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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 14/Oct/2007 I'm Watching You
2 1x02 21/Oct/2007 Managing Mom
3 1x03 28/Oct/2007 Brody In The House
4 1x04 04/Nov/2007 Birthday Suit
5 1x05 11/Nov/2007 Remembering Dad
6 1x06 18/Nov/2007 You Are So Pregnant Dude
7 1x07 25/Nov/2007 Helping Hand
8 1x08 02/Dec/2007 Price of Fame

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
9 2x01 09/Mar/2008 Kim Becomes A Diva
10 2x02 16/Mar/2008 Khloe Wants to Act
11 2x03 23/Mar/2008 Rob's New Girlfriend
12 2x04 30/Mar/2008 Kris the Cheerleader
13 2x05 06/Apr/2008 Khloe's Blind Dates
14 2x06 13/Apr/2008 Learning Self Defense
15 2x07 27/Apr/2008 Kardashian Civil War
16 2x08 04/May/2008 Kardashian Family Vacation
17 2x09 11/May/2008 Kim's Calendar for Reggie
18 2x10 18/May/2008 A New Perspective in New Orleans
19 2x11 25/May/2008 Junk in the Trunk

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
20 3x01 08/Mar/2009 Free Khloe
21 3x02 15/Mar/2009 Kourt's First Cover
22 3x03 22/Mar/2009 I'd Rather Go Naked...Or Shopping
23 3x04 29/Mar/2009 Pussycat Vision
24 3x05 05/Apr/2009 All for One and One for Kim
25 3x06 19/Apr/2009 Cinderella Story
26 3x07 26/Apr/2009 The Two Year Itch
27 3x08 03/May/2009 Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
28 3x09 10/May/2009 Leaving the Nest
29 3x10 17/May/2009 Meet the Kardashians
30 3x11 25/May/2009 What's Yours is Mine
31 3x12 25/May/2009 Double Trouble

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
33 4x01 13/Dec/2009 Scott on the Rocks
34 4x02 20/Dec/2009 Hot Cup of Love
35 4x03 27/Dec/2009 Baby Blues
36 4x04 03/Jan/2010 Shape Up or Ship Out
37 4x05 10/Jan/2010 Must Love Dogs
38 4x06 24/Jan/2010 Body Blows
39 4x07 31/Jan/2010 Weekend From Hell
40 4x08 14/Feb/2010 I Want Your Sex
41 4x09 21/Feb/2010 Blame It On The Alcohol
42 4x10 28/Feb/2010 Delivering Baby Mason

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
43 5x01 22/Aug/2010 Kim's House Party
44 5x02 29/Aug/2010 Blind Date
45 5x03 05/Sep/2010 The Missing Ring
46 5x04 06/Sep/2010 My Bodyguard
47 5x05 12/Sep/2010 Botox and Cigarettes
48 5x06 19/Sep/2010 Kourt Goes A.W.O.L.
49 5x07 26/Sep/2010 Match Made in Hell
50 5x08 03/Oct/2010 No Boys Allowed
51 5x09 10/Oct/2010 Kris "The Cougar" Jenner
52 5x10 17/Oct/2010 Dash No More
53 5x11 24/Oct/2010 "The Kardashians Take NYC"

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
55 6x01 12/Jun/2011 Family vs. Money
56 6x02 19/Jun/2011 Kim Becomes a Stage Mom
57 6x03 26/Jun/2011 The Former Mrs. Jenner
58 6x04 10/Jul/2011 Out of Wedlock
59 6x05 17/Jul/2011 Thicker Than Water
60 6x06 24/Jul/2011 Kendall Goes on Birth Control
61 6x07 31/Jul/2011 The Have and Have Nots
62 6x08 07/Aug/2011 What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
63 6x09 14/Aug/2011 Talk to My Agent
64 6x10 21/Aug/2011 The Family Vacation
65 6x11 28/Aug/2011 Getting to Know You
66 6x12 04/Sep/2011 Trouble in Paradise
67 6x13 05/Sep/2011 The Proposal
68 6x14 09/Oct/2011 Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event - Part 1 of 2
69 6x15 10/Oct/2011 Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event - Part 2 of 2
70 6x16 19/Dec/2011 Kendall's Sweet 16

