Get Drew - Recap

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The episode begins with Boyd being detained in Shelby’s house by the Marshals. Boyd tells Raylan that he should have been an outlaw, like his father and him. He could have shot anyone at will, and made money off it. Apparently, Boyd still doesn’t know about Arlo’s death and Raylan tells him nothing. At the sheriff’s office, Shelby is packing up his stuff to leave. He hands Ellen May some money and asks her to start a new life someplace else. She isn’t very happy about this idea, but Shelby is insistent that she do as he says. While he is driving away, Shelby begins to miss Ellen May, so he turns his car around. He tells her about his plan to go to a Mexican beach town and she likes the idea. He also mentions that they will fly there.

They are about to enter the airport, when Ellen May mentions something about visible light sparks and Shelby is immediately on the alert. He asks her to drive on, without stopping. Inside, Raylan vents his anger on the airport manager who, because they were looking for a criminal, didn’t mention the sheriff’s plane. Raylan figures out that the lights must have alerted Shelby, so he orders a roadblock. Art arrives and tells Raylan he will suspend him later for the Hunter Moseley issue but, for now, catching Shelby takes precedence. Raylan has found Ellen May’s underwear at Shelby’s, and has figured out she is with him. When he is about to share this information, Art begins to praise Shelby for making a fool out of Raylan, and Raylan changes his mind.

Shelby and Ellen May are hiding in the woods near the roadblock. He has apparently given up all hope of escaping, and is contemplating turning himself in, but Ellen May has a plan. Boyd talks to Ava on the phone and decides to find Ellen May through Nicky Cush, the guy who used to run Audrey’s, before Delroy. He and Colt head out, after he has told Johnny to sit tight. Johnny calls up Wynn and tells him about Shelby. Wynn says Johnny is his man in Harlan, and asks him to track down Shelby before anyone else does.

Ellen May’s plan is to hide with Ellstin Limehouse, the leader of the black community of Noble’s Holler. She asks for Limehouse’s help by telling him someone is trying to kill her and her friend. After a bit of discussion, Shelby offers Limehouse $15,000 to just hide Ellen May, but Limehouse has other plans. He knows who Shelby is and says he is worth much more than the money she is offering. They are both then taken away by Limehouse’s men. Nicky reveals to Boyd that every time Ellen May was in trouble, she would threaten to go to Limehouse. Ava pays Limehouse a visit and asks for Ellen May. He brings Ellen May to her and Ellen May is genuinely happy to see her. Much to Ava’s surprise, she even hugs her. She tells Ava she has been hiding the whole time and says that she understands why Ava wanted her dead. She adds that she hasn’t told anything to anyone. Ava later calls Boyd and says Limehouse wants $150,000 each for Shelby and Ellen May. Boyd asks her to accept and then calls Nick Augustine, Theo Tonin’s man.

Boyd demands $500,000 from Augustine for Shelby. Boyd then calls Johnny and tells him about the deal. Rachel and Raylan arrive and tell Johnny that, if he helps them find Drew, they could do him a favor in return. Boyd arrives at Limehouse’s, with the $300,000, but he has changed his mind. He says it’s now $300,000 for each of them. Boyd has to choose who he wants of the two. Ava and Boyd discuss the issue and conclude that choosing Shelby would be the best bet, because it will secure their future. After Boyd tells Limehouse their decision, Ellen May is livid. Ava tries to console her but Ellen May, in absolute rage, spits on her face.

As they wait for Colt to pick him up, and take him to the exchange site, Shelby reminisces. He tells Boyd and Ava about how his two broken legs, from carrying too much cocaine, kept him in Harlan. He also mentions how that cocaine gave the Crowder and Givens families a middle-class life, and kept Boyd’s father forever loyal. Shelby then tells them that Arlo was killed, and they both are shocked to hear that. Despite hearing all that Shelby has to say, Boyd is unmoved. While they are waiting for Augustine to arrive, Shelby asks Colt to shoot him. Colt plays along for a while, but then cruelly laughs and comments on how awfully Shelby will die at the hands of Theo Tonin.

Augustine arrives in a helicopter and, after hanging the handcuff keys on a nearby fence, Colt runs off. Before Augustine can get out, the marshals arrive in their SUVs. It was Johnny who tipped them off and, on seeing them, Augustine immediately takes off again. Rachel and Tim run after Colt, while Art and Raylan bring Shelby into the car. Shelby then tells them that Ellen May is with Limehouse, and Raylan says they will soon deal with that. Everyone gets information that Drew has been captured by the authorities, and Boyd tells Ava and Johnny about it. He says they are now left with only two options. One is to explain everything to Tonin and try to reason with him; the other is to run.

Wynn tells his henchman that Augustine has summoned them to Harlan. He then asks the henchman if he has a passport. He doesn’t immediately understand what Wynn is hinting at. Wynn explains that the passport is so they can either run to Canada or Mexico. The henchman isn’t happy to hear this, and says that he doesn’t want to run, but Wynn doesn’t pay any attention to him. Art tells Raylan to savor the moment, because there is a good chance he would get a promotion in the future.

Raylan isn’t satsfied with what they have achieved, and says there is more to be done. Rachel and Tim return, and tell them that Colt got away. Art says Tonin surely won’t be happy about the fact that they have Drew. Raylan agrees, and says they now have to figure out a way to get out of Harlan alive. The episode ends at this point.