The Hatchet Tour - Recap

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The episode begins at the drug dealer’s apartment with Tim’s friend Mark’s body being collected by the cops. Tim, who is at the apartment, is asked by the cops who is investigating the case and if he has any idea who did this, but he says that he presently doesn’t. Raylan is outside the prison waiting to meet Hunter Mosley, the man who killed his father. Hunter isn’t too happy when he realizes that he is being handed over to Raylan, but Raylan has a smile on his face. When Art finds out about this he is really pissed and asks Tim to convey this to Raylan.

Tim calls Raylan and informs him about how mad Art is and tells Raylan not to hurt Hunter in any way or he will lose his job. Raylan assures him all he wants out of Hunter is some information. Hunter is sure Raylan is going to kill him and begins wondering how he is going to do it, but much to Hunter’s surprise Raylan takes him to Wynn Duffy and tells him that Hunter is the one person who knows Drew Thompson. Wynn is really interested when he hears this and he also assures Raylan that he didn’t have Arlo killed. He even offers to kill Hunter for Raylan, as a sign of good faith. Ava and Boyd are looking to buy a house and they arrive at the very same house where her mother was a housekeeper, when Ava was growing up.

Boyd likes the house and tells Ava he is interested in buying it, but the agent assumes they are broke and suggests they look at a house that is more within their means and they are offended by this. Boyd flashes a briefcase full of cash, which surprises the agent. Raylan is in his car with Hunter and is once again questioning him about Drew, but instead of giving him any information Hunter jumps out of the car and stands in front of an approaching truck. Raylan saves him just in time and then asks him why he is so afraid to part with information about Drew Thompson that he’d rather die than tell him anything. Shelby later tracks down Raylan and tells him he wants to tag along, so he can try and convince Hunter to reveal details about Drew.

Cassie pays Ava a visit and tells her she is looking for Ellen May and also tells her that Ellen May had called up one of the parishioners at the church yesterday because she needed some guidance. Ava immediately informs Boyd about this and Boyd and Ava later confront Colt and ask him if he really killed Ellen May because Cassie says she is still alive. Colt says Cassie is lying and assures them that he did and Boyd believes him and feels Cassie probably has some hidden agenda of her own. Boyd then sends Colt to bring in Cassie, so she can be questioned further about this issue.

Tim, who has been keeping a watch on Colt, follows him because he feels Colt has something to do with his friend’s murder. While Boyd and Colt are away, Teri tells Johnny about the conversation Cassie and Ava had about Ellen May. When Boyd returns, Johnny tells him that Colt can’t be trusted because he is a liar and he is sure Colt didn’t actually kill Ellen May, although at the moment he can’t prove this. Johnny is also not very happy with Colt lately being given more importance than he is. Colt finds Cassie at the church and seeing his condition she realizes he is high. He grabs her by the throat and asks her where Ellen May is. Just then Tim arrives with a gun pointed at him and asks him why he killed his friend Mark, but instead of replying Colt removes his gun and holds it by his side ready to shoot.

Boyd arrives at the scene with Johnny and calms down the situation. Colt puts away his gun and so does Tim. Boyd then asks Johnny to drive Colt’s car and asks Colt to come along with him in his. Bob visits Lee Paxton, the wealthy man who had asked Boyd to kill someone a few weeks ago and informs him that he is there on official business, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to Paxton, who asks Bob to leave. Bob leaves for the time being, but later he returns weapon in hand and Paxton too points a gun at him. Paxton’s friend Gerald Jones, who is in the house, also comes out with a weapon. A while later Raylan arrives at the scene with Shelby and Hunter. He hears gunfire. They see that Bob has taken cover behind his vehicle and there is gunfire being exchanged between him and the people in the house.

Bob is really mad and in anger he takes out an automatic weapon and begins firing indiscriminately, but Raylan intervenes and manages to stop the gunfire exchange before things get out of hand. Then, while Raylan is having a chat with Paxton and Jones inside the house, Shelby gets into the backseat of Raylan’s car and hands Hunter the keys to the handcuff and thanks him for years of silence. Hunter assures him he will tell no one that he (Shelby) is Drew Thompson. While questioning Paxton and Jones, Bob mentions that years ago Shelby had taken a fall for something Hunter had done and that gets Raylan thinking and he figures out something. He returns to his vehicle and sees that Hunter is still there, but he isn’t wearing his handcuffs and he also notices that Shelby has taken off in Bob’s car.

At the bar, Boyd questions Colt about how he killed Ellen May and asks him details like where the murder weapon is and how he pointed the gun at Ellen May when he killed her. Colt takes out his weapon to show Boyd how he did it and Boyd takes away his weapon and Boyd then points a gun at Colt. He tells him to stop lying. Colt eventually confesses why he couldn’t kill Ellen May and reveals that he had gone to Shelby for help regarding this issue. Boyd is really mad on hearing the truth and asks Johnny to get Colt out of his sight.

He is also shocked that Shelby knew that Ellen May was alive all along, but didn’t tell him about it. Boyd decides to confront Shelby about this issue and when he arrives at Shelby’s house he sees that Raylan along with his team are already there waiting for him and that is when he realizes Shelby is Drew Thompson. The episode ends at this point.