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
71 7x01 20/May/2012 Who's Your Daddy
72 7x02 27/May/2012 Momager Dearest
73 7x03 28/May/2012 Everybody's Wigging Out
74 7x04 10/Jun/2012 The Family That Plays Together
75 7x05 17/Jun/2012 The Man in the Memoir
76 7x06 24/Jun/2012 The Dominican Republic, Part One
77 7x07 01/Jul/2012 The Dominican Republic, Part Two
78 7x08 08/Jul/2012 Sometimes You Need to Adjust
79 7x09 09/Jul/2012 Kim's Man Calls, Kourtney's Man Falls
80 7x10 15/Jul/2012 The Royal Treatment
81 7x11 22/Jul/2012 Affairs of the Everhart
82 7x12 29/Jul/2012 Parent Trapped
83 7x13 05/Aug/2012 Mothers & Daughters
84 7x14 19/Aug/2012 Tales from the Kardashian Krypt
85 7x15 26/Aug/2012 Kardashian Therapy Part One
86 7x16 02/Sep/2012 Kardashian Therapy Part Two
87 7x17 09/Sep/2012 Cuts Both Ways
88 7x18 16/Sep/2012 Baby, Baby, Baby
89 7x19 28/Oct/2012 Dishing it Out

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
90 8x01 02/Jun/2013 We're Having a Baby!
91 8x02 09/Jun/2013 Enough Is Enough
92 8x03 16/Jun/2013 Agree to Disagree
93 8x04 23/Jun/2013 Papa, Can You Hear Me?
94 8x05 30/Jun/2013 I Will Fix You
95 8x06 07/Jul/2013 Some Moms Just Wanna Have Fun
96 8x07 14/Jul/2013 Home Is Where Your Mom Is
97 8x08 21/Jul/2013 Greece Is The Word
98 8x09 28/Jul/2013 Greece Him Up
99 8x10 04/Aug/2013 Opa!
100 8x11 11/Aug/2013 100th Episode: Life's a Beach House
101 8x12 18/Aug/2013 Kris's Mother-In-Law
102 8x13 25/Aug/2013 The Kardashian Chainsaw Massacre
103 8x14 01/Sep/2013 Backdoor Bruiser
104 8x15 29/Sep/2013 Baby Shower Blues
105 8x16 06/Oct/2013 More to the Story
106 8x17 13/Oct/2013 Paparazzi & Papas
107 8x18 27/Oct/2013 All Signs Point to North
108 8x19 03/Nov/2013 Close Encounters of the Kardashian Kind
109 8x20 10/Nov/2013 Kylie's Sweet 16

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
111 9x01 19/Jan/2014 Loving and Letting Go
112 9x02 20/Jan/2014 How To Deal
113 9x03 26/Jan/2014 And All That Jazzzzzzz
114 9x04 09/Feb/2014 A Surprise Engagement Part 1
115 9x05 16/Feb/2014 A Surprise Engagement Part 2
116 9x06 23/Feb/2014 2 Birthdays and A Yard Sale
117 9x07 09/Mar/2014 The Courage to Change
118 9x08 08/Jun/2014 Let It Go
119 9x09 15/Jun/2014 Color Me Lonely
120 9x10 22/Jun/2014 Doggy Blu's
121 9x11 29/Jun/2014 The Vienna Incidents
122 9x12 06/Jul/2014 Playing Dirty
123 9x13 13/Jul/2014 Move It or Lose It
124 9x14 20/Jul/2014 A Thailand Vacation Part 1
125 9x15 27/Jul/2014 A Thailand Vacation Part 2
126 9x16 03/Aug/2014 A Thailand Vacation Part 3
127 9x17 10/Aug/2014 Design For Disaster
128 9x18 17/Aug/2014 Secrets of a Double Life
129 9x19 31/Aug/2014 Rocking the Cradle
130 9x20 01/Sep/2014 Kim's Journey to the Altar

