The Show Must Go On - Recap

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Kathy has no idea what makes lesbians laugh, which makes preparing for her upcoming gig on the Rosie cruise a particular challenge. She's not gay and doesn't have kids, so she'll have to wing it. She takes the jokes out for a practice run at a casino gig in Santa Ynez, a short drive (read: cheaper than flying) from home. On the trip up, Kathy drives while instructing Tiffany on which names to delete from her cell. When Kathy isn't trying to date demi-celebs for publicity, she's been making time with a few one night stands who are cluttering up her cell. One night stands such as a man referred to as "The Clitflicker" -- he was too rough "down there", and so he's got to go. They make a pitstip in Solvang , a faux Danish time full of delicacies like Æbleskivers (delicious Danish pancakes), Danish meatballs, and chocolates. The night's gig ends up consisting of Solvang jokes and the lesbian jokes, because nothing goes better together than lesbians and meatballs.

Back in L.A., Kathy interviews handymen, as Tom can't fix anything around the house. Before they start, Team Griffin goes around the house and lists everything that's broken. Item no. 1: Tom's spirit! Bwahahaha. The girls affirm that the guy needs to be hot, and can deal with Kathy. They decide to have auditions. While the girls organize that, Kathy meets with A-gay Jackie Warner of the Bravo show "Work Out" . Though straight, even Kathy is not immune to Jackie's hotness. Good thing she stuffed herself with doughballs the day before, just in time for her superclose workout session with Jackie. Jackie's advice on jokes for the dykes? Sex toys, not body parts. Kathy wonders, what would the toys be? Strap-ons. Kathy aspires to be like Jackie -- muscley yet lipstick so she can win over the lesbians like she's won over the gays. Of course, no trip to see Jackie is complete without a sighting of gay porn star Gage, who obliges Kathy's request for a quick spoon. Ooh la la. Kathy wonders aloud why the occasional hot gay man could just be straight. From your mouth to God's ears, darlin'.

Handyman auditions! The goal is to find someone who can put up with Kathy, and is also eye candy for the girls. They're all pretty so-so, and none of them can fix the coffee table in the room, which is the test to find the one. How handy can these guys actually be? A winner is picked, and it's handyman #6, James! Pierced and tattoed, he's also totally Jessica's type. Team Griffin has a new member who seems to have no idea of what what he's getting into.

Kathy travels Las Vegas for the Redken job. She's not super nervous, but her dad's back in the hospital for another bypass, and so she's been on the phone with mom. Mom is doing okay, but she does have little meltdowns. Kathy is used to her dad always being okay, though it's a good thing that Mom asked the priests at Good Shepherd to pray for him. Kathy is able to talk to her dad, who feels pretty tired, and sounds it as well. Kathy is worried that he isn't quite up to snuff, health-wise, though he's optimistic about his health. It's hard to ignore the urgency that Kathy identifies in his voice, like he needs to say that he loves her because he may not be able to get to say it to her again.

While Kathy has her dad to think about, she is able to work the Redken gig without too much trouble. Though a few of the sales reps (whom she mistakenly thought were going to be stylists, hence her gay jokes) didn't think her cursing at 9:00 on a Sunday was appropriate. Please -- you're in Vegas, for crying out loud, not the Crystal Cathedral. After dishing some of the reps on a red carpet set up for that purpose, Kathy is on her way back to L.A. to check up on her family.

Dad's taken a turn for the worse -- he can't speak, and it's hard to know what he can or cannot understand. Kathy is optimistic, though she doesn't feel her optimism is based on anything. At the hospital, Kathy catches up with her brother, who's flown in from Chicago. If they can get him breathing on his own, it would be so much better. Kathy wants to say with her dad, but she has to do the Rosie cruise. While she's grateful for the distraction, she feels guilty about leaving her dad. She knows though, that he wouldn't want her to back out. She leaves for Miami.

When the plane lands, Kathy has nine messages in her voicemail. The second message, from Kathy's sister Joyce, gives her the awful news: her dad passed. Kathy is mad that she wasn't with him. Though she had thought about this and tried to plan for it, the grief still hit her pretty hard.

Cancelling the gig, she returned to L.A. to be with her family and plan dad's memorial. Kathy's house is decorated with these adorable pictures of her dad, collages and posters put together by Kathy's designer friend Matt. They're great pictures of him, smiling and making faces like the chracter he was. In a talking head, Kathy reveals that a few days before he died, Kathy's dad made arrangements with the doctors to have the tubes pulled. He didn't want Kathy's mother's burdened with the decision. He was able to pass away with his beloved golf playing on the television.

Kathy's voiceover about her dad is played over clips of him communing with Kathy, her mom, the dogs, and various friends who came to love him the way Kathy did. I'm not ashamed to say I cried like a baby, especially when Kathy said "He truly passed his sense of humor down to me, and that is what I'll miss the most."

A few days later, Kathy had her first show after his passing. She's thinking "Thank God I have this to distract me" but will the audience want to hear about her dad? Jessica is concerned that Kathy isn't letting herself grieve like she needs to, and hopes Kathy working is the right decision. Kathy takes the stage at Mandalay Bay, and immediately tells the audience about her dad, thanking them for being there. The audience was right here with her, and laugh uproariously at a story about her dad in the 70's going off on a friend's ugly rec room. After that, she dives right into "bald Britney beating up a car" and getting trips from the not-quite-sane Mariah Carey -- "The blonde leading the bald", as Kathy says. Bwahahahahaha.