Peace of Mind - Recap

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The episode begins with Winona giving Raylan the news over the phone that they are having a girl. He enters his office to a loud applause for his recent exploits. Art arrives at his table and hands Raylan his suspension for his past misdeeds. Art informs Raylan that Drew is being transferred to a high security prison. Raylan and Art decide to have a chat with him before he is taken away. Drew tells them he won’t talk until Ellen May has been rescued. Limehouse arrives for a chat with Ellen May, who he is holding captive. She says that she knows she is going to be killed the moment she gets out, so she tells Limehouse to do whatever he likes with her.

Boyd and Ava are discussing about Ellen May and he says that they need to not get Ellen May, but also teach Limehouse a lesson. At the Marshal’s office, Raylan convinces Art to hold his suspension for a day longer, so he can rescue Ellen May and get Drew to talk. Augustine tells Johnny that he has found out Drew is refusing to talk until Ellen May is rescued and feels they should take advantage of the situation. Johnny calls Limehouse and offers him $300,000 for Ellen May, but Limehouse refuses to strike a deal and warns Johnny to never call him again. Johnny concludes Limehouse has already made a deal with Boyd. Boyd is planning to storm Limehouse’s lair and while he is giving Colt and Jimmy instructions, he gets a call from Augustine, who offers him a deal. He says he will give Boyd the $300,000 to secure Ellen May and will also give him Johnny. Boyd likes the deal.

Boyd and gang arrive at Johnny’s bar to strike the deal and see Johnny tied to a chair. Augustine explains to them that he wants Ellen May and wants Boyd to get her because Limehouse is refusing to sell her to him. Ava volunteers to go by herself with the money and talk to Limehouse because he isn’t really in good terms with the rest of them. Tim, Rachel and Raylan arrive to talk to Limehouse about Ellen May. Limehouse tells them he doesn’t have Ellen May and they are free to search his property to make sure. Raylan tells Tim the state police will come and search Limehouse’s property and tells him to hold fort till then. Rachel and Rylan leave to talk to Boyd because Limhouse during their conversation had hinted that people have been calling and asking about Ellen May.

Ava arrives through the backdoor without the marshals being any the wiser and offers Limehouse the money. He says he can’t do the deal because he let Ellen May go and doesn’t know where she is. He even gives her a speech about how she should give up a life of crime and try to reform. Ava is in no mood for his lecture and angrily leaves. Ava calls Boyd and gives him the bad news. She adds that the marshals are about to search his place, so Limehouse is surely telling the truth. Ellen May is at her friend Nicky’s house. Nicky seems a bit crazy and also seems to be really afraid of Boyd. Ellen May convinces him to give her his car keys, but before she can leave, Nicky peeps through the window and sees Boyd arriving with Augustine and Picker.

They enter Nicky’s house and look around. Nicky sneaks up behind them wearing body armor and with an automatic weapon in his hand. He orders them to put their guns down. While pretending to put his gun down, Boyd shoots Nicky in the foot. Nicky collapses to the ground and his weapon slips out of his hands. Boyd applies pressure on the area where he has been shot and asks Nicky where Ellen May is. Raylan and Rachel arrive at Johnny’s bar and find him tied to a chair with armed men standing around him.

After Raylan has ordered everyone to put their guns down, he asks Johnny where Ellen May is. Johnny says that everyone’s looking for her including Boyd and the boys from Detroit. Raylan wants to talk to Boyd so he tells Jimmy to give him a call. When Jimmy doesn’t willingly comply, he begins using other methods to try and persuade him. While he is at it, Jimmy gets a call from Boyd. Raylan puts the call on speaker and instructs Jimmy to play along. Boyd tells Jimmy that Ellen May is at the revival church with Cassie and orders him to go there, but before he can finish Raylan interrupts and tells Boyd to just give up and go home. Boyd is shocked to hear Raylan’s voice and rushes out with Augustine and Picker, so he can get to Ellen May before Raylan can.

At the church, Ellen May is telling Cassie how she prayed to the lord and the next moment Limehouse simply let her go. Ellen May even confesses to Cassie about her part in killing a man. Ava interrupts their conversation and asks Ellen May, who is this man she is talking about. Ava and Ellen May then debate about right and wrong and Ellen May says she is ready to forgive Ava despite the fact that she tried to kill her. Ava says she doesn’t need her forgiveness and says she has always done what her heart told her. Ellen May sees the gun in Ava’s hand and asks her if she really plans to kill her. Cassie joins the conversation, saying Ava will have to kill her if she kills Ellen May and asks her if she is prepared to take two lives. Ava points the gun at Ellen May, but somehow can’t get herself to shoot her. She calls up Boyd, who is on his way, and tells him this.

Boyd hangs up and calls Colt, who is also at the church. After hanging up, Colt is about to take Ellen May with him, when Tim arrives gun in hand and orders them all to stop right where they are. Tim tells Colt to drop his gun, but he simply lowers his gun and begins smoking a cigarette with his other hand. Tim asks Colt if he killed Mark, his friend, and Colt admits that he did, saying it was collateral damage. Tim again warns Colt to drop his weapon, but instead he points it at Tim and is about to shoot, when Tim shoots him in the chest. Colt is dead before he falls to the ground.

Raylan arrives at the church a while later to pick up Ellen May. She is glad to know that Drew is still looking out for her. At home in the night, Ava tells Boyd how sorry she is about Colt. He in turn tells her that he understands why she made the decision that she did. At the marshal’s office, Drew and Ellen May are glad to see each other. Winona has a rocking chair delivered in the nursery and turns out the furniture deliveryman is Picker, who wishes her a good day and leaves. The episode ends at this point.