Truth and Consequences - Recap

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The episode begins and Cassie walks into the church tent to find Boyd sitting alone in the congregation seats. "That's your brother's room, huh? The one you were sneaking out of in the dead of the night?" Boyd asks with a big smirk. "That's all you doing in there? Tucking him in ... and all his serpents?" he adds tauntingly. Boyd tells Cassie that he knows she's the brains of the operation and Billy is simply the face. He offers a bag of cash and she asks for more, not satisfied with what she has been given. "You want us gone, you're going to have to build us a place to go" says Cassie, demanding a brick-and-mortar house of God.

Later, Raylan and Lindsey discuss the recent arrival of the bartender's husband, who is a semi-professional brawler named Randall. Turns out he's the jealous type and was recently released from prison Raylan concludes this shall be one more reason for him to watch his back. Boyd in the meantime heads back to the church with a pair of goons. "Carrot didn't work" he says. "That means it's time for the stick" he says planning to use force. The goons enter the tent and soon hear hissing. Serpents litter the floor and one of the goons is bit in the face. He screams and screams in sheer agony. Raylan pays a visit to Randall at the gym. The marshal notes that the conditions of Randall's release from prison required him to stay in Florida. "Yet here you are" Raylan finishes. "I'm going to give you to, say, 6 o'clock" he adds.

But Randall would rather not leave town. Instead, he tells Raylan about the last man who laid hands on his wife and how that man was "marked" by Randall by the way he limps and slurs his speech. Raylan smiles coolly, unaffected by the threat Randall has just hinted at. Inside Wynn Duffy's trailer, Johnny has shown up to once again offer a partnership, noting that Boyd would kill him if he knew about it. Wynn worries that it was Boyd who sent Johnny, who notes that it was Boyd who put him in a wheelchair. "I want to believe you" Wynn says, but he seems skeptical. Johnny then offers to help Wynn kill Boyd. Back at the bar, the snake-bitten goon still has the decapitated serpent head attached to his cheek and is in visible pain. A sweating doctor rips it off.

Raylan and Tim head to the home of Drew Thompson's supposed widow, who is a certified psychic. "Certified by whom?" Raylan wonders. The marshals then tell the woman, Ms. Monroe, that Drew might not be dead after all. She claims to have no idea about the whole issue. She also takes Raylan's hands and correctly predicts that he is going to the gym later to confront a bad man. "A weightlifter?" she asks curiously. Just then, Tim notices a car parked outside. The marshals go outside while Ms. Monroe hides in the bathroom. Turns out, the man in the car is an FBI agent. When Thompson's ex-wife hears that, she crawls out the bathroom window to escape and is in the process punched by a young man with long hair. Soon enough, the marshals and the FBI agent realize Ms. Monroe is missing.

Back at the marshals' office, the FBI agent announces that his organization will be taking over the Thompson case. "The best thing you fellas can do is stay out of my way" he finishes with a smile before exiting the office. The agent then enters the elevator and calls the young man with the long hair who abducted Ms. Monroe to see if it all went as planned. It did, the young man assures him. The punk then takes Ms. Monroe to a hotel room and ties her to a chair. "Where's Drew?" he asks before pushing her chair over backwards to the floor. Raylan on the other goes back to the gym for his six o'clock appointment with Randall, but the brawler has packed up and gone much to his surprise. Outside the gym Givens runs into the FBI agent. Givens notes that the only people who knew he'd be at the gym are Art and Ms. Monroe.

So how did the agent find him is something he wonders. "The only thing to do now is to tell us who your partners are before they kill her" Raylan says. The dirty FBI agent slowly raises his weapon. He has no intention of going to prison, or risking the wrath of his mystery employers, as it turns out. "You don't know these people" he tells Raylan. The FBI agent then tells Raylan where he can find Ms. Monroe. He basically reveals that she is in a nearby hotel. He then puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. At the hotel, the punk is getting rough with Ms. Monroe, who still claims not to know where her ex-husband might be. Just then, the door bursts open and Tim and Raylan enter, guns drawn. Ms. Monroe is saved thanks to the two making an entry at the right time. Art enters and explains that the punk was working for Theo Tonin.

He then threatens not to provide her with further police protection unless she cooperates. Ms. Monroe seeing no other option spills the beans, explaining how her husband told her he was going to fake his death. "Drew saw Theo Tonin murder a government informant" she says, explaining the reason for her husband faking his death. Reverend Billy in the meantime is preaching to the congregation when Boyd enters. Boyd is carrying with him a metal box. It turns out; inside the box is a snake he collected from a nearby ravine. Boyd knows that his goon didn't die from the snake bite, therefore the supposedly poisonous snakes that Billy has been handling during church services have actually been milked of their venom and are not really dangerous. Boyd invites Billy to handle the snake he has brought as a gift, just to confirm what he knows.

Just as Billy is about to do it, Cassie intervenes, fully aware that the snake Billy is about to handle is a poisonous one. Basically Billy didn't know that his sister was milking the snakes, before they were handled by him. He as a result of this revelation is shamed before his flock but decides to save face by handling Boyd's snake. Boyd warns the young Reverend not to push his luck, but an embarrassed Billy is in no mood to listen.

He then pulls the snake from the container and holds it over his head. "Praise Jesus" Billy yells, while holding the snake in his hand. Then the snake bites him. Billy collapses. "Somebody call an ambulance" Cassie screams in panic. Boyd exits, as he is no longer needed there. At the bar, Raylan finds Rachel. He has a drink with his colleague, who was recently berated by Art for being reckless. He then looks around and notices that Lindsey isn't around. Raylan goes upstairs to search for her and finds that his apartment has been tossed. The episode ends at this point.