Full Commitment - Recap

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The scene opens with Gary going into the Marshall’s office and Raylan is getting asked if Sgt. Ives from Army CID asks if they are distracting him. Raylan excuses himself and confronts Gary. Art tells Gary to leave with Brooks and tells Winona to leave as well. Raylan tells her that he will see her later. Art tells Raylan that Tim is going to be watching him and making sure that he doesn’t stumble into the investigation that is going on. Art says that if Raylan tries to escape, Tim has his permission to shoot Raylan. Brooks, Gary and Winona get into their house and Brooks tells them that she is going to be watching to make sure that no one attacks them again. Gary tells Winona that he doesn’t think that this is anything to worry about, but tells her that it is nice to have her back home again.

Meanwhile, Raylan and Tim get to Raylan’s place and Raylan asks Tim if he had any friends who went in the contracting business after serving in the army. He says that he is not supposed to talk to Raylan and says that he has a sleeping bag in the truck and asks if Raylan is going to sneak out the window and he tells that he is going to give him the slip sooner or later and he can either allow it to happen or he will have the be secretive. Raylan tells that he has to visit some people without Tim. Meanwhile, Ava and Boyd are in bed together and Ava says that Boyd cannot be going to any brothels or running any of them. Boyd teases her and says that is where the money is and tells her that he will stay away from it. The next day, Raylan wakes up to find Tim already up and tells that he has to make a phone call that Tim would have to report and so he could either leave or he will go and fake taking a shower. Tim says that he isn’t going anywhere and Raylan fakes taking a shower to calls up someone and he tells that it has to be local and not who he thinks it is.

Meanwhile, Dickey trains a new set of bodyguards to protect his weed business that Mags gave him. The two new recruits don’t shoot that well, but Dickey tells that is alright because they have muscle. He tells one of the men that the man’s weight alone means that he doesn’t need to shoot dead on. Raylan tells Tim that he wants some ice-cream and says that it has eggs and milk in it. Gary gets up and says that it is nice seeing Winona in the morning and says that he is sorry for everything. He says that he will do something and it is like he is watching himself from the outside and tells that he has made some terrible choices. She asks if he wants some coffee. Meanwhile, Tim and Raylan go to the convenience store and gives him his stuff and says that he needs to go to the bathroom. However, Tim finds out that they don’t have a bathroom there. Boyd and Johnny meet with Arlo and Arlo tells that he is impressed with the way Boyd played the Black Pike lady. Boyd tells that some of his father’s business secret things and Arlo says that his ankle tether is gone and they can go anywhere. Ava is waiting by the truck when Helen rolls up and asks what they are talking about up there. Ava tells that she doesn’t know and Helen says that it is best to stay out of it.

Raylan drives up to Mags that is trying to repaint her store and says that some people don’t like the deal that she made with Carol and says that she has protection from them now. Raylan asks if it was her that sent out a hit on him and she says that it wasn’t her because she is not going after Raylan for killing her boy, Coover. She asks if he can say hello to Loretta and apologize for her. Tim rolls up and asks if it was Mags. Raylan tells him that it wasn’t. Suddenly, Doyle rolls up and gets in Raylan’s face and says that he could easily kill him for “resisting arrest”. Mags tells that Raylan just wanted something answered and now he is on his way. Doyle tells that he might want to shootout and Raylan leaves. Meanwhile, Rodney Dunam buys weed from Dickey and tells that Dickey is on the level. However, men enter with guns and Boyd is there with them and tells the man to leave and takes the money from Dickey. However, Dickey sees one of the gunmen limp and has an idea who did it.

He tells his new crew that they have to hit back right away, but the two new crew members tell that he is out. However, Dickey shoots both of them. Jed tells that he is still in and asks what they do now. Meanwhile, Raylan goes to Gary’s and Winona asks if Raylan thought that Mags would have admitted it. Gary goes up to Raylan and apologizes. Raylan tells Brooks and Tim to go sleep for a little bit and tells that he has first watch. Raylan sees that a vehicle is watching the house. At a barn, Boyd and his crew count the money and Arlo tells that Dickey might have recognized him, but Devil tells that he was smooth. Johnny tells Ava that he and Boyd would be out in the field, but Ava tells she is not happy to be there. Boyd goes up to her and tells that they are going to only be there for a few days.

The man in the car watching the house gets out to urinate when Raylan sneaks up behind him and tells that he shouldn’t pee on someone’s lawn. He handcuffs him to the steering wheel and finds a Baxter Holly Construction from Frankfurt. He tells that he is going to have to hang tight. He calls Dan and tells him to run the records. Raylan goes to Gary and chokes him and says that he doesn’t care why he did it, but tells him to take him to Duffy. Gary tells that he tried to call it off and says that he can’t stand Winona always thinking of Raylan. Gary calls Duffy and they schedule to meet. Duffy tells they are going to stop and get some plastic and garbage bags. Raylan and Gary arrive and Raylan says that he doesn’t care what kind of arrangement he had with Gary, but it is over. Raylan tells Gary that he will leave the country and if he ever sees Gary’s face again, he will give him over to Duffy. Gary leaves and Raylan says that if Duffy and he have to meet again, there won’t be a conversation.

Raylan gets back and Tim asks where he went and he tells that he knows that Gary is gone too. He asks Raylan if he killed Gary and Raylan says that he didn’t and says that he took care of the problem. Meanwhile, Helen hears a noise in the house and thinks that it is Arlo, but it is Dickey and Jed. They tell that they know that Arlo took something from them and that they want it back. Helen tells them that she doesn’t know what they are talking about and that they have to wait for Arlo to get back. Dickey tells Helen to drop the shotgun and she takes off the safety. There is a scream and gun fire. The episode ends.