Guy Walks Into a Bar - Recap

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The scene opens, and two sheriff deputies approach Shelby's truck in the middle of the night and place a wrapped package in the back seat. Suddenly, Shelby emerges from his house with a shotgun. Shelby tells the deputies to remove the package and leave. He said he admires the deputies' loyalty and hopes that they will treat him as kindly when he wins the election for sheriff -- not that he'd ask such a task. "Everybody knows you're in Boyd Crowder's pocket," retorts one of Sheriff Napier's men. Shelby then explains that he is dying of cancer and only wants to make something of his life before his time on Earth is done. Shelby then heads to Boyd, who is impressed that the candidate held off two men with guns. Shelby admits the cancer story was a lie to convince the deputies that he didn't fear death.

Boyd wants to hit back and takes Johnny's suggestion to track down Napier's sister. So Boyd heads to Limehouse to get the name and location of said sister. When that's settled, Boyd looks for little insurance on the upcoming election for sheriff. Harvey, who is supposedly working for Quarles and Napier, enters. Givens, meanwhile, pays a visit to Judge Reardon. Turns out that Dickie is on the verge of being released. Givens asks Reardon to push the case back, but Reardon's hands are tied. Boyd then pays a visit to Hannah, Napier's sister. "You're running that man against my brother for sheriff," says Hannah before explaining that she hasn't talked to her brother in a long time after he refused to take care of her medical bills. "I've come to offer you a job," Boyd says. Hannah appears intrigued. Later, Givens tries to convince Vasquez to keep Dickie in jail, suggesting they cut Wade Messer a deal if he nails Dickie.

Vasquez explains that Dickie is only in jail because of Messer. Cut one free and the other goes free, too. Givens swears. It appears that Dickie might just get that pardon, after all. At Johnny's bar, Boyd and Shelby are awaiting election returns. Ava enters and explains that she has arranged for the town's prostitutes to give sexual favors in return for votes. Boyd then gets a call: Dickie might be getting out of jail soon. Johnny wonders if Dickie is stupid enough to return to Harlan. "Yes, I think he is that stupid," Boyd says with a smile. Back at the marshal's office, Givens welcomes Jed, who has been brought in from federal prison. Givens explains that Jed said he saw Dickie pull the trigger before changing his story. "I need you to change it back," Givens explains. "All I'm asking you to do is tell the truth."

Jed explains that, years ago, his family had a conflict with the Bennett clan and his granny brokered a truce with Mags. So Jed's family owes the Bennetts. Jed then says that he'll talk if his granny gives her OK. That means Givens has to go visit Granny, who can't speak after suffering a stroke and lives in a nursing home. The woman can only point at letters. "This debt you feel you owe the Bennetts is no reason for your grandson to rot in prison," Givens explains. The old woman then requests two milkshakes, and when Givens returns with the goods, drops one in his lap. She smiles as she takes a long sip from the remaining shake. Back at Johnny's bar, Boyd gets a call. "Napier won," he says. The assembled crowd of Shelby supporters groans. Quarles, meanwhile, sits in Napier's office, sharing a drink with the recently reelected sheriff. Quarles "suggests" that Napier give him an office in the building.

"I have to keep my eyes on things if we are going to make this work," Quarles says. Just then, Harvey enters the office with Shelby. Harvey explains that he just realized that Hannah is on his payroll. Nepotism laws being what they are, Napier is no longer eligible to be sheriff. The office will go to Shelby. "You know I ain't seen Hannah since she stole from momma!" Napier yells. Harvey explains that his hands are tied. Furious, Quarles exits the building to find Johnny and Boyd sitting outside. "You know what you are?" Boyd asks. "You are a conquistador, but we are not your savages. And now you get to leave with your life ... I hope you enjoyed your stay and you never forget who packed your bags." Quarles face tightens in a rage before relaxing into a broad smile. He's not likely to be leaving.

Later, Quarles pops a few pills in Wynn's trailer. "How long have you been taking those?" a worried and wary Wynn asks. Quarles doesn't answer. There is a knock on the trailer door. A young man -- a teenager named Donovan -- enters with a gun. He points it at Quarles and it soon becomes clear that the young man believes Quarles is responsible for the death of his friend, Brady. Quarles talks the boy down, explaining that his own father was a heroin addict who pimped him out to other men. When Theo Tonin caught wind of this horror, he offered Quarles the chance to murder his old man. So 14-year-old Quarles did just that. So, Quarles explained, he understood Brady only too well and only wanted to "set him free." Wynn watches in horror as Quarles, crying and shaking, lowers Donovan's gun and embraces the boy.

Later, Quarles and Wynn enter the bar where the marshal is drinking. Quarles, who is clearly high and drunk, makes his point plain as day. "I'm going to kill you Raylan," Quarles says. "Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but someday you'll walking down the street and I'm going to put a bullet in the back of your skull." With that, Quarles turns to leave. Givens points his gun at the ceiling and fires. He tells all the patrons to get out. "Why wait?" Givens says with a grin before suggesting an old-fashioned draw. It is about to go down when Lindsey, the bartender, pulls a shotgun on Quarles. "Get out," she orders. "This is my bar." Quarles smiles and exits with Wynn. Moments later, Givens, who had been flirting with the bartender earlier, finds himself in bed with her. The next morning, Givens arrives at the marshal's office for Dickie's hearing with Judge Reardon. "I've changed your honor," Dickie says. "I have changed. Believe me." No one believes him, of course.

Givens then takes the stand after asking to make a statement. "We all know what's going to happen if Dickie Bennett is released," Givens said. "More blood will be spilled. Either his or someone else's." Givens then calls Dickie "thug" before changing course and telling Judge Reardon to go ahead and release Dickie. "Maybe Dickie leads us to that Bennett money," Givens tells Vasquez and Art after Dickie goes free. News travels fast. Errol tells Limehouse that Dickie will soon be released. "Dickie sniffs around long enough, he's going to figure out where his mama's money is," Errol warns. Says Limehouse: "When he shows up, you bring him to me." Limehouse then selects a pig for the slaughter. In Quarles's hotel room, meanwhile, the quickly unraveling gangster talks to himself before stripping and entering a bathroom where Donovan is chained to the toilet. The episode ends.