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Season 4

69 :04x01 - Knight of the Juggernaut (1)

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Guest Stars: Peter Parros as RC3 | Tom Noga as Messenger | Sandy Maschmeyer as Receptionist | R. Chandler Garrison as Head Butler | Luis Contreras as Voice #2 | RCB as Voice #1 | V.C. Dupree as Gang Member | Wren T. Brown as Gang Member | Marco Hernandez as Gang Member | Rick Plastina as Guard | Robert Kim as Technician | Michael Dickson as Ardell | Joe Shea as Cabbie | John Considine as Nordstrom | Nicholas Worth as Hower | Pamela Susan Shoop as Marta Simmons | Mary Kate McGeehan as Jennifer Knight | Richard Fullerto as Frank | Mary Wodonov as Dr. Von Furst | Laurence Haddon as Lloyd | Richard Fullerton as Frank | Blair Underwood as Potts
Director: Georg Fenady

70 :04x02 - Knight of the Juggernaut (2)

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Guest Stars: Tom Noga as Messenger | Sandy Maschmeyer as Receptionist | R. Chandler Garrison as Head Butler | Luis Contreras as Voice #2 | RCB as Voice #1 | V.C. Dupree as Gang Member | Wren T. Brown as Gang Member | Marco Hernandez as Gang Member | Rick Plastina as Guard | Robert Kim as Technician | Michael Dickson as Ardell | John Considine as Phillip Nordstrom | Mary Kate McGeehan as Jennifer Knight | Nicholas Worth as Hower | Mary Wodonov as Dr. Von Furst | Laurence Haddon as Lloyd | Pamela Susan Shoop as Marta Simmons | Richard Fullerton as Frank | Blair Underwood as Potts | Joe Shea as Cabbie
Director: Georg Fenady

71 :04x03 - KITTnap

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Guest Stars: Jim Bullock as Dog Catcher | Nick Savage as Lukas Hall | Nick Angotti as Councilman | Robert F. Lyons as Jeffrey Cavanaugh | Denise Galik-Furey as Jodi Hopkins | Robert O'Reilly as Snyder | Daniel Faraldo as Julian Martin | Janine Turner as Dr. Karen Forester
Writer: Skip Webster

72 :04x04 - Sky Knight

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Guest Stars: Jack Starrett as Sheriff | Pope Freeman as Capt. Bill Rogers | Bob Coker as Ticket Agent | Brian Thompson as Kurt | Will Gill, Jr. (2) as Security Officer | Jeffrey Alan Chandler as Lloyd | Macon McCalman as Holmes | Dennis A. Pratt as Steven | Robbie Rist as Nick | Susan Blu as Mary | Barbara Townsend as Mrs. Swanson
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

73 :04x05 - Burial Ground

Michael must locate a missing archeologist who has been kidnapped by an oil baron who is set to gain possession of Indian land if no artifacts are found.
Guest Stars: Frank Roach as Jim | Jerado Decordovier as Blue Feather | Lesa Weis as Lisa | Ron Soble as Dr. Thorne | Greg Finley as Chauffeur | Joshua Gallegos as Lucas | Signy Coleman as Barbara Ralston | Ronald G. Joseph as Thomas | Robert Pine as Cyrus Oakes | George Petrie as Dr. Quentin Tanner | Ivan Naranjo as Simpson | Gina Gallego as Susan Christopher | Michael Horse as Jonathan Eagle
Director: Charles Bail

74 :04x06 - The Wrong Crowd

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Guest Stars: Nancy Omi as Technician | Ted Peterson as Pop Galloway | Kandace Kuehl as Ann Galloway | Suzanne Rogers as Lydia Arkett | William Joyce as Glen Arkett | Julie Ronnie as Erika | Charles Fleischer as Hitch-hiker | Garrison Hershberger as Nicholas Arkett | Mark Schneider as Scott Hollander | Scott Valentine as Colton
Director: Charles Bail

75 :04x07 - Knight Sting

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Guest Stars: Anthony Peck as Jorge | Frank Ronzio as Franco | James Ingersoll as Dr. Gottlieb | Pepe Serna as Lupo | Marcelo Tubert as Antoun | Richard Epcar as Guard | Beth Miller (1) as Gaye Hollenbeck | Walter Gotell as Simon Carascas | Kabir Bedi as Vascone | Tom Rosqui as Unknown | Larry Storch as Unknown
Director: Sidney Hayers

