The Devil You Know - Recap

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The scene opens with Deville waiting for a meeting with Lionel Rand – the man who killed Arnett. Rand’s assistant Tanner makes it clear that one is supposed to sit down patiently when waiting for the boss, and there is no way Deville’s agitation is going to make things quicker. When finally Deville gets to meet Rand, he has work for him, and promises to turn his small shit project into a major money machine. His job is to look for people under-occupied, and since Deville is someone who likes to get his hands dirty, the opportunity is for him. However, opportunity comes just once – does he understand? However, Deville still has to talk for argument’s sake.

Back in prison, Douey and Dicky are getting mobbed with all the rage in the world. When brought into the medical center, cop Ash is overseeing how they are being administered. The bruises are quite bad, and the jail doctor does his bit. However, it doesn't take long for Ash to signal his move. Dicky is hardly able to walk straight, and Douey is hoping everything is fine now. On the word go, the jail doctor walks up to Douey hiding a syringe, and plants it on his neck – and easily has him lose consciousness. Dicky panics, and all he can do is yell to know what the hell have they done. So is Dicky going to get things done the doctor’s way, or is he going to go for option B? Later, Raylan arrives in jail, and questions the jail doctor. He claims to have been attacked, and he is holding a cloth to his wound on the cheekbone. He is whining in front of Raylan, and is pretending to be a victim. He was made unconscious, the next thing he knows he is waking up in a refrigerator.

Raylan gets the briefing from Bricks, and as it appears, the prisoners died, and were taken out in a van. The jail doctor is looking for an opportunity to cut loose, saying he needs to get a stitching done at emergency care. However, Raylan will have him sit tight. Meanwhile, Ash turns up at the mortuary van. He gets the drivers attention, and shoots him point blank. Before long, there is Douey and Dicky in body bags in back of the van. After they manage to get out of the bags with a little help from Ash, he and the doctor decide to part ways with each of them as they will help in finding the money. Dicky encourages Douey to believe they are free, but Ash reminds them, that is true only as long as everything goes okay. There is no other way out of here. Raylan is at Loretta’s, where he wants to know about the money. However, she is not exactly helping him out.

Later, when Raylan and Bricks are on their way to the Limehouse bacon joint, she tells him about the van and the murder. Does Raylan think Dicky is fool enough to show up at Limehouse’s looking for his money? Raylan does, and says anything is possible. Dickey might even be fool enough to get along Douey Crowe. When they reach the bacon joint, Limehouse is cocky, and gets talking about family trees when he finds Bricks – someone he can tell is from Tennessee. They tell him they know that his place has Dicky’s money held up. And when he is out of prison, he will need a friend to be watching his back. So do they think Limehouse is the friend? He has to get going. His bacons are ready, and leaves bragging about them – Bricks should get hooked up with the bacons – she will never forget the taste.

Before long, Ash arrives with Dicky at the bacon joint. However, he finds Raylan, and realizes this is not happening now. So he decides to head back to the motel. When he reaches there, he’s got nothing, and they have a change of plans. The jail doctor is holding Douey in custody, and there are a couple of other fat men in the motel room. Ash throws the phone to Dicky, and tells him to call Limehouse for the money. He cannot get to talk to him directly without sweat, but when he does, he lets on the needs. Limehouse will have to bring the ‘package’ to a specific location, especially with the given circumstances. Meanwhile at Boyd’s bar, Deville gets his pay, which is what he was about to miss. At a distance is Boyd’s cousin Johnny in a wheelchair, taking shots at the pool table. That is when Raylan arrives, and is greeted with warm hospitality, and an option between 17 bourbons. The first drink will be on the house. Then Raylan lets on he was at the Limehouse’s bacon joint a while ago. He behaved as though he beating up Arlo never occurred. And he looks like he is ready to kick some more white boys asses. What does Deville think about that? He returns a hostile look, when Boyd asks to be left alone with Raylan. Then he lets on that Douey and Dicky are out of prison. And he knows Boyd would go after them.

Meanwhile at the motel, the prisoners are waiting for the call from Limehouse. However, they get no call. While most of them are getting hungry, Ash goes out to fetch some food. Back at Boyd’s bar, he sides up Johnny and complains about how unfair a share he is getting – $360 – that’s it! So he is planning to take a big step. He has met Lionel Rand, and if Johnny wants to be on his side, he better be so quickly. And if he does, Johnny gets to hear a whole of things. He tells Deville to speak. Raylan has reached the motel, and is waiting for signs sitting in his car. Before long, he finds Ash walking across the street into the motel. However, Ash notices Raylan too.

He drops the food, and pulls out his gun to take a shot. However, Raylan is quick enough to ram his car into Ash, who falls breaking his bones badly. The jail doctor looks out of the window, and knows something is wrong. Raylan looks in his rear-view mirror – Ash manages to stand up and fire his gun – but he is shooting all over the place. So Raylan reverses his car at full speed and rams into Ash once again. This time he is completely down, and the jail doctor escapes with the men in the room. Raylan picks out the key, and knows where to go. But by the time he reaches there, everyone’s gone. Before long, he finds them leaving in a couple of vans. Before long, Dicky Bennett is being yanked out of the van at a gas station, and Douey tries to escape. He fails. The doctor takes care of Douey, and Dicky has to be with the fat men. The cops have routes to the bacon house blocked and under surveillance. That is when Raylan realizes his job now is to save Dicky Bennett. So he sets forth.

Meanwhile, the two fat men have Dicky into the bacon house store room. He claims that is where the money is, and makes a bit of a fuss about having to fetch the box out of a lot of scrap. Making a bigger fuss is the man holding a gun to Dicky’s head. What if the box has weapons or a booby trap – either way – whether Dicky opens it or he, there could be backlash. Before long, they slowly get to the box, and just as Dicky is surprised, two gun shots ring the place up. Limehouse and his servant take down the fat men, but Dicky is disappointed there is less than $50,000 in stead of the $3 million he was expecting. When Raylan arrives, the bacon men are gone, and Dicky sits with the dead bodies. Douey is nowhere to be found. He is at a motel room with the jail doctor, who has him tied in a chair, gets him unconscious and is getting ready to cut out his organs. The episode ends.