The Bird Has Flown - Recap

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The episode begins with Raylan, his apartment tossed and stash of money missing, trying to put his apartment above the bar back together. From the look of things it seems Lindsey might have absconded along with Randall and Raylan apparently isn’t too happy about it. "You going to report it?" Rachel asks him. Raylan declines, as he doesn’t seem in the mood to do so. Lindsey and Randall on the other hand, are at Joe's place, where a huge party is being thrown. Randall seems rather pleased with himself and explains that he and his lovely wife were able to lay their hands on a wad of cash earlier than expected. "All's you gotta do is deliver what you promised" Randall tells Joe, who agrees to make a call, now that Randall has the money. "See, baby, I told you this thing was meant to be," Randall tells Lindsey, who also seems excited.

Ellen May in the meantime enters Johnny's bar. Now that the preacher has been laid low by a poisonous snake, the prostitute wants to come home to Boyd and Ava. Ava on her part is skeptical about taking her back. Ellen May knows a bit too much and Ava wonders if she has said anything to anyone. Boyd asks Colt to track down Cassie and see if Ellen May confessed to anything, so they can be sure. Rachel and Raylan, in the meantime, visit Joe's place the day after the party. Everybody is extremely hung over, but fighter/bartender Gina agrees to take the marshals into the house to meet Joe, who is busy having sex. Raylan interrupts Joe in the act and ask nicely for the whereabouts of Randall and Lindsey.

From his tone it seems he means business and when that doesn’t get the job done he asks not-so-nicely, which gets the desired result. Turns out, Randall and Lindsey stole Raylan's money as a down payment to begin managing a cock-fighting ring. Cassie is soon brought in by Sheriff Shelby, who warns the woman that Boyd's men are looking for her. "He will kill you quick as look at you twice" the sheriff says warning Cassie. Cassie, who is still in mourning for her brother weeps, unable to control he emotions. She says Boyd will get his punishment eventually from the good Lord above. When Cassie leaves, it's revealed that Boyd has been on Shelby's speaker phone and has as a result heard the whole conversation.

Also, from the look of things Ellen May it appears hasn't said anything to Cassie, but Ava is still concerned and not yet completely convinced. She feels Ellen May can’t be trusted. Lindsey on the other hand flirts with the clerk at a gas station to distract him while Randall steals beer for the both of them. Later, the two share a drink and a laugh, but something is apparently bothering Randall. Basically, he just can't stand that another man flirted with Lindsey even if she was deliberately distracting the man so a crime could be committed. He can’t seem to let it go and decides to do something about it. Randall then drives back to the gas station and pummels the clerk, in order to teach him a lesson.

While Randall is inside roughing up the clerk, Lindsey makes a call on a pay phone but hangs up quickly when Randall reappears. Randall isn’t any the wiser. Turns out, Lindsey called Raylan to drop him a hint regarding their whereabouts. Raylan on his part manages to trace the call back to the gas station, where the battered clerk IDs the couple and says they were heading for a nearby farm. Raylan decides to head for the farm as he is sure of finding the couple there. Rachel tells Raylan that she has to go to work, but gives her colleague a parting gift: a shotgun, so he can effectively take care of things. Raylan is much obliged at being given such useful weapon. He takes the shotgun and heads for the farm.

Ava, in the meantime tells Ellen May that she will be send to Alabama to work for Boyd's cousin. "You're getting the chance I never got" Ava says trying to convince Ellen May how great an opportunity she is getting. "You get to start over" she adds. Basically, Ava doesn’t want Ellen May around as she is finding it hard to trust her and therefore has found a way to get rid of her, without hurting her. Ellen May on her part doesn’t look too convinced about the proposition. Raylan in the meantime drives to the farm and finds Randall and Lindsey camped out, without a worry in the world. The couple is visibly surprised to see him. Words are then exchanged by both the parties back and forth for a bit and by the end of it Raylan fires the shotgun into Randall's gut, as his patient runs out.

It's loaded with bean-bag rounds and not actual bullets, but it knocks Randall down all the same. Raylan then wonders if Lindsey called him because she wanted to see the two men in her life beat the living hell out of each other, as he can’t think of any other reason as to why she would give him a call. Randall in the meantime suddenly leaps to his feet, as he apparently seems to have recovered from his injury. A bare-knuckle brawl then erupts, between him and Raylan. While they are at it, Lindsey picks up the bean-bag gun and shoots Raylan, much to his horror. Then she apparently thinks better of it and shoots Randall once, twice and then a third time, much to Raylan’s surprise.

She tells Raylan that his money is in the nearby van, thus revealing where her loyalties lie. "I knew you liked me" he says through gritted teeth, as he apparently still is in a lot of pain. Raylan then lets Lindsey go before looking in the van and finding only chickens, much to his dismay. He immediately realizes that Lindsey wanted to make away with the money herself, which is why she pitted him against Randall. Both Raylan and Randall handcuffed to the van and awaiting the state troopers, seem completely out of luck and out of words. Back at Johnny's bar, Ellen May realizes that Ava is sending her away to get rid of her and tells Ava she doesn't want to leave and that she would never tell anybody about "what we've done".

Ava doesn’t seem to care what Ellen May has to say and tells her that Colt will drive her to Alabama. On the ride there, Colt gets a call. "You sure?" Colt says into the phone, visibly shocked. "All right. All right" he then says reluctantly. From the look of things it seems like Ellen May's fate is decided as Colt stops at a gas station, enters the bathroom, and makes sure his gun is loaded, so he can carry out the orders he has been given. Colt then emerges from the toilet to do the deed, but he discovers that Ellen May is gone. "Shit," Colt mutters in utter dismay. It seems Ellen May figured out what Colt was about to do. The episode ends at this point.