Slaughterhouse - Recap

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The episode begins, and State Trooper Tom is dead. Quarles is missing. Givens is furious. The marshal then goes to Johnny's bar to interview Boyd, who claims he was unconscious at the time. Still, Boyd knows enough to finger Wynn Duffey for the man who blew up Quarles' car. Arlo enters. "I heard a cop in a hat got shot, I guess it wasn't you," Arlo tells his son. Boyd then takes Arlo into the back room. "You pulled a gun on Ava!?" Boyd demands. "You haven't been taken your medication, have you?" No, Arlo has not. In fact, the old man begins to babble about seeing Helen. Boyd makes Arlo take a pill "in front of me." Later, Givens shows up at Wynn's trailer. "Was it Quarles? Where is he?" the marshal demands. "What do you know?" Wynn plays coy, which doesn't sit well with the lawman.

He recalls dead pawn shop owner Glenn Fogel and empties all but one bullet from the gun seized from Wynn. Time to play Russian Roulette. Wynn doesn't believe it ... until Givens starts pulling the trigger. Terrified, Wynn tells the marshal that Limehouse set it all up ... that Wynn tried to blow up Quarles ... that Quarles is now missing. Givens nods. "I believe you," he says before calmly exiting the trailer. "Jesus Christ!!!" screams Wynn. Later, Boyd meets Limehouse on the bridge. "I am returning your deposit," Limehouse says. "There's even a little interest in there." It is meant to conclude the business between the two criminals. Boyd doesn't like it, but accepts it for the time being. "Want me to make that call?" asks Errol after Boyd leaves. Says Limehouse: "Not yet. Not yet." Limehouse returns home to find Givens waiting.

The marshal threatens to take Limehouse downtown for accessory to murder. Limehouse baits Givens by saying that that the marshal is ultimately responsible f or Tom's death. Givens takes a swing at Limehouse and, the next thing the marshal knows, he has a dozen guns trained on him. Limehouse, trying to avoid killing a lawman if he can, says that he can deliver Boyd. The next morning, a family camps in the woods when Quarles appears, holding a gun to the mother's head and demanding the car keys. Later, Shelby, now wearing a proper sheriff's uniform, calls Boyd with news: the marshall service knows that Boyd killed Devil and is currently searching for the body. Boyd hangs up the phone, realizing that he might finally be in big time trouble.

Quarles, meanwhile, rides in the back seat of the hostage family's van. Mom and her two sons are terrified. Quarles uses the mom's cell phone to call Theo. "I want to come home," Quarles says. "Name the price." Theo names $500,000 -- $250,000 that Theo is owed plus another $250,000 for threatening Sammy. If Quarles can pay that, he can return to his family. But the blue-eyed gangster is done forever with the Tonin syndicate. Boyd then tells Johnny and Ava that Limehouses told the marshall's that Boyd killed Devin. But who told Limehouse? All eyes turn to Arlo, who says he might've told Helen. Ava, crying, begs Boyd to run. Boyd says he has nowhere to go, and can't leave his special lady anyway. They embrace. Soon enough, Art and Givens arrive and arrest Boyd for the murder of Devil. Boyd is taken outside.

Arlo then apologizes to his son for how he was treated as a boy, explaining that he has been talking to Helen lately. Givens is confused, then sad. Art then gets a call: a woman has identified Quarles. Turns out the Detroit gangster/Oxy addict dumped the mother and kept the two sons as hostages. The exact whereabouts of the family van are still unknown. Later, Ava tells Johnny that somebody is going to pay for Boyd's fate. Johnny suggests starting with Ellen May, who was caught talking to Dickie Bennett just the other day. "She don't know #$@!," says Ava. Says Johnny: "She knows Arlo." Givens and Art then interview the distraught mother, who explains that she heard Quarles telling somebody on the phone that he wanted to "come home" and that it would cost him "500." Givens then gets a call. It's young Mitch, who is being held captive by Quarles.

Givens then follows instructions and heads to an isolated spot in the woods where he finds Quarles and the two young boys. "You give up these boys, I give you my gun," the marshall says. Instead, Quarles produces his nifty sleeve gun and threatens to shoot Mitch. Givens drops his revolver. Quarles orders the marshal into the van along with the boys. "Now let's go get my money," Quarles says. Limehouse, in the meantime, approaches Errol. It's time for the henchman to pay for his various betrayals. "You pack your things and get out of Noble's Holler before dark," growls Limehouse. Errol knows better than to argue. Limehouse then gets a call from Johnny, who is furious that Limehouse told the law about Devil's final resting place. Johnny says that he "got lucky" by being able to pawn off the guild on Arlo and Ellen May. So Johnny and Limehouse have been in cahoots all along.

Ava, in the meantime, heads to the trailers to confront Ellen May for a crime she didn't commit. "What'd you say about Devil!?" Ava demands. "You told Dickie something he took back to Limehouse!" Ellen May denies everything. Ava punches her in the face. Night falls. Givens drives the van into Noble's Holler, passing Errol on his way out. Quarles, Givens and the two boys find Limehouse in the slaughter house. "Mr. Quarles wants to go home," Givens explains. "He needs some money ... You've been saying you just want to be left alone. Well, I figure this gets it done." So Limehouse reluctantly reaches for a knife and cuts open a huge side of beef. Wrapped wads of money fall out. "It's a piggy bank!" squeals Quarles. Limehouse then mentions that he can't believe Givens is going to let Quarles get away with the money after killing a state trooper. "Wait, you think I killed the trooper?" Quarles asks. Asks Givens: "Who did?"

At that moment, Errol enters and fires. He hits Quarles, who fires back, hitting Errol. Limehouse uses the distraction to get his butcher knife -- and cuts Quarles' arm off at the elbow just at the gangster produces his nifty sleeve gun. Quarles falls to the floor, gasping and dying. "Who killed him?" Givens demands. Quarles, bleeding out, laughs. "You're old man." So a grim-faced Givens awakens his father in the dead of night and hauls him into marshal headquarters. Boyd sits in a nearby cell.

The whole Harlan gang is here. Boyd explains that Arlo isn't his crew, but "my family." In the interrogation room, Arlo confesses to killing Tom ... and Devil. "I did it to protect Boyd," Arlo explains. Soon after, Boyd waltzes out of prison. Then Givens goes to Winona's sister's house to see the future mother of his child to tell her the entire story. He explains that Arlo probably didn't even know he had shot a state trooper. "He just saw a man in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd," Givens says. Says Winona: "A man in a hat?" Givens just nods ... and then puts on his own signature hat. The episode ends at this point.