Outlaw - Recap

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The episode begins and Raylan is offering Hunter Mosley the same deal he offered Arlo a while ago. He apparently is desperate to find Drew Thompson. Later, Arlo is taken for a haircut. A prison guard renders him unconscious while he is sitting in the barber chair. Mosley is then about to kill him when Arlo who was pretending to be unconscious gets the better of him after a brief fight. The prison guard from earlier enters and Arlo proceeds to take care of the guard but just then Mosley stabs Arlo with a pair of scissors. Arlo collapses to the ground. Boyd on the other hand meets the men who ordered him to kill Frank.

Boyd is worried about getting caught by the police after doing the job and feels he’s being set up. He is assured by the men that he isn’t being set up and that they would like to hire his services even in the future. Raylan is informed by Art that Arlo was attacked in prison. Turns out, he is badly hurt and might not survive the night. Boyd on the other hand meets Frank. Frank on his part is busy cleaning a shotgun. Boyd reveals to Frank that he has been sent to kill him. He even gives Frank the opportunity to outbid the men who are paying him to kill him (Frank). Frank is interested in doing no such thing. He points the gun at Boyd and asks him to leave. He tells Boyd that if he returns the consequences would be dire. Boyd quietly leaves and returns to the bar. He lies to Ava that things went fine. He then meets Colt and tells him what just happened.

He wants Colt’s help in dealing with the situation. Colt on his part is preoccupied because he is receiving text messages from someone who apparently knows about Ellen May. Wynn Duffy arrives at the bar to meet Boyd. He says Theo Tonin wants Drew Thompson immediately found. Duffy says Theo will have him and Boyd both killed if they don’t find Drew soon. Boyd says he has two names and wants Theo to kill them both just to be on the safe side. A sheriff pays Frank a visit and kills Frank’s bodyguard Deke. He then instead of killing Frank takes a photo of his on his cell phone and sends it to someone. He is then told over the phone that Frank isn’t his target. Frank assumes he has been sent by Shelby. The sheriff says he doesn’t even know who Shelby is. But, despite Frank not being his target he kills Frank.

Shelby on the other hand is spending time with Ellen May. He is trying to prod her for information and just then he gets a call. Colt is being blackmailed by the person who is texting him about Ellen May. The person wants $20,000 to keep mum about the fact that Ellen May is alive. Colt meets a drug dealer and asks him for $20,000 loan. The dealer is in no mood to give him the money. In the end Colt kills the dealer and begins searching his house for money. Suddenly he hears a noise while he is at it. Turns out, its Tim’s friend Mark who is there and Colt on seeing him initially chats with him calmly and even tells him to keep his mouth shut about the fact that he saw him there. Colt then thinks better of it and shoots Mark in the head. The sheriff who killed Frank earlier kills a man named Keenan. Kennan was apparently about to have sex with some woman when he is killed.

Later, the woman is brought outside just as Raylan arrives. Shelby informs Raylan about Frank’s widow. She reveals that Boyd had paid Frank a visit earlier. Johnny meets Wynn and tells him he had both Frank and Keenan killed at Boyd’s behest. But, Johnny feels Boyd lied to them only so they would kill Frank and it’s fully possible that Keenan wasn’t Drew Thompson either. Wynn isn’t happy to hear this and is outraged that Boyd simply used him to get rid of his own enemies. He swears to kill Boyd for this trick Boyd has played on him. He then entrusts Johnny with the responsibility of finding Drew Thompson. Later at the bar, Boyd enters and apparently he has been placed under arrest by the same sheriff who killed Frank and Keenan. Raylan is at the bar and he blocks the sheriff’s path. The sheriff asks Raylan to clear his path.

Raylan is in no mood to comply. The sheriff points a gun at Raylan but Raylan gets the better of him and then kills him. Colt on the other hand leaves the ransom money at the spot where he was told. It is revealed that it was Johnny who was blackmailing him because Johnny is shown lurking nearby waiting for Colt to make the drop. Nick who is one of Theo’s men gives Boyd a call. Nick is really mad that Boyd gave them the wrong names. Boyd tries to snake his way out of the situation by saying that the whole thing is Wynn’s fault because he shouldn’t have been foolish enough to believe him in the first place. In the end, Nick calms down and gives Boyd yet another opportunity to find Drew Thompson. It is revealed that the man Raylan killed wasn’t actually a sheriff.

Shelby tells Raylan to look into the rich guys Boyd recently met because he has a feeling that one of them could be Drew Thompson. It is also revealed that Arlo is dead. Art feels Raylan needs to take some time off in order to get over his father’s death. He suggests Raylan take a week off as a matter of fact. Raylan is in no mood to do so and says he has to keep searching for Drew Thompson. In the end, they come to an agreement that Raylan shall take a couple of days off. It is then shown that Raylan is really deeply affected by the news of his father’s demise. He puts up a brave front in front of everyone at work but breaks down the moment he steps out of the office. He isn’t able to apparently control his emotions despite the fact that he hated Arlo. The men who ordered Boyd to take care of Frank are waiting for him at the bar.

He arrives and threatens them to call the judges who are supposedly in their pockets. Well, none of the numbers apparently seem to be working because Boyd had told Theo to tell them to no longer take their calls. Boyd then tells the men that he wants $100,000 from each one of them. Ava is worried that Boyd is overplaying his hand but Boyd assures her that this is their golden opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. Raylan pays the morgue a visit in order to see Arlo’s dead body. He is still apparently grieving and is deeply saddened by his father’s death. The episode ends at this point.