Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is an unscripted series that takes a hilariously unabashed look at the talented comic's life and surreal celebrity encounters that serve as fodder for her successful stand-up comedy specials and sell-out live performances.

Each episode will include a portion of Griffin's stand-up act or public appearance, as well as the behind-the-scenes negotiations and preparations that go into each performance. It's an insider's look at the indignities and encounters that can only happen when one is a well-known and under-appreciated comic doing what it takes to make a living.

The show features Kathy and her wacky gang of assistants, and her wine-loving mother, and many more people who brighten, and sometimes ruin, her days.

The show is dedicated to the loving memory of John Griffin.

Opening Theme
Get out of my way, you A-list bores
My Prada shoes are as good as yours
I worked twice as hard to get half as far as you
Cause there ain't no ass to kiss,
when you're living life on the D-list

Episode Info

Final: 6x08 -- Maggie: The Musical (Aug/03/2010) [Special Airtime: 09:00 pm]

Kathy Griffin just can't keep from swearing -- even when she's hosting CNN's live New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper. Her mouth has a mind of its own and, once again, Kathy has embarrassed her mom, Maggie. To make amends, Kathy agrees to perform for Maggie's new friends at their talent night.
Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin
As Herself (All seasons)
Maggie Griffin (1)Maggie Griffin (1)
As Herself (Kathy's Mother(S01-))
Tiffany RinehartTiffany Rinehart
As Herself (Jessica's Assistant(S03-04)Kathy's Assistant(S05-))
Tom Vize (2)Tom Vize (2)
As Himself (Kathy's Tour Manager(S03-))
Jessica  ZajicekJessica Zajicek
As Herself (Kathy's Assistant(S01-04))
Dennis HensleyDennis Hensley
As Himself (Kathy's Best Gay(S02))
John Griffin (1)John Griffin (1)
As Himself (Kathy's Father(S01-03)(Deceased))
Matt MolineMatt Moline
As Himself (Kathy's Husband(S01-02)(Divorced))
Michael NielsenMichael Nielsen
As Himself (Live in Designer(S02))
Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak
As Himself (Kathy's Boyfriend(S04))


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3x3: The Show Must Go On recap: Kathy has no idea what makes lesbians laugh, which makes preparing for her upcoming gig on the Rosie cruise a particular challenge. She's not gay and doesn't have kids, so she'll have to wing it. She takes the jokes out for a practice run at a casino gig in Santa Ynez, a short drive (read: cheaper than flying) from home. On the trip up, Kathy drives while instructing Tiffany on which names to delete from her cell. When Kathy isn't trying to date demi-celebs for publicity, she's been making time with a few one night stands who are cluttering up her cell. One night stands such as a man referred to as "The Clitflicker" -- he was too rough "down there", and so he's got to go. They make a pitstip in Solvang , a faux Danish time full of delicacies like Æbleskivers (delicious Danish pancakes), Danish meatballs, and chocolates. The night's gig ends up consisting of Solvang jokes and the lesbian jokes, because nothing goes better together than lesbians and meatballs... read more.

3x2: Dating for Publicity recap: Onstage, Kathy talks about how since the divorce she has been questioning her knowledge of straight men. Like, if she thought she knew them so well, why is it that she still doesn't know why they scratch their balls so damn much?.. read more.

1x1: Out & About recap: Kathy gets to host one her favorite events "Best in Show". Kathy describes it " a Miss America pageant, except it's drag queens". After the show and during the reception she take advantage of the room full of celebrities as she works the room to get as many celebrity phone numbers as she can for her upcoming Toys for Tots fundraiser. She gets numbers from such stars are She gets numbers from such stars are Rachel Bilson, John C. Reilly and Marcia Cross... read more.
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Michael McDonald (1) (7 eps)
Joy Behar (4 eps)
Rachel True (4 eps)
Rosie O'Donnell (3 eps)
Karri Turner (3 eps)
Robert Verdi (3 eps)
Lance Bass (2 eps)
Joan Rivers (2 eps)
Talan Torriero (2 eps)
Carson Kressley (2 eps)

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