Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Recap

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Round one sends Ken, "Hollywood" Dave, Mike "The Mouth", Evelyn, Brandon "Big Boy" and Alan to the Blackjack table. Hollywood's trash talking doesn't get him far even though commentator Wayne Root picks him as the favorite to win this round. Instead, long shot Big Boy sweeps this round with his quiet strategy and undeniable luck. He sits pretty for the final Texas Hold Em elimination, along with Alan & Ken.

Poker variation Caribbean Stud is the name of the game for round two, and David, Joanna, "Chainsaw", Todd, Jerry and Katie are the players at the table. Joanna Comes out swinging as biggest talker of this round, but doesn't earn her spot on the sitting pretty couch, Gambling vet Jerry takes this one. He, David & Todd will all sit pretty.

Round three pits down but not out Mike The Mouth, Hollywood, Joanna, Chainsaw, Katie and Evelyn against the infamous Roulette wheel, giving them all one last chance to stay away from the final death match round. Thanks to some lucky bets, Evelyn & Chainsaw get to sit pretty, while Mike, Joanna, Katie and Hollywood head to the poker table.

In the dreaded Texas Hold Em Final elimination round, tough takers Hollywood & Mike the Mouth quiet down as they put their poker skills to use, and it pays off for them. When Katie and Joanna face off in the first sudden death round of the tournament, Joana busts and becomes the first player to go home.