Foot Chase - Recap

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The episode begins and Colt and Boyd, in ski masks, are paying a visit to a guy named Dale, and it's not pleasant. Boyd is convinced that Dale is the long sought-after Drew Thompson, but he's proven wrong by some high school memorabilia found in Dale’s house. After the realization dawns upon the two, with an awkward apology he and Colt take their leave. Raylan in the meantime has reported the discovery of the foot, and now Josiah's house is being swarmed by Harlan County sheriff deputies, who are there to search for clues to Josiah’s whereabouts.

While watching them process the place, he gets a phone call from Art, who basically informs Raylan that there's been no luck in delaying his father's deal with the US Attorney. Raylan isn’t too happy to hear this. Hanging up the phone, Raylan spots a suspicious footprint on the ground, and concludes that it is Roz’s. As in the teenage girl that once stole his car. Boyd on the other hand tells Johnny and Ava that Dale is not Drew as they have now confirmed, and that they're going to start searching Clover Hill for any old folks who match Drew's description. Boyd apparently is adamant to lay his hands on Drew. Johnny who seems skeptical asks Boyd if he really thinks Wynn Duffy is going to honor their deal, and Ava seems to share Johnny's skepticism, but Boyd isn't bothered, because he apparently seems too focused on the task at hand.

Colt on his part also doesn’t seem bothered, possibly because he's stoned out of his mind from the looks of it. Raylan in the meantime pays a visit to Roz's now ex-boyfriend, and decides to strong-arm him in front of Sheriff Shelby, who also wants to know where Roz is. The two lawmen decide to team up on the search, and find a cranky Roz with her new squeeze, Teddy. Raylan calls Roz out on being at Josiah's place when he was abducted, and she tells him that she's got a vendetta of her own, which is the reason why she was at Josiah’s. She initially isn’t very forthcoming. But, under duress, she tells him that it was two guys in a panel van who snagged her uncle, and that she heard the name Drew Thompson.

After acquiring the information they came for, Shelby and Raylan leave Roz behind, and that's when Shelby tells Raylan to start being more forthcoming about things, because he's no longer in Boyd's pocket. "If Drew Thompson is alive and in Harlan, that's a story for the ages" Shelby says, and he wants in on the action, as it turns out. In the meantime, Tim's meeting a friend of his because he's coming out of his twelve-step meeting. That's how Tim just happens to be in the right place to see Colt also walking through the VA hospital. Tim is suspicious on seeing Colt there. Tim's instincts it seems are right. Colt as it turns out is there to find a drug dealer, possibly at gunpoint. Shelby pays an unscheduled visit to Boyd and with Ava watching, arrests him on an unspecified charge.

Colt on the other hand is raiding the working girls' trailer threatening one of Ava’s other girls for Ella Mae's location. He tells her that he's not a bad person, but slaps her after he says this. He even talks about mutilating her. The girl is visibly terrified. The sheriff on the other hand hauls Boyd in to be questioned by both himself and Raylan, in regards to Josiah's kidnapping. Boyd points out that he spent quite a while handcuffed to a tree, which proves he had nothing to do with Josiah’s disappearance. Shelby retorts that it could've been one of Boyd's men who did the job for him, and then asks him about the disappearance of Ella Mae. Boyd maintains his innocence in everything, and is rescued by the sudden arrival of Arlo's lawyer, who as it turns out is also his legal rep.

Raylan takes the opportunity to ask her why she's holding up Arlo's deal. She denies doing any such thing; but Raylan can apparently see through her lies. Johnny in the meantime asks the girl Colt threatened about the injuries she sustained, and she blames it on her "Tuesday night regular". Next, Josiah is shown with two men who have kidnapped him. Turns out, he is still alive but is bleeding badly thanks to the severed foot. One of them complains about the blood that Josiah is losing. A close-up of what's left of Josiah's leg is then shown and it apparently seems in a really bad shape. Arlo's lawyer on the other hand walks into a garage. The man who did the leg-chopping wants to get paid, which means keeping Josiah alive, so he decides they're going to do some cauterizing with a blowtorch.

In other words, Josiah can be kept alive only if his wound is cauterized or else he shall bleed to death. Ava in the meantime shows up at the Judge Executive's house. Turns out, she went to high school with his wife. As soon as his wife leaves, Arnold wants to know why Ava is there, because he is sure that it’s not a social visit. She responds that she wants him to get her and Boyd an invite to Napier's party the following night. She makes it clear to him that, if her demand isn’t met she shall squeal to his wife about his visits to her working girls. Her threat seems to do the job, because he laughs and says she could've just asked. Raylan and Shelby in the meantime roll up to the garage where Josiah is being held. Raylan and Shelby then bust in and save Josiah. While they are at it, they arrest everyone involved in the kidnapping.

Afterward, Josiah admits he was hoping to find Drew Thompson himself, with the help of a former lawman from Harlan. When Raylan asks who that is, Josiah replies, "You oughta know. He's in jail for trying to have you killed". Tim and his buddy on the other hand show up at a drug dealer's doorstep and ruin his evening. Apparently Tim's friend owes a lot of money to said dealer and is looking to make things right. Weapons are quickly drawn, and Tim is not amused by this. Colt and Johnny in the meantime visit the "Tuesday night regular" and knock him around. Colt takes it a bit too far, which makes Johnny concerned about the both of them.

Ava finally tells Boyd that she has an issue with Ella Mae being killed, even though she knows it had to be done. "Doesn't keep me from seeing her face every time I open my eyes" she admits, wanting to know where they're headed. Boyd reassures her by handing her a box full of cash. He reveals that he's been saving up for a down payment on a house for the two of them. She is pleasantly surprised to hear that. Also, underneath the money is an engagement ring, much to her surprise. In other words he's proposing, and she happily accepts. The episode ends at this point.