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 10x00 Unknown Love Breaks Me
131 10x01 15/Mar/2015 The New Normal
132 10x02 22/Mar/2015 Somewhere Over the Cuckoo's Nest
133 10x03 29/Mar/2015 The Carfather
134 10x04 05/Apr/2015 No Retreat
135 10x05 12/Apr/2015 On the Road
136 10x06 19/Apr/2015 Don't Panic!
137 10x07 26/Apr/2015 Special Delivery
138 10x08 03/May/2015 Buggy Boo
139 10x09 10/May/2015 Lip Service
140 10x10 17/May/2015 About Bruce (Part 1)
141 10x11 18/May/2015 About Bruce (Part 2)
142 10x12 24/May/2015 Moons Over Montana
143 10x13 31/May/2015 In The Blink Of An Eye...
144 10x14 20/Sep/2015 Mother Armenia
145 10x15 27/Sep/2015 It Feels Good to Be Home
146 10x16 04/Oct/2015 Vanity Unfair
147 10x17 11/Oct/2015 The Last Straw

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
148 11x01 15/Nov/2015 That Was Then This Is Now
149 11x02 22/Nov/2015 The Price You Pay
150 11x03 29/Nov/2015 Rites of Passage
151 11x04 06/Dec/2015 All Grown Up
152 11x05 13/Dec/2015 Lions, Tigers and Texts
153 11x06 20/Dec/2015 Non-Bon Voyage
154 11x07 03/Jan/2016 Return from Paradise
155 11x08 10/Jan/2016 The Big Launch
156 11x09 17/Jan/2016 Fear of the Unknown
157 11x10 24/Jan/2016 Miscommunication
158 11x11 31/Jan/2016 The Great Kris
159 11x12 14/Feb/2016 Family First
160 11x13 21/Feb/2016 Unforeseen Future

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
161 12x01 01/May/2016 Out With the Old, In With The New
162 12x02 08/May/2016 A New York Family Affair
163 12x03 15/May/2016 Significant Others and Significant Brothers
164 12x04 22/May/2016 All About Meme
165 12x05 05/Jun/2016 Fake It 'Til You Make It
166 12x06 12/Jun/2016 TBA
167 12x07 19/Jun/2016 TBA
168 12x08 26/Jun/2016 TBA
169 12x09 03/Jul/2016 TBA

S04 - #108/Nov/2009The Wedding8
S05 - #220/Dec/2010Junk in the Trunk 2N/A
S08 - #301/Dec/2013Keeping up with the Kardashians: A Very Merry ChristmasN/A
S10 - #410/Apr/2015First Look (1)N/A
S10 - #530/Apr/2015First Look (2)N/A
S10 - #607/May/2015First Look (3)N/A
S10 - #721/May/2015First Look (4)N/A
S10 - #828/May/2015First Look (5)N/A
S11 - #901/Nov/2015Keeping Up: The Kardashians RewindN/A
S11 - #1008/Nov/2015Season 11 First Look (1)N/A
S11 - #1119/Nov/2015Season 11 First Look (2)N/A
S11 - #1225/Nov/2015Season 11 First Look (3)N/A
S11 - #1301/Dec/2015Keeping Up: Kardashians Family RulesN/A
S11 - #1403/Dec/2015Season 11 First Look (4)N/A
S11 - #1508/Dec/2015Keeping Up: Kardashians on VacationN/A
S11 - #1610/Dec/2015Season 11 First Look (5)N/A
S11 - #1715/Dec/2015Season 11 First Look (6)N/A
S11 - #1829/Dec/2015Season 11 First Look (7)N/A
S11 - #1907/Jan/2016Season 11 First Look (8)N/A
S11 - #2014/Jan/2016Season 11 First Look (9)N/A
S11 - #2121/Jan/2016Season 11 First Look (10)N/A
S11 - #2228/Jan/2016Season 11 First Look (11)N/A
S11 - #2307/Feb/2016Season 11 First Look (12)N/A
S11 - #2411/Feb/2016Season 11 First Look (13)N/A
S11 - #2518/Feb/2016Season 11 First Look (14)N/A
S12 - #2629/May/2016First Look (1)N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Celebrities | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: E! ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 14, 2007
Episode Order: 13
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