Money Trap - Recap

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The episode begins with Raylan handing over Jody who is a wanted criminal to his friend Sharon, in order to make a few extra bucks. Sharon who is with her partner thanks Raylan and leaves, with Jody handcuffed and put in the back of the vehicle. Some distance down the road Sharon’s vehicle blows a tire. Seeing that it would take some time to resolve the issue, Sharon goes into the woods to relieve herself, leaving her partner in charge of Jody. A man in a vehicle approaches the vehicle with Jody in it and offers to help. Sharon’s partner makes it clear that he doesn’t want any help and then he opens the back door to check on Jody.

Jody immediately rushes out and begins strangling the partner, with his cuffs still on. He then goes into the woods and shoots Sharon in the neck. Jody it turns out was assisted by the Good Samaritan. Jody later hangs out in the apartment of the "good Samaritan," Kennet. It was Kennet who sabotaged the van. Jody spends a few days in Kennet’s house recuperating. But, he needs to go back to his old girlfriend’s house to get back the money he left with her. Raylan on the other hand is on his way to prison to meet Arlo, to question him about Drew Thompson’s whereabouts. He isn’t very excited about the proposition. Johnny in the meantime finds out from Teri the prostitute Colt earlier beat up, that Colt has been making inquiries about Ellen May. He finds this really odd owing to the fact that Ellen May is supposedly dead.

Johnny on his part doesn’t reveal this information to anyone. But, when he meets Colt he asks him some question that clearly makes Colt uncomfortable. Johnny apparently is planning to use this information to his advantage, which is possibly why he hasn’t shared this with anyone. Raylan in the meantime, while on his way to meet Arlo gets a call informing him about Sharon and his partner’s murder. Next, he lands up at Katrina’s house. This is around the same time when Jody and Kennet too are outside the house keeping a watch. At Katrina’s house Raylan encounters Jackie Nevada. Turns out, she is Katrina’s friend and is house-sitting for Katrina while she is away. Raylan warns Jackie about Jody and mentions how dangerous he can be. Jackie who knows Jody agrees with the assessment made by Raylan.

Also she seems to have taken a liking for Raylan. She even tells him this. Raylan on his part is wary, because he has had a few bad experiences in the recent past. She says she honestly has a crush on him. Later, Raylan takes her to a hotel after she has been questioned by the authorities. She sees Jody waiting for her in her room. He makes it clear that he wants his money and is willing to kill her if the need be. Jackie is terrified of Jody and drops a beer bottle. Raylan who is within earshot hears this. He rushes back to where Jackie is. Jody in the meantime makes good his escape from the window, on seeing Raylan return. Jody makes a getaway with Kennet, who is waiting outside in his car. Jody is agitated that Raylan is proving to be quite the hurdle and decides to wreak vengeance on Raylan.

Kennet on his part isn’t at all comfortable with all that is happening. He in fact doesn’t want to be a part of any of it. Ava and Boyd show up for a "rich person's sex party" on the fancy end of town. Their idea is to mingle with the crowd so they can acquire some information about Drew Thompson. Somehow things don’t go as planned and Ava ends up attracting a lot of attention. Later, when everyone begins pairing up to retire to rooms to have sex, Ava is bothered by a bunch of men, who seem to have taken a liking to her and don’t seem to want to take no for an answer. Boyd does rescue her, but it takes him a bit of time because a few men have taken a shining to him.

It’s not sexual; instead they want Boyd to help them deal with a man named Frank Browning who is a mine owner. Boyd figures he can make a little extra money while searching for Drew. Ava doesn't like the idea, but Boyd dismisses her concerns. Raylan arrives at Kennet’s doorstep to question him. Raylan then finds Jody in a bar and points a gun at him. Jody fathoms that Raylan isn’t too keen on shooting him and decides to take advantage of that, but Raylan does shoot him, multiple times. Harlan's elite in the meantime explain their plan to Boyd. The plan involves Frank ruining one of his own ponds, so that the rest can get even richer off the federal government's environmental emergency funds. "You want me to twist his arm?" Boyd asks. Gerald says he wants Boyd to kill Frank. "Crowders do what we say," says Lee, explaining that Boyd only has what he has because these rich men allow him to have it.

They want the lower class placated or pacified and so they look the other way as Boyd run drugs and prostitutes. Raylan in the meantime gets a hotel room with Jackie. Raylan says that he knows Jackie stole Jody’s money and made off with it. But, that doesn’t matter to him apparently, because he does want to sleep with her. He tells her to return the money, because it’s the right thing to do. Later, Raylan pays Arlo a visit. His plan is to get a confession out of Arlo one way or the other. But, instead of concocting a plan to get the confession he simply tells his father "I'm going to cut you a deal right now". He tells Arlo to help him find Drew Thompson. He mentions that if he doesn’t help him Theo Tonin will anyway find Drew with Boyd’s help. Arlo seems visibly bothered by the fact that Boyd has joined hands with Theo.

Also he seems worried when Raylan mentions he shall have a chat with Sheriff Hunter. But, none of this seems to work, because Arlo doesn’t give Raylan what he wants. This despite Raylan promising to get Arlo moved to a prison that will seem like a country club in comparison to where he is now. Raylan is really agitated at the fact that Arlo isn’t ready to play ball. He in anger tells his father that he shall be glad when he hears that he (Arlo) is dead. The episode ends at this point.