Coalition - Recap

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The scene opens, and Quarles swims out of unconsciousness. He is naked and chained to a bed in a whorehouse. The working girls, meanwhile, are testing out the gangster's tricky sleeve gun. Boyd was nice enough to leave a bottle of pills behind. Quarles offers some to the ladies, who seem more than willing to partake. Back at Johnny's bar, Boyd explains to the gang that he is going to deliver Quarles to Tonin and split the $200,000 bounty with Wynn. A good score. Errol then enters the bar ... and introduces a sheepish Dickie. Boyd's face goes taut. He attacks Dickie, dragging him into the back room, wrapping a garbage bag over his head and beating him in the face.

Errol begs Dickie to stop, explaining that there is more than $3 million of Mags' money to locate. "We'll hear him out and then we'll decide," Ava insists. Arlo, of course, wants to kill Dickie for murdering Helen. After some hesitation, Boyd releases Dickie. Givens, looking for Quarles, then visits Napier, who explains that the gangster was heading for the whorehouse to sell some pills. Speaking of, Quarles and the ladies are high on pills and seemingly having a great time ... until, of course, Quarles turns mean and manages to choke one of the women with the chain that tethers him to the bed. He threatens the other woman, who runs outside and tells the guard, Jimmy, that Quarles is having "some kind of seizure." Jimmy walks inside the trailer. Back at Johnny's bar, Boyd considers Errol and Dickie's proposition of robbing the bank where Limehouse apparently has Mags' money in a safe deposit box. He asks Ava and Arlo to head to the bank to scout it out.

Givens, meanwhile, arrives at the whorehouse to find Jimmy and the two women tied up and gagged. Quarles has escaped. He didn't say where he was headed. Later, Ava arrives at the bank posing as a prospective customer. The manager takes her inside the safe deposit room for a peek. Outside, Arlo cases the joint. Unbeknownst to either, Givens and two state troopers watch from a nearby cruiser. Turns out the state troopers have been following Dickie since he arrived at Johnny's bar and called Givens when Arlo and Ava turned up at the bank. It's pretty obvious the place is going to be robbed. Boyd, meanwhile, heads to the whorehouse with Wynn. They find Quarles missing.

Wynn is panicked, explaining that Tonin will not be happy when he finds out that Quarles escaped from a backwoods whorehouse. "I'm going to let that one go,"says Boyd, who, of course, has a back-up plan. When Quarles comes to see his old pal Wynn, Boyd will set a bomb in Quarles' car. Then, when the bomb goes off and every cop and marshal in the county comes running, Boyd will rob the bank, giving Wynn a cut. Wynn warms to the new plan. Quarles visits Limehouse, who isn't terribly happy to see the gangster arrive empty handed -- again. Instead, Quarles offers his services. "Tonight Boyd Crowder is going to rob a bank," Limehouse explains. In fact, Limehouse also knows that Boyd will do it in his normal way: blowing something across town as a distraction. Limehouse instructs Quarles to take Boyd out as he exits the bank and retrieve the money. Now it's Quarles turn to warm to the new plan.

He calls Wynn, explaining that they have a new lease on life. Givens then pays a visit to Limehouse. The marshal tells of rumor that Mags' money is stashed in a nearby bank. "I hear that Boyd Crowder is going to rob that bank this very day," Givens says. Limehouse mentions that he heard exactly the same thing. In fact, Limehouse explains that he also heard Quarles will be waiting for Boyd to rob the money from the robber. Givens smiles as Limehouse makes it clear that he has arranged things so that law enforcement can take out both Boyd and Quarles, leaving Limehouse with no competitors. Givens likes the plan, but warns that he isn't about to leave Limehouse alone. Federal agents will swarm the Noble's Holler until the $3 million is recovered. Back at Johnny's bar, Dickie very unwisely starts to demand a 70-30 split in his favor when Boyd pulls a pair of guns.

As it turns out, Boyd isn't concerned with Dickie (yet). He knows there is no money in the bank and demands to know how Errol and Limehouse have schemed to set him up. Errol more or less admits to the ruse, explaining that Limehouse only wanted to send Boyd away to prison for a long time. Back at Boyd's place, Arlo is visited by a vision of Helen, who scolds the elder Givens for allowing Boyd to "cut him out" of the bank job. Ava enters the room and asks Arlo if he has taken his pills. Arlo clearly hasn't ... and soon pulls a gun on Ava. Back at Johnny's bar, Johnny is guarding Dickie and Errol. Dickie tosses a pool ball at Johnny, knocking him to the ground. Dickie then beats the Crowder with said ball before pulling a gun on Errol and demanding to know where his mama's money is being stashed.

Moments later, Errol and Dickie hop into a car and speed off. Cops watching outside call in the development to state trooper Tom, who relays the information to Givens. Boyd then goes to his house to find Ava locked in the closet. Arlo is gone. "He's out of his mind," Ava says. Johnny then calls Boyd, explaining that Errol and Dickie escaped ... but not before Errol mentioned how the money is with a girl named Loretta. At almost the same time, Limehouse calls Givens to tell him where to find the money. So Dickie goes to Loretta's home, forcing Errol into the trunk of the car first. Dickie then lets himself into Loretta's house to find Givens waiting. "I'm coming to pay my respects to my baby adopted sister!" Dickie says. Explains Givens: "The problem is you keep thinking you're tough ... But you're just stupid." Dickie refuses to go back to prison and tries to pull on Givens, who fires.

Dickie goes down in a weeping heap. Back at the marshal's office, Givens decides to "respect Mags' decision," telling Loretta that he will not pursue the money -- as long as Loretta doesn't buy a new car or have Van Halen play her birthday party. "Marshal, do I in any way strike you as a Van Halen fan?" Loretta asks. Givens smiles and exits. Loretta gets to keep the dirty money. Later, Wynn returns to his trailer to find Quarles waiting. Quarles, of course, is smoking and high as a bleached blond kite. Limehouse calls, telling Quarles that Boyd won't be robbing a bank, after all, but still must pay for his "intent" to separate Limehouse from his money. Quarles agrees to go to Johnny's bar and kill Boyd. Quarles struggles to get sober before exiting. Wynn then pulls the triggering device from his pocket that will blow up the bomb that has been planted in Quarles' car.

Rather than trigger it, however, Wynn suggests to Mike that they might as well wait to see if Quarles can kill Boyd first. With the plot thickening, Tom calls Givens to explain that Quarles just pulled into the lot outside Johnny's bar. Tom is on his way to the scene. But the drama is already playing out. Quarles exits his car to find Boyd waiting with a gun. Wynn, watching from a car nearby, activates the bomb in an attempt to kill both Quarles and Boyd. Boyd is thrown against a wall and injured. Quarles is set briefly on fire before rolling over a few times and standing up. Tom arrives, telling Quarles to drop his weapon. Meanwhile, Givens is driving home when he sees the fireball in the distance. He hightails it to Johnny's bar, too. When Givens arrives, he finds Tom shot dead in the parking lot -- another victim of Quarles' tricky sleeve gun. Boyd and Quarles are missing. The episode ends at this point.