Season 4

36 :04x02 - A Fine Bromance

Hank takes Kendra to Cancun for their anniversary & invites Jon & Julie Dorenbos. When the trip becomes more bromance than romance, Kendra is determined to bring the sexy back.

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37 :04x03 - Victoria's Secrets

Kendra tries to help a friend find a date after the woman leaves an unhappy marriage. Meanwhile, Hank visits New York to pursue opportunities beyond football.

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40 :04x06 - Fathers and Sons

Hank waits to see if he'll be picked up by a team & Kendra feels pressure to work as much as she can. Everyone gets perspective when Hank Sr. opens up about his battle with cancer.

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41 :04x07 - Lovitz or Leave It

Jon Lovitz asks Kendra to audition for a TV show.

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43 :04x09 - The Homecoming King

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44 :04x10 - Homeward Bound

Kendra confronts Hank's past, including his ex-girlfriends, when they attend his high-school reunion. She also helps him deal with his fears of returning home without being part of a football team.

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