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Season 1

Season 1 (The Alien Has Landed)
An aliens lands on earth and gives kindhearted Isidro (Sid Lucero) the stone of their lineage. The alien tells him to take care of the stone until he comes back for it. The next day, his mother (Boots Anson-Roa) goes to his house; she tells him to leave his wife and go back with her. When Isidro declines, his mother angrily informs him that she will take her out of her will. Isidro's wife Myra (Mylene Dizon) gives birth to their first baby. Isidro's stepbrother Nicacio (Ryan Eigenmann) goes to his house and asks him to tell their mother to give him Isidro's share of the inheritance. The brothers get into a fight when Isidro refuses his brother's request. Nicacio stabs Isidro's side with a knife then goes at Myra as well. However, Isidro is able to hold Nicacio back while shouting at his wife to run away with their newborn son. Nicacio follows Isidro's wife and son to the river, where Myra accidentally lets go of her baby who is nestled inside a rattan basket. She knocks Nicacio out with a piece of wood then follows her son's rattan basket down the river. She fails to catch it; the basket is carried to shore and is found by nuns.

Sr. Aida (Nova Villa) sees the rattan basket beside the river. She sees the baby cradled inside it and names him Bonifacio (Joshua Cadelina). She gets the bracelet from the baby's wrist and keeps it in her cabinet. Meanwhile, Myra (Mylene Dizon) immediately goes to her mother in-law to tell her what really happened but Nicacio (Ryan Eigenmann) already beat her to it. She hears him telling his mother that it was Myra who killed Isidro (Sid Lucero). Nicacio gives a photo of Myra to the police and tells them to look for her. Myra is caught by the authorities and is detained in jail. Isidro's mother asks Nicacio to look for her grandson. Nicacio's girlfriend Divina (Jenny Miller) gives birth without his knowledge; she dies after giving birth. Before she dies, however, she is able to tell her friend Charisse (Eugene Domingo) to take care of her baby and to keep the baby from his father Nicacio. Ten years later, Myra still longs fro her son Gabriel. Sr. Aida finds foster parents for Bong; however, they back out after talking to the child.

Ten years in jail, Myra (Mylene Dizon) still wonders how her child Gabriel is, fearing he might have been found by Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann). Meanwhile, Bong (Joshua Candelina) remains in the orphanage after his supposed foster parents back out of the adoption. Bong's bestfriend Elias (Francis Magundayao), however, leaves the orphanage as the nuns have found a family for him. Bong is saddened by Elias' departure; at night, as he contemplates on this, he sees a descending spaceship. He excitedly rushes to the place where it landed. Elsewhere, Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Nanding (Redford White) decide to adopt a child so that their daughter Anna (Julia Barreto) could have a brother. Anna hears about their plan and immediately protests.

Bong (Joshua Candelina) informs Shane (Megan Aguilar), Sis. Aida (Nova Villa) and the other nuns that he saw an alien in a spaceship but they don't believe him. The alien goes inside the orphanage and takes Bong's cap. When Bong sees his cap being worn by another kid, he follows the child; Bong screams when he sees that the kid is actually the alien. Meanwhile, Anna (Julia Barretto) feels jealous because her parents Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Nanding (Redford White) have decided to adopt a child. The couple heads to the orphanage wanting to adopt a baby boy but when they see the children playing, they resolve to adopt a grown boy instead. Elsewhere, Doña Ingrid (Boots Anson-Roa) hires a detective to search for her grandchild. Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) goes to their family attorney to ask about Doña Ingrid's will. Thinking about his inheritance, he offers the detective twice the amount that Doña Ingrid pays him in exchange for information regarding Doña Ingrid's lost grandson.

The alien introduces himself as Kokey but Bong (Joshua Candelina) run away. The alien goes after him, insisting that he will not hurt him, but Bong tells him not to come any closer. Bong trips and injures his right leg; Kokey comes and heals the wounds. Kokey brings Bong inside his spaceship and shows him who the stone of their lineage was given. He also asks for Bong's help in fixing his spaceship so that he could go on with his mission. Meanwhile, Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Nanding (Redford White) go to the orphanage to back out of adopting Bong because their daughter Anna (Julia Barretto) refuses to have a brother.

Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Nanding (Redford White) decide not to adopt Bong (Joshua Candelina) but Bong stows away in their car. Bong is surprised to see that Kokey (GI Joe) sneaked in as well. Anna (Julia Barretto) is upset when she sees Bong and her apparent disapproval makes Bong cry. Trining still decides to adopt Bong despite Anna's opposition. The next day, Charisse (Eugene Domingo) introduces herself and her family to Bong. Kokey is left alone at home when Bong goes with his new family to the mall. The curious alien gets electrocuted when he tries to make the television work.

Sr. Aida (Nova Villa) is thankful when Nanding (Redford White) tells her that he and his wife Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) will adopt Bong (Joshua Candelina). Anna (Julia Barretto) tells her mother Trining that an intruder went inside their house and tried to rob them. The police saw unusual fingerprints but were astonished because they were prints of four big fingers. Kokey hides in a garbage bin; at night, the collector gets the trash and accidentally takes Kokey with them. A bling woman gives him food; Kokey heals the woman before he leaves. Meanwhile, Bong looks for Kokey but instead, he sees Peping (Quintin Alianza) sleeping inside a wooden cart. Peping helps Bong look for Kokey. Myra (Myleen Dizon) slaps Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) on the face when he visits her in jail. Nicassio informs her that son is still alive but that he has not found him yet. Bong attends his first day of classes at Anna's school.

Kokey is able find his way back to the house of Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Nanding (Redford White). Anna (Julia Barretto) screams for her parents when she sees Kokey brushing his teeth in the comfort room. However, Nanding and Trining do not find Kokey and tell their daughter that there is no alien. Bong (Joshua Candelina) introduces Kokey to Peping (Quintin Alianza). Bong and Peping give Kokey a shower in the bathroom. Trining hears Bong talking with somebody; she knocks on the bathroom door but Bong tells her that there is nobody in there but him. Bong and Peping help Kokey collect the things he needs to make contact with his planet. Meanwhile, Kokey enters Charisse's (Eugene Dominggo) house and gets one of the ensamada she baked. Bong and Peping follow Kokey and get him out of the house.

Anna (Julia Barretto) screams when she sees Kokey inside her room. Bong (Joshua Candelina) and Peping (Quintin Alianza) hurry to Anna's room and end up introducing Kokey to Anna. They tell her not to tell her parents about the alien; she agrees when she sees Kokey fix her cellphone. Charisse (Eugene Dominggo) sees Kokey's hands while Peping is eating in their house. She follows Kokey inside Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Nanding's (Redford White) house and explain to them that she saw a monkey enter their home. They search for the said monkey but they could not find it. Meanwhile, Kokey, Peping and Bong head to the roof; they position the antenna they made so that Kokey can contact his planet. Meanwhile, Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) takes Lucio, the detective, to the river where she left Myra (Mylene Dizon). Lucio finds out from Nicassio that an orphanage is at the end of the river.

Anna (Julia Barretto) and Bong (Joshua Candelina) put Kokey in a big giftwrapped box and bring it to school. Kokey bites Jimboy's (Rhap Salazar) hand when the latter inserts his hand inside the box. Charisse (Eugene Domingo) goes to the school and reports to the principal about what happened to her son Jimboy. Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) is called to principal office. Anna blames Jimboy for meddling with their business. Bong, with the box, is also brought to the principal's office by a security guard. When the principal opens the box, she finds a teddy bear inside. Meanwhile, Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) and Lucio go to the St. Joseph Orphanage to look for the son of the former's brother (Sid Lucero). Nicassio asks Sr. Aida (Nova Villa) if she remembers a child being left at the orphanage some 10 years back wearing a bracelet. The nun holds said bracelet in her pocket.

Abie (Zanjoe Marudo) goes to Nanding (Redford White) and Trining's (Ruffa Gutierrez) house to ask apologize for his sister Charisse's (Eugene Dominggo) actions. Jimboy (Rhap Salazar) climbs up a ladder to Bong's (Joshua Candelina) room; he falls down when Bong sees him. The next day, Jimboy steals the box where Bong and Anna (Julia Baretto) put Kokey. Peping (Quintin Alianza) sees Jimboy taking the box so he immediately tells Bong and Anna about it. Bong and Anna asks Abie to help them retrieve the box. Jimboy's mother Charisse opens the box and sees the statue Kokey inside. Bong and Anna are able to take the box back home. Bong and Anna introduce Abie to Kokey. Abie promises to keep their secret. Meanwhile, Doña Ingrid (Boots Anson-Roa) sees Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) giving an envelope containing money to Lucio, the investigator she hired.

