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Where's Waldo? - Recap

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The episode begins and Raylan and Lindsey collapse in bed after making love. They both seem overwhelmed by the night of passion. "We're getting good at that" she observes, while lying in bed. The marshal then volunteers to assist with the beer deliver downstairs. While doing so, a gruff man enters and pours himself a beer over Raylan's protests. Raylan isn’t too happy about this and the two end up doing some eyeballing. After a brief standoff, the man eventually exits, throwing a shoulder into Raylan in the process and tossing a stool on the ground, making his anger and displeasure known.

Ellen May in the meantime pays a visit to Ava at Johnny's bar. The girl claims to have found God at the Last Chance Holiness Church. "Billy says it's never too late to live a righteous life" Ellen May explains, talking about the lesson she has learnt, at this news church she is attending. Ava doesn't take kindly to the revelation, insisting the girl better return to work later that night, rather threateningly. Raylan returns to work to hear bad news from Art that Arlo has murdered a cellmate. Raylan recognizes the dead man as being in the room when Raylan showed his father the mysterious bag; a Panamanian diplomatic bag.

Later, Ellen May returns to the church in search of Rev. Billy. "I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you taking an interest in me, but I don't think I can be part of your church" she cries, visibly dismayed. "I've done some terrible things" she adds. Billy consoles her and explains that no one is beyond saving and he will shame those who say otherwise. This seems to make her feel better. At the whorehouse, Boyd finds his new hire Colt beating Danny, a young man caught lurking around the premises. Turns out, Danny has been peddling heroin, which it seems is a major violation on Boyd's turf. But before Boyd can exact any justice, Ava bursts into the trailer. "You've got to see this" she says, visibly exasperated. "This" as it turns out, is a bunch of cherubic children singing a spiritual hymn and offering cash to the working girls.

The whole thing according to Ava looks like another unwelcome reminder from the newest church in town. Boyd heads to Sheriff Shelby's office. "I can't be part of your business anymore" the sheriff says. Boyd doesn't want to hear the protests and demands to know all there is to know about the Last Chance Holiness Church. Shelby explains that Rev. Billy and his sister, Cassie, have been to multiple towns over the past year, saving souls and then moving along, to another town to do the same. "This church might just be trying to help" the sheriff concludes, voicing his opinion. Boyd on his part doesn't buy this argument of the sheriff and feels there is more to the whole thing than meets the eye. The burly man who earlier burst into the bar in the meantime, is engaged in a bare fisted brawl in front of a crowd of gambling young men.

He manages to win the fight. After winning, he walks to his car and is confronted by two men who lost money on the fight. The two men don’t seem happy. It turns out, the men want their money back that they lost in the fight, but the fighter isn't feeling generous and is in no mood to entertain their demands. He quickly lays out both men, giving the final one a pair of black eyes for his trouble. Raylan, in the meantime, goes out to look for Waldo Truth; the name on the driver's license found inside Arlo's mysterious bag, along with Tim and Art. They end up at the ramshackle house of the Truth family, including a few generations of criminals who openly threaten the marshals, on seeing them there. Soon after, a man claiming to be Waldo returns home, but he is quickly revealed to be Harold, a man pretending to be Waldo in order to keep the family's disability check coming.

Raylan asks where the real Waldo is. "I haven't seen him in almost 30 damn years" the wife says, replying to his query. Turns out Waldo left with a pilot named Drew and hasn’t returned since. Art immediately recognizes the name. "We're done here" the chief announces as he feels he has gotten what he had come for. He then leaves with his team. Ellen May on the other hand is baptized by Rev. Billy, who notices Boyd and Colt standing in the back of the tent. "Are you prepared to come forward to be saved?" Billy asks the visitors, on seeing them standing there. Boyd explains that he once stood where Billy stood, and wonders aloud if the reverend might be a false prophet here to exploit the citizens.

Billy on hearing this accusation decides to do something about it and in the process announces that, from this moment on, no member of the church is to give one single cent to the ministry. The congregation stands and applauds at this declaration made by Billy. On the way out, Boyd catches the glaring eyes of Cassie, who clearly doesn’t seem to be happy about this declaration made by Billy. Art on the other hand explains to Raylan and Tim how Drew, the pilot, once parachuted into a local neighborhood and brought cocaine with him. Yet new evidence; a scar on the body consistent with one that Waldo received from his loving wife, points to the body found in the neighborhood as belonging to Waldo. So basically, all these years Drew has been presumed dead, but it was Waldo all along.

Raylan asks where Drew is. "I don't know, but I bet your daddy knows" Art tells Raylan, replying to his question. Back at Johnny's bar, Boyd explains that Rev. Billy might be the face of the church, but it's clearly Cassie pulling the strings. If they find out what Cassie wants, they find out the truth of the Last Chance Holiness Church, is what Boyd’s conclusion is. Suddenly, Wynn Duffy enters the bar. Turns out, he was invited by Boyd due to the fact that Danny, tied to a chair, was recently caught peddling heroin. From the look of things it seems that Danny is one of Wynn's employees. "I have many men in my employ" Wynn says trying to defend himself. "If one of them strayed, I apologize" he adds. Boyd proposes a partnership with Wynn. Wynn though, doesn't trust the man or his offer.

Wynn then pulls a gun and shoots Danny in the head. "Any dealer silly enough to poach your territory is not welcome in my crew" Wynn says, after he had done the deed. "Sorry about the mess" he adds. Before leaving, Wynn also tells Boyd about Arlo murdering another prisoner. At Lindsey's bar, Raylan helps close up shop for the night. Once again, the bare knuckle brawler enters the bar. "Buddy, we are definitely closed" Raylan yells on seeing the guy. The man then explains to Raylan that Lindsey is his wife. Raylan is shocked to hear this. The episode ends at this point.