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King of the Hill: Plastic White Female

Bobby is invited to his first boy-girl dance and he is very nervous, so he uses Luanne's beauty school model head as practice on how to kiss a girl.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x12
Production Number: 4E11
Airdate: Sunday May 11th, 1997

Director: Jeff Myers
Writer: David Zuckerman

Guest Stars
Ashley GardnerAshley Gardner
voiced Nancy Hicks Gribble
Dawnn LewisDawnn Lewis
voiced Sharona
Jennifer CoolidgeJennifer Coolidge
voiced Miss Kremzer
Lauren TomLauren Tom
voiced Minh, Connie

Stephen RootStephen Root
voiced Bill Dauterive
Main Cast
Mike JudgeMike Judge
voiced Hank Hill, Boomhauer, various
Kathy NajimyKathy Najimy
voiced Peggy Hill, various
Pamela AdlonPamela Adlon
voiced Bobby Hill, various
Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy
voiced Luanne Platter, Joseph Gribble, various
Johnny HardwickJohnny Hardwick
voiced Dale Gribble, various
Episode Notes
DELETED SCENE: A scene where Boomhauer was complaining that Hank kept him and Bill waiting, like "Dang ol' brides at the altar," was cut off.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice12m

Episode Quotes
Hank: (reads through mail) Bills... bills... bills... Why do we keep getting Bill's mail?

Episode Goofs

When Bobby is drinking a grape soda, you can actually see the words "Alamo Beer" on the can in his hand.

From the far shot, there is clearly a second section of the chain link fence on the pedestrian overpass, but when we see Bobby & Joseph up close there is only one section.

Luanne has nothing on her desk when she is asking the teacher's question but when she sits, she's suddenly writing in a notebook.

Also, there's a framed pink paper on the wall behind her that wasn't there before.

Bobby is helping Luanne study for her test. There is a dish or bowl on his right but when Hank comes in with the mail, the dish is suddenly on his left.

Hank walks in asking why they get Bill's mail. He says Bills three times but he's clearly only holding two letters.

When Bobby walks by the girl's restroom, the door simply reads GIRLS, but in the next shot, there appears to be a yellow placard on the door.

Also, the bulletin board next to the door increases in size.

The things Bobby uses (boxes I suppose) to put the plastic head on change color from blue to yellow briefly.

This happens again later in the episode during Bobby's montage.

There's a bowl of something suddenly on the table when Hank picks up his paper.
Unless we're suppose to assume he placed it over the bowl even though it doesn't appear so.

When Hank locks the plastic head in the cupboard, he places it with it facing the back, but when Bobby jimmies the lock and grabs it, it has suddenly turned 180 degrees.

Hank draws on his head indicating where the problem areas are ...

... but when we see Hank moments later, the marker is gone.

When we see the far shot of the kids sitting in a circle playing spin the bottle ...

... there is a girl to Bobby's right a red headed boy and then a girl in duel ponytails, but ...

... when Bobby spins the bottle, it lands between the two girls. The red headed boy has vanished.

Cultural References
Hank: (to Peggy) Don't point your finger at me, woman. You're the one who parks him in front of the TV and makes him watch all them muppets. They got frogs kissing pigs, what the hell did they think was going to happen?

Hank is referring to The Muppet Show.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMike Judge  |  Greg Daniels
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