Thick as Mud - Recap

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Limehouse and his servant are counting money, when the servant asks what if Dicky Bennet came to know that he still has his three million. However, Limehouse doesn’t understand how Dicky is going to know, if no one tells him. Is the servant going to tell him? No, but what if? If Dicky gets to know, he is sure to come after him. If he does, Limehouse will have it covered. When the servant tries explaining his plan, that is not the deal Limehouse made with Dicky’s mama. The servant doesn’t know the deal Limehouse made with his mama. Limehouse then wants to know what he is really asking. He can dream about having so much money, or dream about doing something, for which a bullet can put him back to sleep. So he better keep that 3 million away for Limehouse.

Meanwhile, Boyd and Arlo are burying Deville’s body. Arlo wants to know why they have to freeze their asses out in the cold, when they can dump it into some slug. Boyd argues Deville may have turned a traitor, but he was a friend before that. Arlo takes out the money stuck in Deville’s wallet, but Boyd prevents him from doing that as well. After burying, Boyd prays for Deville. Raylan arrives home, when he finds his girlfriend is still awake. She is busy with packing and making lists. When Raylan complains about not having got a place in line for themselves because he is running around all day, she is done changing him. And she is also done showing that she might love someone else the way she loves him. That is the sweetest thing she has said to Raylan he admits.

Lance wakes Douey up as he lies in his blood in a bathtub in the motel. Then he lets Douey know that he has taken his kidneys out. Douey realizes he means it when he sees the blood pool he is sitting in, and the two stiches around his stomach. Douey cannot believe Lance has done it until he shows him a plastic bag apparently carrying the kidneys. So here’s what Douey can do – either he does nothing and allows his skin to go pale, muscles to start aching and so much, that they crush his bones into pieces – or, he can use the next four hours to buy his kidneys back for 20 grand. Or else, Lance has a client ready to buy the kidneys lined up in Chicago. So out goes Douey, panting for his life, straggling along the sidewalks, until he is able to stop a car, pull out the man by showing a gun, and drive it to the address he has got from Lance.

Before long, Raylan and Bricks arrive at the scene where Douey hijacked the car, and it turns out that he came from the side where a motel placard is distinctly visible. When they get to Lance’s room, all they can find is a bathtub draining a pool of blood. Meanwhile, Douey goes in to rob a store. It is filled with washing machines and other expensive appliances, but $200 is all that is in the cash box. Douey can’t believe it, when the nervous salesman tells him all their customers pay with credit cards. After he leaves, Raylan and his team arrive at the store when they receive a report. Seeing that Douey never touched any of the expensive merchandise, he suspects he might be wanting to cross the border. Meanwhile, Douey is extorting money from strippers. They hardly have any cash since it is only 10 in the morning. One of the men point out he is bleeding, when he lifts up his shirt to check his condition. Then another man tries attacking him, but he just beats the crap out of him, spattering blood. When Raylan and the cops arrive in the strip club, Raylan learns about the incisions.

Ava arrives at Boyd’s bar, and unbuttons her shirt to show a mark on her chest. After seeing it, Boyd remarks Dicky is going to pay for that. Then she asks him to show his mark. He opens his shirt to show her a JC tattoo. After that they share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Raylan arrives at Ash’s hospital ward. Why should he help Raylan? He ran him down with a car. Ash is not saying anything about what he meant earlier when he said things might get weird, but only until Raylan takes away his morphine tube, and rests with his elbow on his broken leg. A nurse arrives complaining about the way Raylan’s been treating her patient. Raylan asks her what she makes of organ selling. She puts her money on a Dr. Bosno – a young guy who has a god complex, and thinks nurses are meant to slap instruments in his hand and sleep with him.

Meanwhile, the doctor is at Boyd’s bar, where he intimidates him to sell the organs like he would, and bring the money to him. When he is about to argue, Boyd tells him to do it the same way if they were talking in his mama’s kitchen while she served them jam cakes. Meanwhile, Douey has gotten to a liquor store, and is asking for the address on the chit from Lance. However, the man at the counter doesn’t like his desperation, and condemns his behavior. When Douey takes out his gun, the man goes quiet, but before Douey knows it, fires his shotgun under the table. Douey is running for his life, and the man keeps shooting until he can scare him away through a door behind which is the store room. Before long, arrive the cops, Raylan and Bricks. Douey isn’t talking to any of them, until Raylan does the talking. He lets on kidneys being taken out is no worry. All Lance told him is bluff. He just needs to check if he can take a leak. With new hope, Douey rises to do it, and realizes he might have had four kidneys. The address he showed the shopkeeper turns out to be an abandoned warehouse. Bricks reports there is no sign of Lance there. And there is more news – Ash has died.

Raylan goes checking in the hospital, and learns that Bosno could have hardly been the one to kill Ash. Then he asks about the nurse, Leila. Meanwhile, Boyd arrives at Tanner’s bar with a couple of men. He buzzes Tanner’s number to ID him, and sits at his table. He lets on he understands they have a common friend, or rather had. He hates to be the bearer of bad news, which Tanner will too if he had to tell his boss. Long before Tanner rises from his chair and takes an aggressive stance, he gets beaten up with a baton by a man on a wheelchair. Boyd leaves, telling Tanner to pass on the message to his boss, and if he wants to see Boyd, he will be at his cousin Johnny’s bar.

Later that night, Raylan arrives at Leila’s place. She minds him calling anything but Leila, and offers him a drink. Raylan starts asking questions, and Leila is almost confessing she killed Ash, when Lance appears out of the blue to drive a syringe into Raylan’s arm. Leila says she could have done it herself. However Lance argues what difference would it make? They are going to take out his organs and kill him, right? Leila has a problem with that – it is in the house. She doesn’t want the floors to get dirty. So Lance obliges her by dragging Raylan to the tub, while Leila is busy readying another syringe. The last one will wear off too soon. Lance keeps Raylan’s gun to himself, but before Lance knows it, Leila shoots him into the tub. As his body falls on Raylan, he wakes up in a daze, and finds Leila pointing the gun at him now. He manages to grab his gun, and fire a shot – it gets through Lance’s body, and hits Leila in her torso.

When on a stretcher outside the house, Raylan tells Art how strange he felt. Art guesses it was because he shot a woman for the first time, which Raylan guesses might be the reason. Meanwhile, Quarles arrives to meet Boyd. He lets on about his plans of a partnership, but Boyd has loads to tell against the likes of Quarles – men from the north in three-piece suits, trying to change things down south because they don’t like their ‘backward’ ways of doing things. Boyd also insults Quarles as he is on his way out. Tanner’s girlfriend visits Limehouse. She tells him about the interesting exchanges between Quarles and Boyd. Limehouse hands her a bunch of notes, tells her to keep her hair to the ground, and that he will be counting on her. Art drives Raylan home, telling him to take a day or two off. However, is unwilling. When he arrives home, he finds a sheet of paper in the refrigerator.