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Out & About - Recap

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Kathy gets to host one her favorite events "Best in Show". Kathy describes it "...like a Miss America pageant, except it's drag queens". After the show and during the reception she take advantage of the room full of celebrities as she works the room to get as many celebrity phone numbers as she can for her upcoming Toys for Tots fundraiser. She gets numbers from such stars are She gets numbers from such stars are Rachel Bilson, John C. Reilly and Marcia Cross.

Matt is scheduled to have his physical evaluation for the Gastric Bypass surgery he is hoping to have. Worried that he will fall short of the weight requirement by a few pounds he makes sure to suit up with 5 pound ankle weights on both leggs and a two pound weight in his pocket.

Mike Neilsen moves into the house to redesign Kathy and Matt's house. He has offered his services and time to redesign the house for free, free is something Kathy is very into, in exchange for the publicity of putting her house on his resume. As he starts his job he realizes it will be much more difficult then he thought when he realizes how little Kathy is willing to pay and how much free stuff she wants from anywhere she can get it to make the redesign as cheap as possible.

Also feeling the pressure of Kathy's need for a lot of stuff for a little money are the publisists hired for her fundraising event. She pushes them to use the fact that the press will be at the event to convince companies that it would be great advertising for them. All the while thinking of things she needs for the event that she can also use to finish up her house.

Kathy finishes out the episode the same way it started, hosting a charity event. She gets a picture with a celebrity, Warren Beatty which turns out to be the highlight of the night sense she bombs with the crowd.