Sr. Aida (Nova Villa) allows Shane (Megan Young) to visits Bong (Joshua Candelina) at their house and asks her to bring comic books with her as these were Bong's favorite. Shane accidentally leaves her paper bag at a bookstore; it is then that she meets Abie (Zanjoe Marudo) who got the paper bag and returned it to her. Shane visits Bong at their house but he is not home. Kokey later cries aloud after reading one of Bong's comic books. Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez), accompanied by Shane, Charisse (Eugene Domingo), and Marcial (Jojit Lorenzo), head to Bong's room to check on the noise they heard but they do not find anyone there. Peping (Quintin Alianza) follows Kokey when the latter runs away from the house. Kokey shows Peping his spaceship using his powers. Nanding (Redford White) offers a job for Shane as an accountant in their business.

Sr. Aida (Nova Villa) allows Shane (Megan Young) to work as an accountant at Nanding's (Redford White) business. Trining (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Charisse (Eugene Domingo) ask a ghost whisperer, Madam, to drive out the bad sprit from their house. Madam tells them that the evil spirit is in Bong's (Joshua Candelina) room. Madam points to the statue Kokey and performs a ritual to drive out the spirit from the house. Meanwhile, Don Faustino (Matthew Mendoza) asks his lawyer to check all the files of Myra (Mylene Dizon) and bails her out of jail. He recommends Myra to work at the orphanage headed by Sr. Aida. Don Faustino tells his aunt Doña Ingrid (Boots Anson-Roa) that his mission is accomplished. Elsewhere, Robin (Igi Boy Flores) gets the Bong's bracelet from a box inside Sr. Aida's office. Sr. Aida and Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) enter the room and see Robin. Robin hides the bracelet and leaves the office with it.

Nicassio (Ryan Eigenmann) sees Robin (Igi Boy Flores) wearing the bracelet which he last saw being worn by Myra's (Mylene Dizon) infant son. He asks Robin where he got the bracelet; Robin runs away after claiming ownership. Nicassio goes to the jail to talk to Myra but finds out that she is already free. Meanwhile, Shane (Megan Young) starts her job as Nanding's (Redford White) accountant. Bong (Joshua Candelina) is delighted when he sees Shane. Charisse (Eugene Domingo) goes to Trining's (Ruffa Gutierrez) house to introduce her brother Abie (Zanjoe Marudo) to Shane. Abie is surprised as she is the girl he was telling her sister Charisse about. Anna (Julie Barretto) gets jealous when she sees Abie's reaction to this introduction. Elsewhere, Kokey creates a star ball from the paper he got in Nanding's shop. He shows Bong how he created the star ball.

Nanding (Redford White) enters Bong's (Joshua Candelina) room and sees all of Kokey's creations. Thinking that Bong made them, he shows the star ball to one of his clients. Nanding then asks Bong to teach their workers the procedures in making the art piece because the client ordered 100 pieces. With the help of Kokey, Bong is able to produce the client's request, making all of the workers jealous of him. Then, a wooden divider falls on Nanding when someone accidentally pushes it. Abie (Zanjoe Marudo) accompanies Anna (Julia Barretto), Bong, and Kokey to the hospital; Kokey heals Nanding of the injuries he sustained. Lucio finds out that Robin (Igi Boy Flores) is not the owner of the bracelet.

Nanding (Redford White) and Trining's (Ruffa Gutierrez) house is engulfed in flames by an unknown cause. The police, however, tell them that it was not accidental and that a person intentionally set fire on the place. Marcial (Jojit Lorenzo) tells Nanding that he saw Bong (Joshua Candelina) earlier just watching the house burn down and seeming to have no plans of seeking help. Charisse (Eugene Domingo) tells her husband Marcial that he should not have told Nanding about Bong. Bong hears the workers talking about the accident; Marcial notices him and tells him that the workers were only joking. After the fire, Nanding decides to lay off some of the workers due to the unstable condition of their business. Marcial tells his wife Charisse that he plans to start his own business.
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Season: 1
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Name: The Alien Has Landed
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1 16 The Alien Has Landed Aug/06/2007   ABS-CBN 10 / 10 0 View
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Family | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABS-CBN ( Philippines)
Language: Filipino / Tagalog
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 38 Minutes
Premiere: August 06, 2007
Ended: November, 2007
Episode Order: 70
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