Kin - Recap

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The episode begins and Colt approaches the gas station attendant and asks to look at surveillance video, so he can find out in which direction Ellen May is headed. He has lost Ellen May and knows that there will be hell to pay, if that’s found out. Colt flashes his old military police badge to convince the attendant and the attendant relents, seemingly convinced. Watching the video, Colt sees Ellen May step out of the frame just as what appears to be a sheriff's car pulls up. Colt grimaces on seeing this. Raylan on the other hand meets Winona at the doctor's office and mentions that he has been assigned to what might be the biggest case the marshal's office has ever seen.

Winona isn't terribly impressed by this news. "I'm going to be here for you and the baby" he tells the future mother of his child. Just then, he gets a call from work. "Get here…now" Rachel says, and Raylan has no option but to leave. At the office, Art is happily informing an angry Agent Barkley that the marshals are taking over the Drew Thompson case. Arlo in the meantime is being held in his prison garb. "He's going to hand over Drew Thompson" Vasquez explains. In return, they're going to let Arlo walk. Otherwise, the Tonin family might find Thompson and kill him. Raylan asks for time. He wants to find Drew Thompson himself so that Arlo "can die in prison", instead of being allowed to walk. Barkley on the other hand is in Wynn's trailer.

He is there because as it turns out, Barkley is dirty, something he has long accused Raylan of being. Nicky a gangster, who grew up with Barkley and works for the Tonin family, enters the trailer and informs the group that Theo Tonin, the big boss, wants Drew, taken alive. Barkley, who plans to kill Drew the moment he is found and arrested, objects. Nicky just smiles and then reveals that he knows the FBI is no longer running the case. He then shoots Barkley at point-blank range and turns to Wynn, who is visibly shocked. "Mr. Tonin would like you find Drew Thompson" he says. Later, Colt shows up at Sheriff Shelby's office looking for Ellen May. As per the video Colt assumes she was picked up by a deputy last night.

Shelby says no, much to Colt’s disappointment. Colt is left with no other option, but to return empty-handed. He returns to Johnny's bar and lies to Boyd that, he killed Ellen May and disposed of the body. Wynn enters the bar to talk privately with Boyd. He slides a wad of cash across the table. "I need you to help me find someone" Wynn says. Raylan in the meantime interviews the young woman who originally broke into Arlo's house looking for Drew's bag. Turns out, she was sent there by her stepfather, Josiah. So Raylan pays a visit to Josiah, who Raylan handcuffs to his car and drags across the yard until the old man talks. Josiah claims that Drew Thompson broke both his legs when he parachuted into Harlan and went to live with the hill people.

Later, Bob warns Raylan that the hill folk eat people. "Nice knowing you, Raylan" he quips, hinting at the fact that Raylan too will be eaten. Raylan dismisses the rumor, but does call Tim and tells the marshal that he is headed into the wild; and asks him to be on the alert, just in case something untoward happens there. Soon, Raylan is overtaken by a group of ragged men carrying rifles. He is then tossed into a barn where Boyd is. "Hello, Raylan" smirks Boyd, who is a fellow captive. "Don't suppose you saw Josiah lately?" he asks. Moments later, Boyd is dragged from the makeshift cell. The captors start to beat Boyd before Boyd turns the tables and knocks one of the men to the ground. Raylan in the meantime bursts out and takes down the second captor.

Just then, the door to the barn bursts open and the group's leader appears with a loaded rifle pointed at the two. He says Josiah called and said Raylan was headed their way, and hence they were all on the alert and waiting for him. "This ain't the darkest Africa we have a phone" he mentions. Raylan claims to be kin to the hill people through a cousin Mary, but they feel he is just making up a story. But, sure enough Mary arrives just as Raylan and Boyd are being dragged to an abandoned mine to die. The old woman orders that Raylan be spared and, Raylan comes to the defense of Boyd, saying that if anybody gets killed he'll have to report it all to his bosses at the marshal's office. This seems to do the trick and the pair is let go.

Later, Cousin Mary explains that Drew Thompson left years ago. Boyd points out that the race to find Drew Thompson is on. "May the best man win" he says. On the way back to civilization, such as it is, Raylan handcuffs Boyd to a tree, much to his chagrin. "I've come to a conclusion" Boyd says. "I don't like you" he adds. At the bottom of the hill, Colt has shown up and is talking with Tim about their shared military history. Raylan in the meantime returns and informs Colt that Boyd is up the trail about a mile. "You'll need a saw" Raylan says. Later, a freed Boyd calls Wynn with a new deal. In exchange for finding Drew Thompson, Boyd wants half the area's drug business. Wynn agrees and hangs up. Johnny, who is visiting Wynn, protests.

Johnny reminds him about their deal to rid the world of Boyd. "I can promise him a rocket ship and a Goddamn unicorn" Wynn says, basically telling Johnny that he lied to Boyd, just to get the job done. "Once he brings me Drew Thompson, him and I are done" he basically tells him. Johnny is satisfied on hearing about Wynn’s true intentions. Colt on the other hand returns to Sheriff Shelby's office. Shelby explains that one of his deputies saw a girl resembling Ellen May hitch a ride with a long-haul trucker who she seemed to know. "Don't bother Boyd with this" Colt says. "Talk to me. Are we clear?" Colt adds before exiting. Ellen May emerges from hiding, right after Colt has left.

Turns out, she heard the whole thing and now knows the truth. Ellen May now knows that Boyd and Ava planned to kill her. "If you're willing, maybe you can help me bring down Boyd Crowder" Shelby tells Ellen May, now that she knows the truth. She appears agreeable enough, from the looks of it. Boyd in the meantime meets with Arlo's attorney and offers a wad of cash to break attorney-client privilege. She smiles. In the night, Raylan returns to Josiah's shack and discovers the man's police-issued ankle bracelet, but not the man. "How the hell did you do that?" the marshal wonders to himself. The answer is just a few feet away. Lying there is Josiah's dismembered foot. The episode ends at this point.