When the Guns Come Out - Recap

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The scene opens with two girls arriving at Boyd’s Oxycontin clinic. They get their permit through to the doctor’s room. However, they are not happy with the amount they are getting, and hope to get some more by seducing Bosno. Before long, Tanner, and another armed man raid the cottage, kill the man in the front room, Bosno, one of the two girls, because they can’t see the other one, and rob the oxy pills stacked on the shelves. Meanwhile, Raylan is calling up Cale, and hopes to hear about Winona. He just wants to make sure she is okay. Then he arrives at a federal office, and tells Tom on the phone that he doesn’t need to pull it over – just a bullet on the plate will suffice. Before long, he is going through a desk computer in an office, and wonders what all it has to do with Costa Rica. When the desk woman arrives, she is wondering what Raylan is doing at her machine. Is it really her machine? When Winona’s boss arrives to check on the woman’s complaint, he is glad to see Deputy Marshall Raylan. However, Raylan wants to know if Winona has given an indication as to where she might have gone. No, but he can tell Raylan to take it easy. She might just take time to figure things out.

Later, Raylan visits the local bank locker man. He wonders why Raylan should do his job when the government pays him and not Raylan for it. When Raylan checks the locker, he finds the box empty.
Raylan receives a file on Quarles from another officer. When Raylan wants him to brief him on the file, he doesn’t mind asking FBI questions about his leads, but hopes Raylan can read things himself. When he gets to Art’s office, he hears about having to go to Heartland, but he wants a few days off. He must be joking, remarks Art, but not when Raylan reveals Winona has left. However, Raylan doesn’t want any pep talk, and wants just a few days to clear his head. However, Art insists that for now, he will have to head to Heartland, because Anna Halen has been shot on the Indian Lines property. Meanwhile, Boyd is giving Johnny grief because he has been unable to get him details. The fact that it was Quarles who attacked is still unclear – just a gut feeling. However, he has to get back to that house, and he doesn’t call Boyd, until he is sure of what he finds. After Johnny leaves, Boyd wants a drive with Ava.

Ella Mae is scared from the shooting, and her pimp is forcing her questions. She has seen the men who attacked, but they didn’t see her. The pimp, Delroy, wants her to go back to the house, but she is trembling out of fear. He tries coaxing her saying how she must learn to take care of each other, and sacrifice like everyone else. And don’t she come back until she has everything he needs. Later, when Raylan drives to the sheriff’s station, he wants the sheriff to talk to Arlo. It turns out they already did, and he has asked them to ask questions to his son – Raylan. And meanwhile, Ella Mae goes to the clinic where Tanner is selling Oxycontin. However, she is hardly able to talk when he sees his face. Scared, she runs away saying she is good.

Ava and Boyd arrive at Limehouse’s bacon café, where he hopes they are hungry for some of the meat. However, they soon get talking, and Boyd wants to know how is it that Limehouse knows more about him, than he knows about Limehouse. It turns out not only Limehouse, but most people who know him also know a great deal about Boyd. Then Limehouse lets on he has already learned that the two people killed in the Oxycontin robbery were his men. And the third victim was a girl called Rixy. When Ava and Boyd get back in their truck, Ava knows working girl Rixy, and also happens to know the girl who works with her – Ella Mae. Boyd wants to check up with her, but Ava tells him she is more likely to open up to a female.

Raylan arrives at Arlo’s place, and finds him rattling off words to himself. Raylan promises he can make a way for him into prison if that is what he wants. However, there is news for him – Arlo is working for Boyd Crowder! Meanwhile, Quarles is updating Wynn on what they should prepare for. He knows FBI is inquiring about him, and he assumes they are doing so at the behest of Raylan Givens. When the times get tougher, he wants to make sure he knows where to put the squeeze. Wynn agrees. Later, as Quarles is going into the room where the man tied to the bed is still alive, Wynn is a little scared and says it just occurred to him, and he was about to… sounds of a victim being tortured explode out the door.

Ava gets to Delroy’s bar to meet Ella Mae, but she first has to be unassuming with Delroy, and perhaps make him a little happy. So she plays into his flirting attitude, and offer of a cash deal, but and after he leaves she is on her way to the trailer van. However, Jennifer Quarles (whom everyone calls JJ), reintroduces herself to Ava. Doesn’t she remember? They were in middle school. If Delroy found her making her into the trailer, he would do to her what he did to Ella Mae. Before long, she calls up Boyd, and reports she cannot get to the truck without Delroy seeing her. As they are talking on the phone, Raylan arrives in Boyd’s bar to give him grief over dragging him into his business. Boyd tries to interrupt by talking about Ava at Delroy’s bar, but Raylan hasn’t finished talking. When he is, the two glare at each other, after which Boyd confirms Raylan would want to go there for Ella Mae.

After he arrives, Ava shows him in to the trailer van, and they are both talking about the Oxycontin robbery with the Ella Mae. However, it doesn’t take long for Delroy to appear with a knife. He is making sure trouble comes his way when he is talking back to Raylan, who asks him to wait his turn outside. When Raylan’s done, Delroy is acting smart again, but this time gets a hard blow to bleed his nose. Raylan is warning him about hurting Ella Mae, and when he suggests Raylan doesn’t know what… he gets another blow on his nose. Next, Raylan arrives at Tanner’s field, where he tells all the workers to flee. Raylan wonders why, and after getting inside the trucker trailer, he asks what Tanner knows about the Oxycontin robbery. He knows nothing. Soon Tanner’s driver starts driving as instructed, and the two at the back are in an untidy fight. Tanner has his gun out, but Raylan manages to make him shoot haywire. One of the bullets catches in the driver’s neck, and by the time the vehicle comes to a halt, Tanner has gotten thrown off into the ditch.

Later, Wynn is worried, and says someone robbed Boyd’s Oxycontin clinic. Wynn is surprised it wasn’t Quarles – who says that is too obvious for his taste. However, Wynn hopes what he says next will be alarming for him – Raylan went to take out Tanner, but he and another mate have escaped. Quarles is amused. When Limehouse’s servant is tired of living on his knees, he wants to strike for power. However, having guns is not enough, Limehouse lays in. They need to have the law on their side as well. Unimpressed, the servant leaves with an unusually bold gate. Later, when Raylan arrives at Winona’s sister’s place, she is not letting him in. However, Winona says it is alright. Raylan discovers she never took out any money from the bank locker. Although she knows they both love each other, she has serious worries about staying by herself in an empty house while she is pregnant. Besides, about raising a child, it is all the more scary.

Later, Art and Raylan share a drink. Art consoles him about Winona, but he learns Charlie is not sick, although he claimed he was. Raylan saw him on Tuesday, and he looked pretty alright. In the final scene, a middle-aged sturdy man is about to get into a sportscar in Mexico, when cops arrive to check on him. They ask for his ID card, canvas the car, and let him go – but only after warning him to be careful of greedy men. He drives off with joy.