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Pilot - Recap

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Isidro, a teacher who believes in the existence of aliens, encounters the biggest sighting of his life when an unidentified craft lands before his very eyes. Shocked, an alien comes out of it and even talks to him in his own language! Assuring him of his safety in his presence, the creature reveals that he knows about Isidro's theories with regards to his fellow entities that live in outer space. With that, he entrusts a mystical stone on Isidro's hands which is a key to their race. He further explains that someone wishes to steal it from them. And since he is a person with a golden heart, Isidro is temporarily elected to become it's keeper until the right time comes for the alien to retrieve it back.

Thrilled with his experience, Isidro comes running towards his house to share his unbelievable story with his wife Myra. Upon spotting the van in the driveway though, he knows that an impending battle with his mother will take place. Thereafter, he confronts Doña Ingrid and demands her reason for this sudden visit after disowning him. Sounding high and mighty, the Allegre matriarch then reminds him that he can't just throw away his life and forget about his responsibilities as a son of a prominent family. She further threatens to disinherit him if he doesn't leave his good-for-nothing girlfriend. He stuns Doña Ingrid though by saying that Myra and he are married already, and as an Allegre, he couldn't abandon his real treasure which is his wife and their unborn child. Her mom then gets hysterical and tries to hurt Myra but Isidro quickly stops him. His stepbrother also comes and persuades Doña Ingrid to go home.

Later, Doña Ingrid is still upset with her son. Isidro's stepbrother tries to comfort her in vain. Feeling dejected, she still can't believe what Isidro sees in his wife for him to desert their family. Turning to him, she thinks it ironic how someone who's not her own son feels concerned for her than her own blood. But Isidro's stepbrother says that he's also an Allegre even if he is a product of her husband out of wedlock. He further vows that because of this, Doña Ingrid has nothing to fear as he will take care of the family and will give her protection that she needs.

Back to Isidro's humble abode, Myra is worried about his mom's frightening words to them. But her husband denies the truth about curses and reiterates that they are the only ones who can control their lives. And as long as they are not hurting anyone, nothing else means to him more than their love for each other and of course, their baby. He then goes to show her the stone given to him by an alien.

The next day, Doña Ingrid's lawyer arrives to show her the newly-created which will leave Isidro penniless. However, she surprises him by saying that she doesn't want her son to be cut out from the testament and thus to change it to its original content. She then explains to the stunned attorney that she can't fully turn her back to an only son. At the end of the day, she realized that a mother can't desert a son because unconditional love will always prevail despite the pain he caused her. As such, Isidro can maintain his rights to all the properties and wealth of the family and even his child as well, she declares. Hearing this, Isidro's stepbrother becomes frustrated with madness.

Much later, Myra finally goes into labor with just a midwife and Isidro to assist her. Seeing their baby boy brought to the world though make them beam with bliss. After a while, Isidro designs a bracelet just for his son with the mystical stone on it. He fondly tells the baby that the stone was bestowed to him by an alien and he hopes that it will bring him good fortune even just a little. Now, his teachers won't laugh at his face for he possesses a proof of aliens' existence in this world. Amused, Myra exclaims that he is such a kid with the kind of stories he has. He argues that it's true, stressing that he wanted to ask more questions but it was in a rush. But yes, his friend from outer space exists.

In the bar, Charisse is drunk with misery as she confides to a friend that her boyfriend Nanding jilted her for an epitome of perfection: a tall and fair-skinned woman with a beauty of a princess. Despite these, she still can't understand why she was dumped. Instead of commiserating with her though, her friend warned her that if she maintains her state of distress, her job would be taken away from her too. Hysterical, Charisse shouts that she doesn't care and she may lose a friend if she doesn't leave her alone for now.

When Isidro's stepbrother arrives in the bar, Charisse's friend quickly shifts her attention to him. Noticing his scowling face, she instinctively blames it on his family problems. She then tells him to solve his problem by going away with her instead but Isidro's stepbrother adamantly refuses, pronouncing that he can't give up his plans now after enslaving himself to the Allegre family all these years.

He then storms to the couple's hut one rainy night and angrily commands Isidro to tell his mother to bestow all their riches to him alone since he doesn't care about the money anyway. Seeing his evil intentions, Isidro exclaims that he has been such a fool for his goody-two-shoes act. He then refuses his plea and even threatens him to bare the whole truth to his mother. This brings about a serious brawl between them with Myra screaming for them to stop, all to no avail. Caught off guard, Isidro is stabbed on his knife, posing a real danger before them. He then yells to his wife to seek escape before getting stabbed again.

Carrying the baby with her, she runs for her life towards the river where Isidro's stepbrother catches her. Grabbing the cot from her, the glint of the mystical stone reaches his sight and the memory of Isidro and the alien's meeting flashes back to him. But before he can do anything else, Myra fights back, slackening his grip on the basket. The strong current of the water floats it away from Myra's reach.

Meanwhile, a car full of nuns stops by the side road where one of them takes time to pee by the bushes. To the sister's amazement, an abandoned cot lies nearby with a baby on it! She then calls her companions to see her dumbfounding discovery!