Hole in the Wall - Recap

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The episode begins in January 21, 1983. An old man goes out to his front porch to retrieve the paper when there is a flutter and a splat. The man looks up to see someone crashed into the cul-de-sac, a limp parachute attached to his back and what looks to be packages of cocaine spread around him. Back in the present day; Raylan gets a call from Sharon, a former lover and bail bondsman from Miami. She is chasing a suspect who is rumored to be in Kentucky and offers Raylan a cut of the profits if he happens to be picked up the local police. So Raylan heads out and finds the fugitive attempting to visit his estranged wife. She won't allow it -- and he goes back to his car and grabs a gun.

Raylan pulls first, ordering the man to stand down. "You ain't gonna shoot me," says the criminal and its true. Instead of shooting the criminal, Raylan shoots the steering wheel, exploding the air bag. He cuffs the man and calls Sharon. Boyd in the meantime is talking to Hiram who claims to have been saved by a preacher set up in a tent in the woods. He claims Boyd's Oxy sales have been dropping because a number of addicts have become hooked on The Lord. He also claims to have flushed many pounds of the stuff; stuff he was supposed to sell for Boyd. Suddenly, there is an explosion outside, shattering the window. Boyd warns that the next "firecracker" will go off inside Hiram's kitchen if the man doesn't come up with the cash to cover the missing drugs.

Elsewhere, a young couple breaks into an abandoned house, Arlo's place, to strip it of copper wire and discover a mysterious canvas bags in the wall. They make a run for it when they hear police sirens and disappear into the night, much to the chagrin of constable Bob. Bob calls Raylan with the news, so the marshal throws his recent criminal catch into the trunk and heads to dad's house. Turns out Raylan hired Bob, an old classmate, to watch the house. Inside the mystery bag, Raylan finds an old driver's license for a Waldo Truth. Ellen May on the other hand is entertaining a client in her trailer. She does a line of some drug, stored in a fake million-dollar bill from the same church Hiram referenced.

The client soon emerges wearing a bear costume, but a dazed and confused Ellen May mistakes the fetish costume for an actual wild animal. Panicked, she pulls a gun and shoots the man a few times. Later, Ava scolds her employee and worries about cleaning it up. Raylan shops at a hardware store when the young woman who broke into Arlo's house appears. She tries and succeeds in delaying Raylan from exiting, even flashing her breasts. When Raylan does finally exit, he discovers that his car has been stolen. Not only was the canvas bag inside, likely the target, but so was the Miami criminal. At Johnny's bar, Ava, thinking of the fake bill and drugs found on Ellen May, wonders if some "backwoods preacher" is intruding on their Oxy trade. Johnny promises to check it out. He wanders out to the bar to find a man at the bar asking to see Boyd.

Johnny denies knowing any such individual. So the man shoves over Johnny and heads to the back room. Ava grabs a shotgun and follows only to find Boyd and the man, Colt, hugging and laughing, much to her surprise. Turns out Colt is former military police and jailed Boyd more than a few times. Raylan is joined by Bob, who fancies himself a one-man dispenser of justice. Raylan, who actually fits that description, is amused. The smile quickly fades, however, when Bob mentions that the car thieves will probably have it crushed at the scrap yard. Raylan explains there's something in the car he doesn't want crushed. The two arrive to find Raylan's ride is safe; only the criminal is missing from the trunk. Raylan investigates a nearby work shed to find the young couple and the missing Miami criminal. An argument ensues.

The criminal wants the young woman, who is holding a gun, to shoot the marshal. Raylan promises her and her boyfriend they can skate on the car theft charge if she hands over the gun. Then the scrap yard operator, friends of the young couple, enters with his own gun, having overpowered Bob. Raylan swings at the scrap yard operator, who goes down. In the ensuing seconds of chaos, the criminal grabs the gun and holds it to the young girl's head. Bob, who ended up on the floor, pulls a knife and stabs her in the foot, though he was aiming for the criminal. She screams and falls backward, enabling Givens to disarm the bail jumper. Givens then wants to know what the young couple really wanted from his car. Turns out they were after the mysterious bag. "How come?" asks Raylan.

Elsewhere, Colt explains that he was kicked out of the military for shooting a superior officer in the bicep. Boyd offers his friend a job. But first, he shall be tried out. Boyd has some unfinished business to address and suggests Colt join him. "Let's just see how it goes" Boyd says. Raylan takes the canvas bag to prison to visit dad. Turns out that Arlo hired the young couple to retrieve the bag. Raylan shows pops the driver's license belonging to Waldo Truth. "My advice is just put that bag back in the wall and forget about it" Arlo says. Boyd, in the meantime, has duct taped Hiram to his easy chair and packed dynamite on his lap.

A long fuse gets closer and closer to the explosives before Hiram confesses that Boyd's money is under the lawn mower. "I wanted to give it to the church" Hiram says. "Preacher Billy is saving them one sinner at a time" Boyd comments. Boyd then tells Colt to "take care of him". So Colt shoots the man in the head. The only problem: Boyd meant for Colt to untie Hiram. "I guess I'll have to be more careful with my words" Boyd says. From the look of things it seems like Boyd has found a new and brutal soldier. Raylan on the other hand returns to his apartment above a bar and puts his money away in a drawer.

He is apparently trying to make a little extra on the side because of his new arrival with estranged Winona. Across town, Boyd hides the money he recovered from Hiram. He apparently doesn't want Ava to know about it. Still farther across town, Preacher Billy preaches and dances while holding a poisonous snake. In the congregation is Ellen May, who truly does need saving. In prison, a trustee who saw Raylan with the bag approaches Arlo about it. The trustee recognized the bag and might have guessed its origin. Arlo plays it coy until the trustee turns his head. Then Arlo stabs the man in the neck, opening up his jugular. The mystery of the bag is apparently worth killing over. The episode ends at this point.