Cut Ties - Recap

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The scene opens with Raylan waking up overhearing realty agents talking at his place. Irritated, he doesn’t know what’s funny when Winona giggles at a ruffled up Raylan wondering what’s happening. However, she had the time to get dressed, and be in good spirits early morning. When she says she would rather be with a fireman, a lion tamer or someone who can find alternate uses of furniture, Raylan can hardly keep listening. However, she is done with realtors, and people who are hardly meaning what they are saying. Raylan’s too cranky to understand what she means – can she say that again? Crowder is in jail and during meal time, he is about to launch an attack on his target. However, the guard calls for him just as he is about to strike. Someone is here to see him. Raylan. He asks Crowder what he makes of a man who divorces his wife, then gets her pregnant, and then thinks of moving in with her. Crowder argues Raylan’s talking about his brother’s widow. However, this is what Raylan’s got for him – he refuses to answer, or Raylan’s allegation statement can be changed, which will mean he can be out of jail by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, an officer meets Chief Mullen in his office. Mullen tells him about a guy who is used to finding himself in the situation they are talking about. However, the visitor is quick to note the boy rather puts himself in such situations. Mullen tells him his difficulties, but agrees to do what’s best. The visitor likes what Mullen has to offer, and gets going when Mullen has to get back to work. The two promise to see each other around. Meanwhile in jail, one of the prison inmates, Douey, approaches Crowder. However, he tells him to stand away. He has to ground Bennett and this business has nothing to do with Douey. But that’s what Douey has come to talk about. They have taken Bennett to an isolated cell. Crowder mutters something about Raylan and Douey doesn’t know what Raylan’s got to do with it. However, Crowder makes sure Douey understands he needs a cell phone. For what, he is yet to tell him. Crowder is also being careful about the guards watching him. At a witness’s place, Bill, the visitor at Mullen’s office, reads a story to the witness’s daughter. However, he is not enthusiastic and skips a part. The daughter knows it, but her mother is quick to take her for a nap. The witness and Bill discuss about her privacy and protection. She has not spoken to anyone in her family.

She has not even had a quick chat with her mom on her birthday. Bill knows it has to be that way, but assures her it will be better after she testifies. However, she is not buying that. Does Bill think Carlos will not come after her when if she testifies? Bill leaves in his car, and following him from that place is a dangerous looking man. Bill pulls over at a café, and the man is keeping a watch. However, Bill has found him on his tail, and approaches his car asking for a good excuse. The man pretends to be amicable at first, and brings Bill over to the back door on the other side – he’s got something to show him. He pulls out a fluffy bag, but holding a gun behind it, he shoots Bill in his legs. Bill is about to take out his gun from the ankle holster, but the man threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t remove his hands. Then he takes out the gun, and runs off saying Bill sure knows how it is. Later, Detective Bricks arrives at the witness’s house. She immediately gives her a hug as the door is yet to close, and tells her she is pretending to be her college roommate and she is visiting from Dallas. Then the detective shuts the door, and puts on a second lock from inside.

Meanwhile, Raylan is with Winona, discussing their plans of house and marriage. While Raylan wants to know what she is planning about a new house, he suddenly remembers he has forgotten to switch back his cell phone. Besides, 17 missed calls are flashing. When he gets back to work, old friend Detective Goodall is waiting with the chief, and they have to report Bill Nichols is dead. He was found dumped with a bullet in his head, and two in his legs. Mullen announces the plan. He is going to Paul’s place to check out what’s happening, and Raylan and Goodall are going to another place. As detective Goodall drives the car, Raylan notices her finger, and wants to know when she got married. Reply comes two months before she got divorced. Meanwhile, Mullen arrives at Paul’s place. It turns out Paul is the man who shot Bill. However, he pretends not to know anything. Mullen wants him to stay away from windows and suggests he needs protection. Paul tells Mullen he guesses this is about Nichols, because he couldn’t get him on the phone at all.

Mullen also notices the man has hobby in reptiles. However, they won’t eat anything, and when they die, he ends up feeding them to the snake. When asked to pack his bags to move to another place, Paul carefully packs his revolver in. Meanwhile at the precinct, Crowder is getting pally with a bunch of bodybuilders. He tells them he needs a spot. Detective Goodall knocks on a hotel door, and when a boy opens it, she pretends to walk away saying it she forgot her door. However, the guy gets flirty and tries to pull her in. That is when another guy comes out asking what the problem is, and standing by is Raylan. The detectives take the two guys down in a flash, and the third on inside closes the door. He wants to know why detective Goodall doesn’t have enough juice to produce a warrant. Goodall tells him she’s got juice to land his daddy up in prison if he keeps the door locked and doesn’t tell them which one of their men killed Bill Nichols. Meanwhile, Mullen is driving Paul, who is careful with his bag and is fidgeting with his gun.

He is being careful about the possible warehouse they are driving to. However, Mullen’s got other plans. After spotting the place where Nichols was attacked Bill, through GPS, Mullen drives the car right back to Paul’s place. That is when Paul, shocked, is about to attack, but Mullen breaks his nose with an elbow jab, snatches his gun and pulls him out of the car. At the precinct, Crowder’s managed to get his face badly bruised. He gets back to a solitary cell. Mullen has Paul tied up in a chair, and is giving him hell. Mullen noticed four holes in the carpet, and figures they were made by a chair. He puts the nearest chair with its legs in the four perfectly fitting in the four holes, and manages to pull out a bag full of cash from the AC vent. When Paul is not talking, Mullen lays a couple of punches on his face. Before long he manages to scare the shit out of Paul by threating to kill him on the spot. At the witness’s place, Detective Bricks gets the report that the assailants have arrived. She alarms the family and takes cover. Meanwhile, Raylan and Goodall arrive at Paul’s place, where Mullen is hurrying them out as he reveals what he’s found.

However, the assailants have already broken in to the witness’s place. The family and Detective Bricks is hiding in the attic, where the assailants take some time to reach. As one of them suspects something in attic and opens it, the detectives reach the house and Bricks takes down the man who was about to enter the attic. Meanwhile at the precinct, Crowder attacks Bennett, but doesn’t kill him. He forces out the information he needs. Although a cop stands by knowing what’s happening, he lets what’s happening happen. Later, when Raylan is about to leave with his wife, Mullen tells him about Johnny Crowder’s office.

It’s been through a carpet change and a floor bleaching process. They should check it out – first thing the next morning. Meanwhile, Crowder comes out of jail. He meets Ava, and announces he has learned they need to get to the lamb house. At the lamb house, the scene is far from pretty. The big shot is skeptical about the law being on their tail, and the fact Crowder is out of jail. Turns out the owner is torturous on his workers as well.