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Season 2

27 :02x01 - Kids In Capes/Attack Of The Virtual Vegetable

Kids In Capes: After an incident with Red Kryptonite, Krypto's powers are transported into Andrea and Kevin.

Attack of the Virtual Vegetable: Kevin is transported into one of his dad's old video games while playing them on Krypto's rocket.
Director: Scott Jeralds

28 :02x02 - Mechani-Bot/Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue

Mechani-Bot: Mechanicat creates a robot version of himself which begins to develop a mind of it's own.

Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue: A guard dog at S. T. A. R. Labs has an accident and is turned into plastic.
Director: Scott Jeralds

29 :02x03 - Growing Pains/K-9 Crusader

Growing Pains: Using Mechanikat's latest invention: the aging ray, Snooky attacks Krypto, but the ray hits both Krypto and Kevin.

K-9 Crusader: Ace is asked by Thundermutt to teach him Ace's way of style.
Director: Scott Jeralds

30 :02x04 - Andrea Finds Out/Magic Mutts

Andrea Finds Out: When Andrea learns that Krypto and Streaky are really Superdog and Supercat, she joins them and Kevin in a battle against Mechanikat's Dirtbot.

Magic Mutts: A new villain called Mertin the Magic Rabbit causes chaos at the fair. When Krypto gets captured by him, Ace and Stretch-O-Mutt team up to save him.
Director: Scott Jeralds

31 :02x05 - Reptile Round-Up/Streaky's Field Trip

Reptile Round-Up: Ignatius clones himself.

Streaky's Field Trip: The Supercat goes on a field trip with his fan club where they meet Ace the Bat hound.
Director: Scott Jeralds

32 :02x06 - Pied Pussycat Piper/Solar Specs

Pied Pussycat Piper: Isis manages to steal a magic pipe that has the power to control aimals and uses the device to help her rob stores in Metropolis. Then, she manages to get Ace and Krypto under her spell and an unlikely ally has to fight her off.

Solar Specs: Mechanikat's latest plot is to block out the sun's yellow rays with his sun. Instead, there will be rays of red light coming from the sun, which errases the powers of Krypto and Streaky. So, with the city's heroes powerless it is up to Stetch-O-Mutt to save the city and get Krypto and Streaky's powers back.
Director: Scott Jeralds

33 :02x07 - Too Many Cooks/Join The Club

Too Many Cooks: Brainy is put to sleep after getting dosed with sleeping gas. Then, the team is left to elect a temporary leader.

Join The Club: Snooky is sent to infiltrate the Super-Cat fan club in order to steal Krypto's rocket.
Director: Scott Jeralds

34 :02x08 - Bailey's Back/Streaky's Inner Struggle

Bailey's Back: Bailey returns with a plan to expose Krypto's secret identity. Now, Andrea is brought into the mix when Bailey threatens to expose both animal's secrets.

Streaky's Inner Struggle: Peek and Pleek show Krypto and Kevin their latest capture... a criminal named Plunk. Then, Plunk escapes and the fight is taken into Streaky's body.
Director: Scott Jeralds

35 :02x09 - Facing Time/Catopia

Facing Time: Stretch-O-Mutt must take down Mechanikat when the Dog Stars and Krypto are out of commission.

Catopia: Krypto is hit with a beam that turns him into a Cat.
Director: Scott Jeralds

36 :02x10 - The Parrot and the Pirates/Robbie's Return

The Parrot and the Pirates: Streaky runs into a parrot named Blackbeak, and teams up with Stretch-o-Mutt to stop him, but Blackbeak has a powerful weapon in his arsenal.

Robbie's Return: Robbie returns only to save the day.
Director: Scott Jeralds

37 :02x11 - Revolt of the Beavers / Invasion from the Planet Peanut

Revolt of the Beavers: After Kevin goes off to summer camp an alien beaver that goes by the name Buggy tries to lead the normal beavers to an overthrowing of human kind.
Invasion from the Planet Peanut: Streaky teams up with the Dog Stars to capture an intergalactic peanut horders, or simply put, elephants.

38 :02x12 - Mechanikalamity / Barrumpbarrump

Mechanikalamity: When Mechanikat's entry acceptance to a club gets turned down he again sets his sight on Krypto and Ace, along with his brand new suit.
Barrump Barrump: A new criminal is on the loose and is after a time stopper, which leds Brainy Barker to the thought of leaving it with Kevin and Krypto.

39 :02x13 - Iguanukkah

Ignatius buys a toy named "Chippy" with Krypto's assitance, but when Krypto has to help inside the same store Ignatius is in, Ignatius, unbenounced to him, that Krypto is no longer outside, leaves. Now he's walking in the streets trying to get home when a strong wind comes past and blows Chippy's emotion chips into some snowmen and snowoman, they come alive after an electrical surge from a lightpole. Now they're on the loose in Metropolis.
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 25, 2005
Ended: December 15, 2006
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