Season 5

97 :05x01 - The Queen of Hearts is Wild

The girlfriend of a mob kingpin who hates Kojak is the sole witness to a murdered cop.
Guest Stars: Earl Boen as District Attorney Hepburn | Paula Kelly (1) as Janet Carlisle | Carole Cook as Marie Stella | Larry J. Blake as Desk Lieutenant | Edward Power as Federal Agent Robinson | Charles Cioffi as Arnie Brace | Cathey Paine as Linda | Mike Lane (1) as Curly | Jan Peters as Ben | Lynne Topping as Charlene | Larry T. Clark as Desk Lietenant | Connie Sawyer as Mary Benson
Director: Leo Penn

98 :05x02 - A Strange Kind of Love

A psychopathic killer believes a television talk show host is sending subliminal messages to murder.
Guest Stars: Michael Alldredge as Katkoff | Carole Cook as Marie Stella | Lee Bryant as Rita McCall | Raymond Singer as Medical Examiner | Mari Gorman as Molly Lawson | Joseph V. Perry as Talbert | Juno Dawson as Hooker | Doug Hale as Bradford | Lynne Topping as Charlene | Tara Buckman as Toni | Allen Joseph as Night man | Richard Sanders as Drunk
Director: Sutton Roley

99 :05x03 - Laid Off

A laid off New York City cop with two jobs and an ill wife takes a bribe from a loan shark.
Guest Stars: Carole Cook as Marie Stella | Michael Durrell as Kenny Murray | Anthony Charnota as Victor | Lee Wallace as Hobart | Joe George (1) as Lewis | Bill Capizzi as Forensic Man | Jed Cooper as Simpson | Howard Witt as Garage Manager
Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Writer: Burton Armus

100 :05x04 - Cry for the Kids

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Guest Stars: Jack Ging as Hackford | Carmine Caridi as Stan Sherback | Barry Miller (1) as Billy Sherback Jr. | Linda Carlson as Ellen Sherback | Al Ruscio as Jonas Vukich | Regina Baff as Sister Catherine | Susan Adams as Sergeant Harriet Clark | Phillip Pine as Jason Kreiger | Louis Gus as Karl Sheer
Director: Leo Penn

101 :05x05 - Once More from Birdland

A young singer trie sto clear her father of a murder for which he was framed and sent to jail.
Guest Stars: Milt Kogan as Al Grant | Julius Harris as Joe Addison | Theodore Wilson as Joe Penney | Richard Venture as Robert Smith | Joshua Shelley as Bob Harris | William Windom as K. C. Milano | Andrea Marcovicci as Francesca Milano | Peggy McCay as Mrs. Smith | Graig Hundley as Howie Green | Bob Minor as Blood
Director: Nicholas Sgarro

102 :05x06 - Caper on a Quiet Street

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Guest Stars: Candice Azzara as Milly Blasky | Albert Henderson as Denny | Bill Vint as Unknown | Lawrason Driscoll as Unknown | Charles Bergansky as Unknown | Gene Davis as Expert | John Anthony Sarno as Smoot | Tony Mordente as Dentist | Gary Swanson as Bobby | Armand Assante as Tom Ryan

103 :05x07 - Letters of Death

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Guest Stars: Robert Wood (2) as Bob Lawrence | Jason Wingreen as Eddie Hogan | Nick Dennis as Charlie | Bernard Behrens as Marshall Tyler | Aharon Ipalé as Andre the photographer | Cristina Raines as Janelle Rawlings | Stanley Kamel as Bert Marino | Carolyn Martin as Bertha | Chris Palmer as Ginger | Arthur Space as Ezra Rawlings | Art Lewis as Clerk | Leigh Hamilton as April Daily
Director: Nicholas Sgarro

104 :05x08 - Tears for All Who Loved Her

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Guest Stars: Jennifer Warren as Carol | Granville Van Dusen as Bodyguard Fred Tumy | John Elerick as Penny | Robert Raymond Sutton as Patsy | Frank Pesce as Spencer | Fred Beir as Robert Austin | Sam Jaffe as Papa
Director: Joel Oliansky

105 :05x09 - The Summer of '69 (1)

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Guest Stars: Rosalind Chao as Grace Chen | Sheila Wills as Leilah | David Clennon as George Martin | Pepe Serna as Rudy Diaz | Thalmus Rasulala as Unknown | Stephen McHattie as Unknown | Alex Dreier as Unknown | Harrison Page as Unknown | Phillip Richard Allen as Unknown | Woodrow Parfrey as Unknown | Diane Baker as Irene van Patten | Catlin Adams as Unknown | Cathy Karp as Nurse Amy | Edwin Mills as Dr. Wade Ellis | Jocelyn Brando as Mrs. Newfield | Merrie Lynn Ross as Hooker | Bill Capizzi as Forsenics Man
Director: Gene R. Kearney

106 :05x10 - The Summer of '69 (2)

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Guest Stars: David Clennon as George Martin | Pepe Serna as Rudy Diaz | Stephen McHattie as Unknown | Alex Dreier as Unknown | Harrison Page as Unknown | Phillip Richard Allen as Unknown | Woodrow Parfrey as Unknown | Carole Cook as Unknown | Catlin Adams as Unknown | Diane Baker as Irene van Patten | Brian Farrell as Fred Toner | Kenneth O'Brien as Silas | Kirk Galloway as Harold Woods | Silvana Gallardo as Lisa Diaz | Howard Konig as Farmer | David Glennon as George Martin | Cathy Karp as Nurse Amy | Adrian Ricard as Mrs. Rains | Kirt Washington as Blackbird | Charles Michael Kray as YMCA Desk Clerk
Director: Gene R. Kearney

