Loose Ends - Recap

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The scene opens, and Givens returns to his hotel room with the gun that was planted at Winona's house. He seems to consider his next move before hiding the gun behind a chest under a window. The next morning, the marshal enters Art's office. Art asks why Givens has been looking into a Detroit hustler named Brady Hughes. Apparently, the young man is connected -- not in a legal way -- with Quarles. Art, however, has had enough of this pseudo investigation, noting that Givens has nothing in the way of proof. "We're going to shut this down," Art says. "Us and Quarles. You and Quarles." Givens isn't happy. Delroy sits in a van while, in the back, a trio of ladies do copious amounts of drugs.

Delroy encourages his ladies to go out and make some money before they exit the van and enter a nearby check cashing outlet ... with guns. Shots are fired and the ladies soon emerge. Two of the women carry a badly injured third. The ladies hustle into the van and Delroy stomps on the gas pedal. The injured woman, Crystal, soon expires. "She was a soldier and she knew the risks," Delroy says. "Let's fix this." "Fixing it" means taking the body into the woods and dumping it into a pond. Delroy then pulls a gun and shoots one of the other girls. A witness eliminated. The final lady, Ellen May, makes a run for it and disappears into the woods before Delroy can kill her too. Givens, in the meantime, drinks at the bar beneath his hotel room. Ava enters and the drunken marshal gives her a lingering kiss.

Ava is taken aback, but quickly recovers. "You do know what Boyd is, right?" Givens asks. Ava ignores the comment and explains that Boyd wants to help Givens get to Quarles. Givens is immediately intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, that the marshal visits Boyd, who is in jail for bombing the sheriff's car -- a crime that, for once, he didn't commit. Boyd explains that the man Givens threw out of a moving pill-mill trailer is the same man who bombed the sheriff's car. Boyd would like to provide Givens with the man's name. "You're asking me to go get your 'get of jail free' card," Givens observes. True enough, but it might also mean the end of Quarles. "Tanner Dodd," Boyd says. Givens calls Art, who reluctantly agrees to investigate Tanner.

Givens will have one more chance to nail Quarles. Speaking of, Quarles visits Limehouse for a business meeting. Quarles explains that he has arranged for Sheriff Napier to win the upcoming election because a). Boyd is in jail and b). Napier looks like a hero. But Limehouse warns that elections are not won in Harlan County without "insurance." And, of course, Quarles will have to pay for that insurance. The Detroit criminal has come well prepared and presents Limehouse with a briefcase full of cash. Limehouse tells Quarles to give the money to his new "campaign manager," who will be arriving shortly. At Johnny's bar, Ava is cleaning up when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find a bloodied and dirty Ellen May. "You got to help me!" she says. Later, Givens arrives at the house of Tanner's mother.

She denies having seen Tanner "in years," though she has a new hi-def TV that is likely a gift from her loving son. Mom, who seems nice at first, soon turns mean. She has been dealing with lawmen looking for her boy for a decade. "Now you get the hell out!" she yells at Givens. The marshal simply nods and leaves his card. Quarles then meets his new campaign manager, Harvey. Harvey goes on and on about his plans to rig the election. Quarles, who only wants results, isn't terribly interested. In fact, the cold-hearted criminal is annoyed. Tanner, meanwhile, gets a call from his mom and understands that he is in trouble. Errol overhears the call and tells Limehouse, who orders his lieutenant to keep a close eye on Tanner. Sheriff Napier then gets a visit from Givens, who explains that he suspects Boyd might not have acted alone. A second suspect is Tanner Boyd. Givens introduces an agent, a supposed bomb expert, who matched the bomb rigging to Tanner's previous work.

Givens urges the suddenly nervous sheriff to investigate Tanner and follow up with the marshal office. Outside, Givens pays off the "agent," who is really just a homeless man. At Johnny's bar, Ava asks for Johnny's help in taking care of Ellen May. Johnny refuses, explaining that Delroy pays protection money to Boyd. In other words, Ava can't keep the girl. So Ava calls Delroy and agrees to turn over Ellen May for a "finder's fee" of $2,000. Delroy reluctantly agrees. Tanner then gets a call from Sheriff Napier, who says he wants to pay Tanner for his recent job. The pair agrees to meet later that night. But first, Tanner and Errol attempt to rob an old munitions expert. The crafty old man leads the pair inside his shop. In fact, he leads Tanner to a stool that is really a land mine.

If Tanner removes his foot from the stool, the bomb will go off. "You shoot me now, you'll spend the rest of your life in this room," the man says. "I'm the only one that can disarm it. And I will as soon as you boys hand over your weapons." Tanner lowers his gun ... but Errol fires, killing the old man. Errol promises to deliver the bag of cash to Tanner's mother -- and then leaves an angry and panicky Tanner with his foot on an armed bomb. Later, Givens gets a call from the state troopers. Tanner has turned himself in and is currently standing on a bomb. Amused and disgusted, Givens drives toward the scene, taking a detour on the way to pass Sheriff Napier, who is waiting for Tanner's arrival and holding a shovel in his hand. Clearly, the sheriff had nefarious plans for Tanner. "Sheriff, pretty sure he's not coming," Givens says before driving away. Caught and knowing it, the sheriff grimaces.

At Johnny's bar, Ava gives Ellen May a drink and then points a shotgun at her. Ava escorts the young woman to Delroy. The murderous pimp puts a bag of money on a nearby table and Ava opens fire, killing Delroy. She never had any intention of handing over the young woman to be killed. Givens, meanwhile, puts on a bullet proof vest and enters the shop where Tanner stands on a bomb. An expert enters behind Givens to defuse the bomb. "It's going to take a few hours," the expert explains. While they wait, Givens explains that Napier was waiting for Tanner with a shovel. "Why don't you tell me something that will make it easier for you down the road?" Givens proposes. Tanner hems and haws and then accidentally drops his gun.

The slight change in weight causes the bomb to arm itself. Givens and the bomb expert quickly retreat. Tanner yells for help, but it's too late. The shop explodes, taking Tanner with it. Sheriff Napier and Shelby engage in a "debate" with Harvey acting as moderator. Harvey is giving Napier the advantage in the discussion when Boyd, recently released at the urging of the marshall office, enters. He explains that Shelby was implicated in a robbery by the hated Blackpike Coal -- and who would believe that dishonest firm? The charismatic Boyd soon has the crowd in frenzy. "I'm not saying you're a bad man, Mr. Napier, but I do know that you've been feeding too long at the public trough!" Boyd says. The crowd cheers. Harvey pounds his gavel, but it's drowned out. Later, Ava tells Boyd about the murder of Delroy. "If that's a decision you feel like you had to make, then I respect that," Boyd says. Ava then suggests that someone will have to make sure that Ellen May and others like her can be safe.

In short, Ava has volunteered to start running women in Harlan. Errol, in the meantime, makes good on his promise and delivers the sack of cash to Tanner's mother. She is mighty grateful through her tears. Mom then steps back inside, where Givens is sitting. "I am truly sorry for your loss," he says. Having seen Errol visit Tanner's mom, Givens heads to Limehouse's place. "Robert Quarles," Givens begins. "I'm either going to put him in prison or in the ground. You're going to help me." Givens explains the Errol connection, which connects Limehouse to Quarles. Limehouse, however, is not so easily intimidated. He lets Givens know that he won't be revealing anything. "So be it," says a tired and disappointed Givens. "So be it," repeats Limehouse. The episode ends.