Reckoning - Recap

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The scene opens with Raylan arriving at Helen and Arlo’s home and walks in to find them wrapping up Helen’s body. The State Trooper tells that Helen got one shot off before getting killed and that there is blood spatter. He tells Raylan that he can’t think that this has to be the Bennets and says that Art told him that he was a private citizen today. Raylan tells that he is. Arlo comes outside as they take Helen’s body out and Raylan and him exchange looks. Meanwhile, Boyd cooks bacon and cinnamon and Johnny tell that they are going to need backup and Devil tells that they are going to be there soon. Ava comes in and tells that Helen is dead. Boyd tells that Devil needs to tell his boys to get tonight.

Raylan goes into Arlo’s and asks what he is doing. He tells that he is going to go find Dickey because that is who killed Helen. He tells that that if Raylan loved Helen too, he would be doing the same thing. Boyd and Ava come there and Raylan asks why they are there. They tell that they are there to pay their respects. Raylan tells that he is out of there and leaves. Tom asks where Raylan is going and he tells that he headed to the funeral home. Boyd talks to Arlo and Arlo says that he knew that Dickey recognized him and Boyd asks him if Raylan knows and Arlo tells that he doesn’t, but by the time he does, Dickey is going to be dead. Meanwhile, Dickey fixes Jed’s arm that Helen grazed and tells that Jenny, Jed’s wife, is not going to find out if he can just tell that he and Dickey went out shooting and Dickey accidentally shot him. Meanwhile, Raylan goes to Mags and asks where Dickey is. She tells that she doesn’t know where he is. Raylan says that Dickey is involved. She says that if Arlo finds him first, there will be issues. She says that Dickey usually hangs out at Coover’s place and tells him to check there.

Raylan walks out and Tom is there, He tells that Arlo is not at the house. Mags calls up Doyle and tells him that they have a problem. Raylan gets to Dickey and Coover’s place and finds Arlo there. He tells Arlo to put the gun down and he tells Raylan that Helen hated him and says that they were tearing strips off each other and says that Helen was special to him. Raylan asks why Arlo is there and asks where he would look next and Raylan says that he will arrest him. Arlo takes his bluff, but Raylan isn’t bluffing and Arlo says that Raylan says that he should check at Audrey’s because Dickey is a regular there. Raylan puts Arlo in jail anyways. Meanwhile, Loretta is trying to like her new home, but finds it hard. The foster mother tells her that it is going to get easier. Raylan visits Ellen Maye and asks for Dickey. She is high, but tells that if she tells him, then he will kill her. Raylan says that is not going to happen. She tells him to go to Jed’s house.

Mags and Doyle visit Dickey and she smacks him. Dickey says that he had to do it because Arlo and Boyd stole from him at the shed and told Rodney that he was in charge. Mags tells that he should have went to her and Dickey tells her that he is not going to allow Boyd take everything and says that it is his turn now. Dickey says that Jed is going to get himself killed for resisting arrest and says that he is going to frame Jed. Mags says that if his actions jeopardize her plans, she will let him swing for it. Later that night, Doyle tells that he wants to talk to Jed and Jenny tells that Doyle is a crooked cop and says that all the Bennets are crazy. Raylan interrupts them and tells Jenny to go inside. She listens. Raylan asks what the plan is that Doyle has. Raylan tells Jed to stay still and tells Doyle to leave. They go inside the house and talk. Raylan says that he knows that Jed was there at the crime scene, but knows that he didn’t pull the trigger. Raylan says that he has to tell the truth if he is going to get protection. He says that Dickey pulled the trigger and asks where Dickey is. Jed says that Dickey could be anywhere. Jed says that Helen wasn’t supposed to be the one. It was payback for what Boyd and Arlo did to Dickey.

Raylan drives to Boyd’s and asks why he lied about not his outlaw days. Boyd points a gun at him and Ava comes out and points her shotgun. Raylan says that they bring up good points and Boyd tells him that they are going to have Mags give Dickey up by having Arlo telling that he is going to not sell his property to Mags. He tells that when he finds Dickey, he can call him, but Raylan says that he will take care of that. Boyd says that Raylan has disrespected Ava twice now and tells him not to do it again. He laughs and walks away. He goes to the jail and talks to Artlo. He says that he has a condition that he is going to go to Mags and threaten to pull the property. Arlo tells him that he doesn’t want to do that and Raylan says that he know that it was Arlo’s fault that Helen was killed and punches Arlo. Raylan says that he will do the deal.

Arlo goes into Mag’s and says that he will pull his property if she doesn’t tell Raylan where Dickey is. Later that evening, Doyle walks up and Dickey asks if he got it done. Doyle says that it didn’t work out and Raylan walks up and Doyle says that they made a deal and Doyle handcuffs Dickey. Raylan hits Doyle with his gun and tells Dickey to start walking. The entire way, Dickey is crying and says that he doesn’t have to do this and Raylan says that he has to. He begs for his life and Raylan has a conscious and hits him in the back of the head with the gun instead of killing him. The next day at Helen’s funeral, Winona comes up and gives his support. Boyd and Ava come to pay their respects and Ava says that Helen knew what she was getting into. Meanwhile, Mags goes into a lawyer’s office and signs paperwork to seal the deal with Black Pike. Winona sees that Raylan has a grave next to Helen’s.

A woman walks into Mags and they talk, the woman goes to Jed in jail. Winona says goodbye to Arlo and walks off with Raylan. Tom drives up and tells that Jed has recanted on the testimony after a woman came and visited him. They have nothing on Dickey. Later, Dickey is released from jail and Mags and Doyle are in the alley when he comes out. Mags says that she is sorry and that the deal is all closed and Doyle is going to have the future, but says that Dickey was right and that the crime is where she belongs. Dickey cries that Raylan put a gun to his head and she says that they will take care of all of it. The episode ends.