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I admit it - I'm not a TV viewer. It's on most of the time - but just for background noise, while I amuse myself on my laptop sipping a glass of wine at night. Ah, the life a single, professional woman is so much fun.

Then, rather unexpectedly, I see a teaser for a new program, Kidnapped, sometime in August and I am immediately intrigued. An amazing cast lineup, smart, fast-paced trailer with 3 Doors Down music pumping in the background and what can I say? I'm a fan before I have even seen the pilot.

So, I start collecting information, pour over the Fall TV editions for information, check out the website for the program and count the days until the premiere. I buy a new ipod with video podcasting capabilities, mark my calendar to make sure I'm home every Wednesday night and look for conficts with my work travel/schedule. I decide I need a DVR just for backup recording, and wait a full day for the cable guy to show, feigning illness at work to make sure I don't miss him. Why? Because I have to see Kidnapped.

September 20th, and I'm set, I've become an advanced member in 2 short weeks on the Kidnapped boards, I've purchased and was awaiting copies of "Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" because it's listed on as his current read, and I am just that kind of a fan - I have to know everything.

And what a premiere it was! I couldn't have been more excited, more anxious, more enthralled than I was that night. Kidnapped premiere episode was all I had hoped for and more. I'm deeply entrenched at the end, excited that I'd broken my long hiatus from TV, and ready for the rest of the season. I even participated in the post-show blog with Jason Smilovc, the producer online. Oh, yes pumped up about a TV show is an understatement.

Then the rumors. The show had only brought in 7.6 million - and I, a person who hasn't followed a TV series in years am thinking, "only" 7.6 million - that's sounds like a lot to me. So, I keep my hopes up and cross my fingers - if they keep it on air, they will come. "They" being the disenfranchised viewers like me, who have either tuned out of network television long ago due to the gluttony of reality shows, and game shows or dumbed down series or comedies. Give it time NBC, I think, they will come.

By episode 2, the rumors are stronger than ever, and NBC is already talking about airing 13 contingency episodes and wrapping up the series. No, I'm thinking, this can't be happening. I just watched episode 2, it exceeded my expectations again! Exceeded the excellence of the premiere - what are they thinking? Give us time, to spread the word! It's premiere week after all, aren't the regular TV viewers stretched to the limit trying out all the options? Don't give up, don't give up!

Episode 3 and I already know they are changing the day and time to Saturdays, but I still have hope, because episode 3 is better than the previous 2 -and that's saying something. We became more involved with the characters, saw some incredible performances and gut wrenching twists and turns! NBC is crazy, yes I'm thinking, they're absolutely nuts.

After episode 3, there was a long hiatus - over a week and half until tonights airing of episode 4 on its new day and time. I watched NBC during that wait, on mute of course until they went to commercial, waiting to see if they would push the new day and time. They didn't. I still can't believe it, but they are actually crazy.

So, here we are at episode 4, a lot hinging on ratings I'm sure, and zero promotion of the show and I'm still crossing my fingers that our campaign at Kidnapped boards, at, at Keep Kidnapped Alive, and all the postings on and a slew of other sites with forums for this show, will have somehow made a difference - will make a difference.

There are tons of viewers out there like me, who found this program and tonight, either know of the new day and time or more likely haven't heard anything at all. It really is one of the saddest attempts to bring back the viewers they've lost to cable I've ever heard of or experienced.

Thing is, once I find out what happens to Leo, once the show is complete, I'm gone. NBC won't tease me again like this. They can't make it up to me and in the end they'll be left scrambling as they are today, firing executives, making budget cuts and basically acting as I expect them to. Kidnapped was worthy of better backing, and it is simply sad that NBC was the broadcaster.

Review posted on Saturday, October 21st 2006 at 7:29 pm

Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 2006
Ended: August 12, 2007
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