The Gunfighter - Recap

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The scene opens and Winona Hawkins is driving to work, when a police car halts her. Deputy Chief Art Mullen has been trying to contact her. When she gets to the police station, Mullen tells her Raylan has been lucky to survive. The bullet went through his ribs, but did not hit any vital organs. Three weeks later, Raylan is practicing target shots, but his form is yet to come back. While the recoils keep hurting his torso, he is determined to continue and perfect his shots. Later, after Art Mullen tells him he should be able to use hand grenades after a week of medical supervision, Crowder’s come to talk. Crowder can see Raylan is not a 100 percent fit yet, and he is not giving in on his tripper. His place looks like someone’s been looking for something, and although marijuana problems don’t come under the Marshall’s purview, a place ripped apart does. Not before long, Crowder’s suggests that Raylan is superficial, and Crowder wants and apology.

When Raylan suggests a thank you is perhaps what Raylan’s looking for, the both are in a fierce fight. So fierce, that the room’s glass wall breaks into pieces as Crowder lunges on Raylan. Crowder gets arrested. Later, when Quarles meets Arnett, he lets on Arnett’s secretary has been selling a different story compared to his. Besides, he must have lost her respect in the process of banging her. That is when Fletcher, sitting at a corner, suggests Quarles might be getting too far. Quarles wants to know who he is, and Arnett replies he is some kind of broker. Arnett tells Quarles to stick to his business, enjoy his coffee and get the hell out of his office. Then Quarles lets on what he knows about Arnett’s business – he has got himself caught in shitty times, and he is desperate. After Quarles leaves, Arnett sends Fletcher to work.

Meanwhile, Ava arrives at Arlo’s place where a large deal in marijuana is in progress. The customer arrives and finds the stuff too old – rats are feeding on it and it is moist. Ava, unaware of the supply quality, wants to know if Arlo is throwing a party, when the customer complains of having to drive 8 hours from Memphis just to look at loads of shitty marijuana supply. It may have been great stuff, but two to three days ago – and he is not looking forward to a partnership with Boyd Crowder after the plants are already decaying. The customer, Dunham, leaves with his men as Arlo and company stand disappointed since they could not make a deal.
Winona and Raylan are talking about drinking during pregnancy at home. She claims her mother always drank a couple of shots with she in her belly.

Winona hopes and Raylan is getting better, but is her ready for action? When Raylan replies not until a week, Winona means something else by ‘action’. They make love and Winona hopes Raylan’s okay while she rides him. Later, they discuss about having a larger place to stay, especially with the baby coming. However, Winona hardly feels up to leaving the place after she has decorated it with so much love. Meanwhile at Dilmore Cote’s place, a shaky pizza man arrives with delivery – when Cotes says he hasn’t ordered for any pizza, Fletcher appears with a gun pointing at Cotes. He takes out the watch collection box and places it in Fletcher’s custody. Not before long, Fletcher asks the pizza man, now in ropes on a chair, to start counting backwards from 10.

He doesn’t want to be involved, but is too scared to disobey Fletcher. Fletcher keeps the gun on the table around 7, and by 5, when Cotes tries to take the gun, Fletcher stabs his hand with a knife and shoots him in the head. On the way out, he shoots the pleading pizza man as well.
Tim reports the crime to Raylan, but he is showing no interest until Tim announces that whoever committed the murders, broke through the security system of Cote’s place and the security was provided by Duffy’s company. Tim wants Raylan to visit Duffy, but the last time Raylan met him, he told him it was the last conversation they were having – the next time there would be no conversation. Tim argues this time it can be a different conversation! When he gets to Duffy, he says does Raylan really think Duffy would kill any of his clients? He cannot help if Raylan’s accusing him of murder, and he’d rather get back to watching women’s tennis.

After Raylan leaves, Duffy calls Arnett to inform that Raylan’s on his way to see him.
Later, Ava goes to the precinct to talk to her man – Boyd Crowder. Although the guards are listening, she is able to transfer the information she needed in a code language that hardly appears like one. Meanwhile, Raylan arrives in the office building where Arnett sits. Raylan steps inside the elevator with Fletcher, but he still doesn’t know what he looks like. Although both of them are headed for the same floor, Fletcher gets off earlier. When Raylan points out he might be mistaken, Fletcher replies with a wry smile – change of plans! When Raylan enters Arnett’s office, he finds his secretary going through some files, and she gets a chill hearing Raylan’s voice. Arnett’s out of office today, she says, but she can find out. May be she can do something for him now?

Raylan and Arnett’s secretary sit at bar over a drink, and she reveals that Arnett may not be in real estate after all. The type of people she sees coming in are not construction people or contractors, but the sketchy types. Raylan offers her an advice – she should quit. Then she gets to Quarles and reports what she revealed to Raylan. Later, when Mullen briefs the police squad about the bout they are planning that night, Raylan has to sit out – mainly because of his injury. After looking at Fletcher’s picture, he realizes he missed his chance of catching him. When he reveals that to Mullen, he is asked to not just to remain at his desk, but to go home. Ava is cooking for Arlo and his associate Deville. While Arlo appreciates her efforts in spite of having an injured arm, but they would appreciate it even more if she let on what Boyd Crowder had to tell her. Boyd has instructed to burn the weed, but Arlo points out it is worth a hundred grand easy money. Ava replies it is also worth a life time imprisonment as well. Deville wont’ burn it. What is Ava going to do if he doesn’t? Spit on the food she cooks for them? Not before long, he gets a hard whack on his nose with the frying pan, hard enough to fall off his chair!

Later that night, a sharpshooter is planning to take out the driver who is supposed to receive a box. However, when the delivering man arrives, the driver reveals he has a gun. The sharpshooter has to call it off. Not before long, cops arrive and surround the driver, and take him in. Watching the fracas at the scene is Fletcher, who escapes the scene calmly pretending to be a cab driver. Later, he arrives at Raylan’s place. When Raylan and Winona get back, he introduces himself as the man with the gun. Not before long, he starts the same game that killed Cote, asking Winona to start the countdown. However, this time the winner ends up Raylan as he wittingly tilts the table on which Fletcher kept his gun. Later, Quarles arrives at Arnett’s office and reveals that Fletcher is not coming back. Arnett thinks he is joking, and before a moment passes, Arnett is shot in his head with Quarles’s handgun – something that he managed to pass through Arnett’s office security. When the secretary comes in asking if he is done – he says ‘almost’, and shoots her down as well. Now does Duffy know who he is? The episode ends.