Decoy - Recap

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The episode begins and Boyd is confronted at the bar by an angry Nick Augustine. Nick’s men beat up Boyd, but he manages to convince Nick that he can find Raylan before he has a chance to get Drew Thompson out of town. His plan is to cut Raylan off at the pass. Colt and Augustine’s shooter, Mort, are given this job. Raylan is with Drew and the marshals at Arlo’s old house, where they learn they’ve got 45 minutes before a helicopter can reach them from Lexington for an airlift. They make plans for driving through the pass, but Tim smells a setup in the form of three abandoned cars by the side of the road. Art calls Raylan and tells him about this.

Raylan’s still at the house with Drew and Rachel. He gets ready to move to their alternate pickup site. Back at the pass, Tim calls Colt and hints that he knows what Colt is up to. After the call, Tim has an idea. As per his plan, all of the vehicles park behind the biggest one and the marshals get ready to defend the position. Colt observes the whole thing closely and realizes that the convoy is a decoy. Back at the bar, Boyd is a bit shaken by this development and says that he needs some time to think. Nick sends his henchman Yolo to the Givens’ house, ignoring Boyd’s protests that Raylan won’t be there anymore.

Raylan, Rachel and Drew have moved to Raylan’s abandoned high school. Drew points out to Raylan that they are just three people against whatever army Theo Tonin is sending. Raylan angrily tells him that he knows what he is doing. He taunts Drew, saying just because he is dressed like a cop doesn’t mean he is one. Raylan gets a call from Bob, who has gone to check out the pinging motion detector at Arlo’s. Raylan tells Bob where he is. While on the call, Bob hears someone coming up the driveway, Raylan tells him to hide, but it’s too late. Yolo’s on the phone with Picker. He has beaten up Bob after finding out that he was talking to Raylan on the phone.

Boyd after a bit of brainstorming concludes that Raylan might be hiding in the high school because it’s possible to land a helicopter there. Nick agrees to let Boyd and Picker go and check it out. Picker tells Yolo to find out if Bob knows anything about Raylan being at the school. Yolo tries to beat the information out of Bob, but Bob stands his ground. He even mocks and taunts Yolo, which irritates him further. Bob passes out and Yolo bends down to see if he has gone too far. At that very moment, Bob pulls his knife and delivers a deep wound to Yolo’s leg. They wrestle around for a gun lying nearby, as Raylan pulls up outside. He hears a shot ring out. Inside, Raylan finds a badly injured Bob, lying on Yolo’s dead body. Art calls to tell Raylan to clear out because Tonin’s helicopter is heading his way.

At the school, Drew remarks to Rachel about the sound of a coal train passing by. Raylan brings Bob to the school. Rachel is worried on seeing Bob’s condition and asks what happened. Raylan sums it up by saying that Bob is one really tough chap. He tells Rachel they’ve got a problem. During their conversation, she hears the sound of an approaching copter and says it’s too soon to be theirs. Raylan says that’s the problem he was talking about. Raylan starts trying to figure out how to defend their position with just three of them. Drew points out that there are four including him. He says he wants to help.

Raylan plays along for a bit, asking what kind of weapon Drew wants, but tells Rachel that Drew has a vested interest in offering to help. He makes it clear to Drew that he is a criminal and is on the other side, while Rachel, Bob and he, are on the opposite side. He tells Drew that he doesn’t want to argue with him about this issue and says that he won’t be handing him any gun. Raylan says he will head out for a chat with Boyd and Picker, so while they are distracted Bob and Rachel can go and get reinforcements. Raylan tells Bob he can buy them a maximum of five minutes. Bob tries to tell Raylan something, but Raylan stops him and tells him to do as he says.

Back at the pass, Art and Tim throw a Molotov cocktail at one of the abandoned cars, and as Tim predicted, it causes a huge explosion. As the marshals scramble to leave, Colt takes advantage of the moment to trick Mort into handing him the rifle. He shoots Mort and takes off. Nick makes advances toward Ava while an increasingly frustrated Johnny looks on silently. Nick tells her Johnny is working with Wynn Duffy now, which is why he is silent. Ava on hearing this pretends to respond to Nick’s advances, then throws alcohol in his face and opens a lighter. She takes his gun off the table while he looks on.

Johnny pulls out his own gun but clearly isn’t planning to shoot Ava. He tells her he loves her, but she barely reacts. She walks out of the bar. After she has left, Nick tells Johnny that he can see what Johnny likes about her. At the high school, Boyd, Picker and their henchmen find that Raylan’s hiding in the principal’s office. Picker and Boyd argue about who between the two of them will go in first. Raylan opens the door and tells them to hold their fire because Drew’s not there. Bob is there with him and is armed. Raylan tells them that they can torture him and Bob and even kill them if they don’t say where Drew is, but Bob looks the way he does because he wouldn’t talk.

Raylan says he too plans to do the same. While they are at it, the sound of chopper blades and sirens are heard in the distance. Raylan and the rest of them realize that his backup has arrived. He suggests to Picker and Boyd that they go on their way, or they will be in serious trouble. Boyd and team realize they will soon be outnumbered, so they beat a hasty retreat. Before leaving, both Raylan and Boyd taunt each other by promising to meet again. The marshals arrive and Art asks where Drew is. Raylan lets Bob explain because it was he who came up with the brilliant idea. Bob says there’s another way out of Harlan besides driving or flying. Rachel and Drew are shown riding a coal train out of town. The episode ends at this point.