76 :04x08 - Many Happy Returns

On vacation for his birthday, Michael is called back by Devon to investigate on a stolen hovercraft.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Kleist | Paul Brinegar as Chuck | Arthur Batanides as Henry Quincy | D.D. Howard as Amy Lowell | Nicholas Pryor as Vince
Director: Georg Fenady

77 :04x09 - Knight Racer

Micheal investigate on a series of accident which happened to open wheel race team lead by a close friend of Bonnie.
Guest Stars: Norbert Weisser as Fredo Lureni | Pamela Bach as Betty | John Mahon as Girdler | Cliff Carnell as Tunkel | Grainger Hines as Steve | William Windom as Wayne Altfield | Jourdan Fremin as Elena | Tom Williams (1) as Lon | John Crawford as Mac
Writer: Paul Diamond

78 :04x10 - Knight Behind Bars

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Guest Stars: Stephen Anthony Henry as Guard | Elven Havard as Gate Guard | Faith Minton as Darleen | Mr. Lawrence as Walsh | Victoria Bass as Christine Brooks | Dominick Brascia as Young man | Bonnie Hellman as Woman jogger | Gloria Hayes as Dina Sheldon | Peter Brown (1) as Jason Nelson | Rosalind Allen as Samantha Lawton | Julianne McNamara as Julie Rogers | Stephen Meadows as Matt Erickson | Bobb Hopkins as Roark

79 :04x11 - Knight Song

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Guest Stars: New Edition as Kids | Huck Liggett as Traffic Cop | Michael Masters as Cabby | Hank Rolike as Bartender | Paul Carafotes as Velez | Shelley Berman as Josh Bevin | Mark Venturini as Keith Lawson | Tom Sullivan (1) as Charley Collins | Sharon Acker as Sanford
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Burton Armus

80 :04x12 - The Scent of Roses

After being shot Michael decide to quit the foundation. Devon reunites Michael and Stephanie who agreed to marry him. But the criminal who shot Michael come back and killed Stephanie during the wedding, Micheal seeks vengeance.
Guest Stars: Craig Schaefer as Medic | Phyllis Applegate as Nurse Miller | Tom McDonald (3) as Guard | Henry Cutrons as Minister | Ellen Clark as Mildred | Michael John Meyer as Medic Driver | Roy Jenson as Purdue | Richard Partlow as Klus | Reid Smith as Stocker | Robert Feero as Martoni | Aharon Ipalé as Durant | Catherine Hickland as Stevie Mason | William Knight (2) as Head Surgeon
Director: Sidney Hayers

81 :04x13 - Killer K.I.T.T.

A scientist who think he had not receive all the recompense from the flag, replace KITT cpu and take control of it to attack a convention organized by Devon.
Guest Stars: Anne Ramsey as Crossing Guard | Andy Epper as Gordon | Tony Epper as Farrell | Andrea Howard as Bronwyn | Harvey Jason as Marco Berio
Director: Charles Bail
Writer: Si Rose

82 :04x14 - Out of the Woods

Micheal investigates on an illegal tree cut organized by a familly closed to Devon.
Guest Stars: Michael Grayson as Party Guest | Marty Arkelian as Log Grapler | Curtis Taylor as Dave Nash | P.J. Soles as Ellen Whitby | Peter MacLean as Jonathan Dutton | Nancy Everhard as Samantha Dutton | M.C. Gainey as Jerry Nash | J. Eddie Peck as Erik Whitby
Director: Harvey Laidman

83 :04x15 - Deadly Knightshade

Micheal try to prove that a famous magician is a killer.
Guest Stars: Roberta Haynes as Maid | Mark Harris (1) as Henderson | William Utay as Harry | Sally Julian as The Blond | William Jordan as Dr. Ian Browning | Hurd Hatfield as Ariel Marston | Lance Burton as Austin Templeton – "The Amazing Templeton" | Mary Beth Evans as Nancy Marston
Director: Sidney Hayers