107 :05x11 - Case Without a File

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Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Ma Wonderly | Sidney Clute as Kilpatrick | Angel Tompkins as Jocelyn Mayfair | Floyd Levine as Unknown | James Blendick as Unknown | Erica Hagen as Unknown | Lyman Ward as Larry Jordan | Margaret Fairchild as Mrs. Mayfair | Tony Sirico as Greek God | Shelby Leverington as Joan Jordan
Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Writer: Joe Gores

108 :05x12 - I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer

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Guest Stars: Joey Aresco as Unknown | Paul Larson as Unknown | Shera Danese as Unknown | Misty Rowe as Unknown | Joe Flaherty as Unknown | David Ladd as Everett Coughlin | Stewart Steinberg as Joe Kane | Douglas Kirkson as Alvin Kettle | Adam Wade as Roland Weeks | Herb Braha as Greg Kirkorian
Director: Russ Mayberry

109 :05x13 - Justice for All

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Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Unknown | Nova Ball as Unknown | Rudy Bond as Janitor | Ralph Byers as Chris | Michael Cavanaugh as Unknown | Nicole Erickson as Mary Jane | Peter Hobbs as Unknown | Samuel Williams as Unknown | George Wyner as Unknown
Director: Jim Benson (1)

110 :05x14 - Mouse

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Guest Stars: Peter Brandon as Unknown | Robert Burke (2) as Officer Gerber | Laura Campbell (1) as Edith Leverkune | Sam Freed as Dr. Bernstein | Lincoln Kilpatrick as Unknown | Ben Piazza as Unknown | Richard Reicheg as Wickes | Marti Stevens as Beth Avild | Bill Capizzi as Forensics Man | Michael Witney as Bukky Dunvalo
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Art Eisenson

111 :05x15 - Chain of Custody

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Guest Stars: Madison Arnold as Unknown | Bob Basso as Unknown | Fred Carney as Unknown | Lou Cutell as Dave | Raymond Duke as Patrolman Logan | Phyllis Glick as D. A. Lakos | Fred Kareman as Unknown | William Larsen as Deputy Inspector | Paul Napier as Joseph Yardley | Frank Pesce as Unknown | Allan Rich as Judge Miller | Richard Roat as Defense Attorney | Jack Somack as Unknown
Director: Russ Mayberry

112 :05x16 - The Captain's Brother's Wife

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Guest Stars: Shelley Winters as Evelyn McNeil | Sondra Blake as Unknown | Herb Edelman as Jack Cohen | Larry Gelman as Unknown | Basil Hoffman as Charlie Winston | Conrad Janis as District Attorney Lynn | John Karlen as Hicks | Bill McCutcheon as Stockbroker Fred Starrett | Andy Romano as Unknown | Frank Sivero as Tony

113 :05x17 - No License to Kill

Lt. Theo Kojak is on the trail of a professional hitman.
Guest Stars: Kenneth McMillan as Unknown | Alex Courtney as Unknown | Michael Baseleon as Unknown | Evan Kim as Unknown | Gail Landry as Irene DeMarco | Justin Lord as Patrolman Gardner | T.J. Castronovo as Gene Vacelli | David Hollander (2) as Robbie DeMarco
Director: Ernest Pintoff

114 :05x18 - The Halls of Terror

A psychotic strangler is stalking the corridors of a New York City hospital.
Guest Stars: Meeno Peluce as Christopher | Gary Allen as Hector | Charlene Dallas as Unknown | William Gaynor Dovey as Thomas | Ken Kercheval as Lacy | Zohra Lampert as Dr. Ellen Page | Michael Lerner as Dr. Samuel Fine | Erica Yohn as Unknown

115 :05x19 - May the Horse Be With You

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Guest Stars: Steve Franken as Unknown | Tristan Carrasco as Kid | Jeff Conaway as Bert Gaines | Jill Jaress as Harriet | Roz Kelly as Unknown | Sally Kirkland as Shirley | Sy Kramer as Elliott Myles | Ric Mancini as Unknown | Mary Louise Weller as Stacy

116 :05x20 - Photos Must Credit Joe Paxton

A photographer is the prime suspect of a jewelery store robbery and a phony kidnapping in which he took photos of the incident.
Guest Stars: Tige Andrews as Joe Paxton | Robert Ball as Willie | Antoinette Bower as Diane Marco / Adrianne Di Marcoli | Arte Johnson as Billy 'Bijou' Butler | Denyce Liston as June | Bob Maroff as Alex, Hotel Doorman | Andrew J. Robinson as Roger Layton
Director: Jim Benson (1)

117 :05x21 - 60 Miles to Hell

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Guest Stars: Priscilla Barnes as Sally/Vicki Addison | Dick Dinman as Unknown | Liberace as Himself | Gianni Russo as Unknown | Jilly Rizzo as Croupier | Ethel O'Connel as Mae Rainey | Mark Hannibal as Unknown | Paul Picerni as Unknown
Director: Gene R. Kearney

118 :05x22 - In Full Command

An inspector who was deined a promotion sees a current case to bolster his chances.
Guest Stars: Marc Alaimo as Unknown | Nicholas Georgiade as Gino | Lenny Montana as McCoy | M.P. Murphy as Chief Inspector | Donegan Smith as Unknown | Danny Thomas as Assistant Chief Howard Brocore | Susan Tyrrell as Mary Torino
Director: Telly Savalas
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 24, 1973
Ended: March 18, 1978
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