business because Coover was the one who could do the best with the weed and now he is dead. She tells that Dickey isn’t getting any of it because he betrayed them by giving up Coover’s location. Dickey tries to defend that Coover was going to kill Loretta. She tells that she would have killed him herself than. Dickey tries to convince that he can run things, but she walks out without talking more on it. Doyle tells that Boyd Crowder is the one who is going to be able to pick up the weed business and leaves it at that. Dickey thinks of a plan. At a meeting, the lawyers of Winona and Gary talk about the divorce that he is going to have to surrender to and Gary is making it hard for Winona. He starts to cry and Winona feels bad for him. Meanwhile, Boyd talks to Jimmy Crowder, his cousin. Jimmy tells that he doesn’t want to get mixed into anything with Boyd because of the recklessness that happened. Boyd tells that he doesn’t believe in miracles anymore and Jimmy asks if they are done and Boyd tells that he needs him to bring back Harlen County under Crowder control. He tells Johnny that he has to do it because it is in his blood. Ava walks around the empty house and enters Boyd’s empty room. She sits and thinks.

Dickey is in the shed with the marijuana when a man comes in. Dickey addresses him as Jed. Dickey tells that Jed has been with the family for a while and he suggests that he join Dickey into taking over the marijuana business with him. He tells that there are going to be things that he has to do. He tells that he is going to anything to support his family. Meanwhile, Boyd and Jimmy go to an underground poker den and buy in. Suddenly Jimmy puts a gun to the proprietor’s back and tells him to give them all the money. Boyd goes up to one of the patrons named Devil. He offers to allow him to join them. Later that night, Winona comes up to Raylan and Raylan asks what Winona meant by not seeing each other and she tells that she doesn’t know about it. Raylan tells that he looks at the old Marshalls and tells that he asks himself if he can measure up. He tells that he didn’t help Winona because he is an outlaw, he helped because he loves her. He suggests that they run off to Glenco and he tells that he is done there. She tells that she wants to think about it.

At a bar, Boyd, Jimmy and Devil talk about their plan to get on top in Harlen and Boyd tells that they need to find a messenger to tell that Boyd and his gang are there to stay. Dickey comes in and tells Boyd to stay away from the weed business and to get out of Harlen. He throws his cigarette into Devil’s drink and Boyd tells that they just found their messenger. Raylan and Winona drive and suddenly the same car that was following them earlier hits Raylan’s car. The men get out and start shooting. Raylan blasts open the door of a business and hide out in the warehouse part of the business. Raylan gives Winona a gun and tells her to shoot if she sees anyone. Raylan takes out one of the men and as the other one is about to kill Winona, Raylan kills him too. Raylan goes up to Winona and she says yes to the moving to Glenco. Boyd goes up to Ava’s house and says that it is confusing for him to be there. He says that he had to see her one more time even if it was at a distance. They passionately kiss and the episode ends.