Kickin' It

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
67 04x01 17/Feb/2014 The Boys are Back In Town
68 04x02 24/Feb/2014 Gold Diggers
69 04x03 03/Mar/2014 From Zeroes to Heroes
70 04x04 10/Mar/2014 The 'Stang
71 04x05 31/Mar/2014 Nerd with a Cape
72 04x06 07/Apr/2014 RV There Yet?
73 04x07 14/Apr/2014 Invasion of the Ghost Pirates
74 04x08 16/Jun/2014 The Amazing Krupnick
75 04x09 23/Jun/2014 Battle of Seaford Hill
76 04x10 30/Jun/2014 Fight at the Museum
77 04x11 18/Jul/2014 Tightroping the Shark
78 04x12 21/Jul/2014 Full Metal Jack
79 04x13 28/Jul/2014 Martinez & Malone: Mall Cops!
80 04x14 04/Aug/2014 Seaford Hustle
81 04x15 17/Nov/2014 Kickin' It in the Office
83 04x17 11/Mar/2015 You Don't Know Jack
84 04x18 25/Mar/2015 The Grandmaster

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