Ghosts - Recap

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The episode begins with Art and Raylan discussing how Drew has been sent to the safe house and Ellen May has been put in a motel till they figure out what to do with her. Now that everything has been taken care of Art tells Raylan he can consider himself suspended and Rylan seems happy with the decision. Boyd, Jimmy and Ava pack a stack of ropes and other paraphernalia, so they can climb down the mine shaft and recover Delroy’s body, which they had dumped there. When they arrive at the mine shaft, they see that the state troopers have already beaten them to it and recovered the body. They quietly drive away seeing no other option.

Raylan returns home and finds three large men gun in hand waiting for him. They want him to take them to the safe house where Drew is and threaten to kill Winona if he doesn’t comply. Raylan manages to distract one of the guys, grabs his gun and shoots a couple of them. The third guy puts a gun to Winona’s stomach and says that even if Raylan kills him Nicky will eventually get to Raylan. He pushes Winona away, so he can shoot them both, but before he can do so Raylan shoots him. At Boyd’s, Ava tells him that they have no other option left now but to run. Boyd says there is no place where they can run that they won’t be found, but says there is one more card that he has left to play.

Outside his house, Ryalan tells Art that all of what just happened was Nicky’s doing and Art says Nicky isn’t in charge of things anymore because Theo Tonin has handed over his business to his son Sammy, who Nicky hates. Art feels it will be easy for the police to handle Nicky now that his wings have been clipped. Raylan says he wants to work the case, but Art reminds him that he is suspended and adds that if Raylan goes after Nicky he can consider himself relieved of his job. Raylan has a talk with Winona, who is really worried, and tells her that she will be relocated to a hotel with a protection detail. He also assures her that he will take care of the guy who did all this.

Boyd calls Paxton, the owner of the funeral home where Delroy’s body is being stored by the police, to his bar. He reminds Paxton that he owes him a debt and he will consider it paid in full if Paxton makes sure that Delroy’s body is replaced with someone else’s before the medical examiner arrives the next morning. Boyd and Jimmy dig up the grave of Henry Willis, an acquaintance who died of a drug overdose, and remove his body, so Delroy’s body can be replaced with Henry’s. They bring the body to Audrey’s and while he is having a chat with Ava about what his plan is, he hears Raylan calling out to him from outside. Raylan says he wants Boyd to take him to Nicky. Boyd isn’t too keen to do that, but eventually agrees.

After Boyd has left with Raylan, Ava and Jimmy take Henry’s body to the funeral home and replace it with Delroy’s. Nicky is at a diner with Picker and after he is done eating he asks Picker to pay the check and says he will wait in the car. On the way, Boyd and Raylan have a heart to heart about stuff ranging from, how Boyd did not tell Nicky where to find Winona, to how close Arlo and Boyd were. Boyd knows that Raylan wants to kill Nicky and not arrest him and asks him what makes him different from a criminal. While driving back from the funeral home, Ava asks Jimmy to get out of the vehicle. He tries to argue, saying Boyd had instructed him to not leave her alone, but she is adamant, so he is forced to get out.

Boyd drops Raylan near an airstrip, where Nicky’s men are waiting for him. Picker frisks Raylan to check if he is wearing a wire and Raylan says he is planning to keep the gun he is carrying. Picker says Nicky doesn’t care about that and takes him to Nicky’s limo. Raylan tells Nicky that he wants him to do something that he simply wouldn’t agree to. Nicky says Raylan shouldn’t assume things even before he has given it a shot, so Raylan says that he wants Nicky to turn himself in for murder, racketeering, and assault. Nicky asks him if that’s all and Raylan adds that he wants Nicky to leave his family alone or he will kill him right now. Nicky is sure that Raylan is just issuing empty threats and says he isn’t going to leave his family alone. He says he is going to Detroit to kill Sammy and after he is back he is going to go after Raylan’s family.

He challenges Raylan to shoot him at this very moment if he has the guts and orders him to get out if he isn’t planning to. Raylan steps out of the vehicle and walks towards a jet parked on the airstrip. He has a chat with Sammy, who has just stepped out of the jet and Sammy wants to know what Nicky said about him. Raylan truthfully says that Nicky talked about killing Sammy. Sammy on hearing this decides to take Nicky down and asks Raylan if as a lawman he will intervene. Raylan says that he is suspended and nonchalantly walks away. While Raylan is walking away, Sammy gives his men instructions to take out Nicky and they begin firing at Nicky’s vehicle, while Raylan keeps walking.

Boyd returns to the bar and Jimmy tells him Ava kicked him out of the vehicle and drove off on her own. Boyd rushes out to look for her. While trying to dump Delroy’s body in a secluded area, Ava is caught red-handed by the state troopers. She realizes that it was Paxton, who set her up. Boyd arrives at the funeral home and sees Ava sitting in a state trooper’s vehicle. He too realizes Paxton set them up, but before he can do anything about it, a bunch of troopers give him a beating. He is then told to leave and before leaving he assures Ava that he will hire the best lawyer money can buy and get her out. She with tears in her eyes tells him they both know that isn’t going to happen and is driven away before she can say anything more.

Winona packs her stuff and leaves after she and Raylan have bid each other a goodbye. While Boyd is brooding at his bar, Wynn arrives and says that he has been appointed Sammy’s new lieutenant. He tells Boyd that he wants him to handle his heroine distribution in Kentucky and Boyd accepts his offer. Boyd later breaks into the nice suburban home he was going to buy with Ava and takes a last look at what their lives might have been, while Raylan is sitting outside Arlo's house and looking at the old man's grave. The episode ends at this point.