Bloody Harlan - Recap

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The scene opens with Raylan walking into work. He asks Art if he can get a transfer for Glencoe and Art says that he will think about it. Raylan thinks that he is saying that he can’t go, but Art says that he just needs to think about it. Meanwhile, Doyle goes into Mag’s store and says that Boyd wants to meet and talk a truce. Dickey tells them that Boyd shouldn’t be able to talk peace and Mags says that he will hear him out anyways. A police car comes up to Boyd, who is on the bridge. He goes up to the patrol car and and asks if he knows what to do. The officer says that he doesn’t like the idea that the Bennet’s are going to benefit from Black Pike and the rest of them are going to have to get kicked off the mountain. Boyd gives him money and says that he needs to make sure that Doyle gets killed and the officer can become the new Chief of Police.

Lorretta is over at her foster parent’s home and the rest of the family are going to church. However, Lorretta is faking a head cold. Lorretta sees a truck with Wayne Messer inside. She walks back inside. Meanwhile, Raylan wakes up to find Winona there. She says that they need to get to Glencoe soon because she wants to start a new life. Raylan realizes that she is pregnant and is excited about it. Later, Doyle and Mags meet up with Boyd and Arlo. They surrender their guns and sit down with him. Mags tells that Boyd made a bad move going after the weed business. He give back the money they took from Dickey. Meanwhile, Devil is watching the window while Ava comes up and says that she is not going to stay in the cellar. Johnny Crowder goes into his home. Back at the meeting, Mags says that Boyd is going to take more when he gets the chance. Ava makes coffee and Bennet’s men go to their home and also to the home of Johnny. Suddenly Johnny’s home blows up and Johnny comes out of the barn. Ava sees the men and gets down. They defend their home and Dickey comes in and shoots Ava. He runs out and gets in the truck, leaving people behind. Dickey is the only one that gets out alive. Dickey calls Doyle and tells that it didn’t go well and Doyle signals to Mags. Boyd tells that they have an understanding now.

Lorretta’s foster mom comes home to find that Lorretta is gone. Raylan gets a call from Lexington Police and tells him that Lorretta is gone and he says that he will be there. Boyd gets to the home to find Ava on the couch. She apologizes for not staying in the cellar. Boyd asks where the doctor is and Arlo says that he is on his way. Boyd calls someone and says that he needs to find Dickey. Raylan gets in Lexington and they tell that the car that was there before belonged to Wayne Messer. The police leave and Raylan goes up to the foster parents and asks them what they were keeping from the police. The foster dad says that a gun that he has is missing too. Meanwhile, Wayne pulls up to a gas station and asks for money for gas. He sees the gun that is in her bag too. He gets in the car and reaches for her bag and asks why she is bringing a gun to Harlen. He tells that she is crazy to be thinking that and she threatens him to take her. She gets out and says that she will see this through. Raylan says that he has to deal with something and she says that Raylan doesn’t have to go to Harlen because they want him dead. She tells that she can either leave it alone or she won’t be there when he gets back to the station.

Doyle gets to Mags and sees the men sitting back and drinking and gets upset. Dicky tells that Doyle needs to calm down. Doyle tells that Wayne Messer is on his way and Mags tells Dickey to find her. Arlo brings the doctor and he tells him to fix her like his life depends on it. Tom calls Raylan about the update and he says that he is on it. Winona goes to Art and says that Art needs to help Raylan and Art says that the Marshalls can’t do anything about it. He says that sometimes you need to let Raylan do what he needs to do. Meanwhile, Raylan pulls up to Wayne Messer’s place to find him out back. He says that he dropped Lorretta off and that he doesn’t know where she is. Suddenly Raylan is hit in the back of the head by Dickey. Raylan wakes up to find himself hung upside down. Dickey tells Wayne to find Lorretta and he talks to Raylan and hits him with the bat in the arm. He continues to hit him and then Boyd walks up with a gun drawn on Dickey. Boyd tells Dickey to cut Raylan down. When Raylan is back on his feet, he walks away and Dickey tells that Raylan won’t be able to get past Doyle and his men without him. Raylan realizes that he needs Dickey for a bit. Lorretta gets to the Bennet’s and Mags invites her in and asks what brought her back and Lorretta says that she wanted to see Mags. They get inside and Mags realizes that Lorretta has come to talk about her dad. Raylan pulls up and inside, Lorretta aims a gun at Mags. Raylan gets out of the car and tells that Lorretta has a gun. Inside, Lorretta shoots Mags in the leg and outside, the men opens fire on Raylan and Dickey. Doyle walks up to Raylan and aims a gun on him. He says that the bullet has been on it’s way for twenty years. Suddenly Doyle is shot in the head and killed. The Marshalls swarm in and arrest everyone.

Raylan goes inside and sees Lorretta aiming a gun on Mags. Raylan talks to Lorretta and says that if she kills Mags, it is not going to bring her father back. She tells that Mags deserves it, but Raylan says that Lorretta’s life is going to change if she does and not for the better. Raylan approaches her and takes the gun from her. Tim and Brooks take Lorretta and Raylan says that he wants a moment with Mags. He tells that Doyle is dead and Dickey is in custody. Mags feels brokenhearted and asks Raylan if he wants some of her “Apple Pie” liquor. He accepts. They sit down and says that they need to come to a truce about the Bennett’s and Gibbon’s. They shake and he asks what Mags did and she says that she did the same thing she did to Lorretta’s dad. She grabs his hand and tells that it is too late. However, it is Mags who poisoned herself and she dies. The episode ends with Raylan sitting next to Mag’s dead body.