Harlan Roulette - Recap

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The scene opens with Ava going to the bacon place, and talks with the owner who is known to be cruel with his workers. The man tells her he knows his bacon is sweet, juicy and soft enough for anyone to be venturing to his backyard, but is he to believe Ava’s come for tasting the bacon, alone, at the middle of the night? Well, she is there for another reason. She sure looks better than the last time he met her. However, she better be taking care of that shoulder that took the bullet. Ava lets on she has a new boyfriend, and that’s the reason she is there. Would he want to meet him. The next scene has Boyd Crowder backed up by his men, and the bacon bar owner backed up by his, meeting on a bridge. The bacon man tells Crowder that is ancestors guarded the bridge with guns. And it was because of white supremacy in the area.

However, Boyd’s not interested in discussing ideologies. Then Boyd better tell him what he has come to discuss. Boyd tells him the man might be in possession of something that belonged to Maggs (Bennett). However, Boyd suggests they kill Magg’s son Dicky, the money would go to no one but Boyd and the bacon man. However, bacon man is not game, and is interested in further talks only if Crowder has other bids to talk about. Bacon man leaves saying goodnight, but Crowder is interested in the other bidding bacon man suggested talking about. It is Boyd’s weed. Surprised, he leaves, and lays in a punch on Deville before they get back in their car – he order for the weed to be burnt. Later, when Raylan discusses home stuff with Winona, he has to leave, and cannot check out the property immediately. He turns up at a reported road block, which has been stalled to catch some armed robbers.

When he turns up there, a truck in the checking queue is the one they should be looking for. Besides, the men in it suddenly realize it’s not an accident why the traffic is slow, but because it is something else. While one of them sticks out his neck to check out what’s happening, he realizes it is a police road block, and the man in the hat is Raylan Givens – someone they should be careful about. However, Raylan spots the man he can recognize from a distance, and as he approaches the truck, it tries to make an escape. However, it only falls in the ditch. While one of the men escape, Raylan has the other. Meanwhile, the man who gave away information to Boyd’s torture, finds himself in the midst of an argument with the cop who oversaw that Boyd can do his bit. The cop has heard about the money information they shared, and wants it. However, after minutes of smart-talking, the man lets on he needs to be out of prison before he can lay his hands on the money the cops wants. When at a pawn shop, a long-haired man comes looking for some money in exchange for his set of spanners, the owner has only three dollars to offer.

That is enough humiliation for the man to leave abusing his way out of the door. Before long, the fugitives who escaped the road block arrive at the shop. The man who had to give himself up because he was caught in the wrecked truck, finds himself caught in the cruelest moods of the pawn shop owner – Mr. Fogo, who hands him a gun, asks him to pull the trigger at himself. Just one shot – if he dies, he should consider it a punishment for getting arrested. The gun is not fully loaded, and when he pulls the trigger, he gets lucky. However, Fogo asks him to do it once again. A bag of nerves, the man hopes the others in the room can coax Fogo out of this game. However, Fogo is clever enough for his game. He promises the man a canister of oxycodone pills if he tries his luck once again. So he does try his luck, and is still alive. However, he loses his cool and pulls the trigger 5-6 times at Fogo, thinking the gun has at least one bullet.

However, Fogo keeps laughing, and now loads a bullet in the gun. He takes a shot – still the man doesn’t die. May be it’s his lucky day. However, the next trigger pulling instance kills the man. Later, when the bacon man’s servant comes to pick up the weed with $5,000, Boyd hopes to give it away for free, but the servant tells him his master does not like to be in anyone’s debt. He takes the $5,000 about which Deville is curious. Boyd tells him it is not enough for his retirement. Deville is unhappy about the amount, when Boyd lays into him blaming him for poor thinking. When Deville looks back angrily, Arlo suggests he stays down. Later, Boyd makes his plans – unlike his father who thought he could be a first-rate criminal, but ended up being a middle man.

Raylan arrives at Fogo’s store. Fogo claims he is the only person working there. However, he is not allowing Raylan to check the back area without a warrant. Raylan lets on about the man he caught, and the man he knows. However, to Raylan, Fogo looks like man who is the one he should have arrested, primarily because of the way Fogo is behaving. Meanwhile, Arnett’s murderer is planning his oxycodone sales with Arnett’s assistant. He has a man tied up on bed in one of the rooms in his house, and tells the assistant his plans about organized crime. However, it doesn’t take long for Fogo to engage the assistant in a conversation about Raylan. When put on hold, the boss tells his assistant that whether Fogo kills Raylan, or it turns out the other way round, they will be safe. The assistant gives Fogo a green light for taking Raylan’s life.

Fogo goes on to order his man, whom Raylan recognizes and has terms with. He will have to call up Raylan saying his life is in ruins with criminals, go to his place, and as he opens the door, give the friendly gesture to catch him off guard, and shot him right there. Meanwhile, Boyd takes over the bar that he claims rightfully belonged to his cousin Johnny Crowder. Although he seems ill prepared at first, he is cleverer than anyone around – even the surprisingly armed men lazing out at the bar on the present owner’s side. When Fogo’s man arrives at Raylan’s place, he is sitting in his ground floor balcony. The man gets talking, and ends up going inside with the alibi of changing his shirt. However, he has to come out without changing, because Raylan’s already stolen his gun. Before long, Raylan has the man tell him what he was supposed to do after killing him. In the next scene, Fogo’s phone buzzes, and his man tells him Raylan is dead.

However, he is shot, and needs help. Fogo leaves with his man, whom he tells to ready the guns and the ammo. When they get there, Raylan walks out of his car, and announces Fogo’s man is handcuffed on his back seat. Fogo has a choice – either to be carried out in a casket, or to be handcuffed like his man. Fogo hopes to walk free, and gives up the names of his friends in Frankfurt. However, the other man is pointing a gun at him, and isn’t game with the deal. He is not putting his gun down, and in a nervous altercation, Fogo and his man end up putting a bullet into each other. Later, when Boyd and Deville enjoy a drink at the annexed bar, Deville ends up being subtly threatened into Boyd’s deal. And Raylan’s at Arnett’s murderer’s place – where he beats the crap out of the assistant, and hopes he has scared the boss. The episode ends.