84 :04x16 - Redemption of a Champion

Micheal is sent by Devon to investigates the murder of a boxing promoter who found evidences in a murder of a boxer during legendary fighting match.
Guest Stars: Danny Lopez as Himself | Carlos Palomino as Himself | Ron Pinkard as Reporter #1 | Peter Youngblood Hills as Reporter #2 | John Garwood as Guard | Monte Masters as Grant | Benjamin Jurand as Blue Lightning | Jerry Quarry as Himself | Don King (1) as Himself | Terry Kiser as Lou "Royal" Davis | Kat Sawyer-Young as Jean Tremont | Tracy Reed (2) as Ruth Keeler | John Snyder as Benson | Norman Burton as Damon Leland | Ken Foree as "Spiderman" | Ken Norton as Bo Keeler
Director: Charles Bail

85 :04x17 - Knight of a Thousand Devils

A mobster, who has escaped from the F.B.I., uses a dune-buggy race as a cover to reach the US Mexico border where a new identity awaits him.
Guest Stars: Venice Kong as Playmate | Marlene Slieter as Playmate | Dona Speir as Playmate | Gary McMillan as Driver | Bruce Neckels as Federal Agent | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Ronald Becker | Ada Maris as Ana Lucia Cortez | Henry Darrow as Rodrigo DeLorca | Kathy Shower as Claudia Terrell
Director: Gino Grimaldi

86 :04x18 - Hills of Fire

Michael investigate a series of fire in a national park.
Guest Stars: Tim Wise as Ted Flanders | Jim Lefebvre as Bum | Jock Gaynor as Paxton | Daniel Zacapa as Manuel Gomez | Tom Simcox as Deputy Clark | Vernon G. Wells as Darryl Staples | Nana Visitor as Sandra Rusk | David Raynr as Wilson | Zohra Lampert as Tess Hubbard
Director: Bob Bralver

87 :04x19 - Knight Flight to Freedom

Michael must go through a sea of lava in a Central American country to rescue an American accused of supporting the overthrown president of the nation by the military dictator who has usurped the power.
Guest Stars: Charron McBride as Laurette Harrington | Cory Rand as Guard | Dino Rivera as Soldier | Santos Morales as Martinez | Lina Raymond as Lisa Corrales | Phil Morris as Prison Guard | William Marquez as President Soza | Eloy Casados as Raoul | Kip Niven as Tom Harrington | Miguel Fernandes as Colonel Peralta
Director: Winrich Kolbe

88 :04x20 - Fright Knight

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Guest Stars: Hank Worden as Slim | Robert Englund as Edward Kent | Leann Hunley as Liz Preston | Michael Callan as Victor Gavin | Lenore Kasdorf as Karen Bennett | Pat Buttram as Buck | Richard X. Slattery as Sam Clifford | Antony Ponzini as Mel Tobey

89 :04x21 - Knight of the Rising Sun

Michael help a friend of the foundation to protect his business and his son from an asian triad who think the son is their new boss..
Guest Stars: Paul Tuerpé as Foreman | Seth Mitchell as Guard | Michael Chong as Kumita | Bill Saito as Gobi | Rummel Mor as Coy O'Brien | George Cheung as Taneka | Ken Swofford as Nick O'Brien
Director: Winrich Kolbe

90 :04x22 - Voo Doo Knight

When he interrupts a robbery, Michael is shocked when one of the thieves commits apparent suicide, jumping out of a high-rise window. As Micheal investigates, it turns out a con woman posing as a voodoo princess is using special earclips that submit the wearers to become zombified slaves to her commands. Things become worse when Michael falls under her command.
Guest Stars: David Alan Graf as Jarrett | Chuck Lindsley as Guard | Rosalind Cash as Voo Doo Princess Harana / Bonita Vance | Henry Gibson as Donald Crane | Christie Hauser as Elizabeth Wesley | Dick Durock as Max | John Vernon as Claude Watkins | Charles Davies as Jeremy Towers
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Tim Kring

Knight Rider 2000

In 2000, a ban on handguns within L.A provokes a conspiracy cell in favour of using the weapon to free a convicted mercenary from cryogenic imprisonment. The mercenary leads a faction of corrupted cops on a crusade to show the ineffectiveness of current police methods and ocrchestrate secure posistions of power for himself and his employer.

Devon Miles and his new partner recruit Micheal Knight and reactivate K.I.T.T to investigate the cell and put them out of commission. The two are soon joined by a former police operative betrayed and left for dead, carrying within her brain a missing piece of K.I.T.T's hard-wear
Warning: Knight Rider (1982) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1982
Ended: August 08, 1986
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