Season 2

13 :02x01 - Daddy's Girl

Joe and his crew investigate the murder of a teenager who was burned and left for dead. Family honor is put to the test when the victim's father wants justice while assailant's father protects his child from the law.
Guest Stars: Erick Avari as Sanjay Ramachandran | Douglas Roberts as Wade Stanton | Aaron Hill as Greg Parenteau | Leslie Upson as Doctor #2 | Elena K. Smith as Public Defender | Fernando Jimenez as Uniformed Officer | Clyde Yasuhara as Michael Kim | Christopher Hardie as Desk Man | Navid Negahban as Clerk | Avner Garbi as Zeke | Keith Pillow as Doctor #1 | Meghan Rose Ryan as Maddy Braddock | Tracy Pfau as Mother | Jeanette Brox as Angie Braddock | Jeremy Roberts as Earl Ambrose | Amanda Fuller as Emily Ambrose | Gina Marie Heekin as Nina Stanton | Charles W. Gray as Homeless Veteran | Bodhi Elfman as Kevin O'Malley | Blaire Baron as Catherine Braddock | Bobby Coleman as O'Malley's Son | Pamela Shaddock as Reporter (voice)
Director: Steve Shill

14 :02x02 - Coyote

The detectives discover a major prostitution ring while investigating a woman's murder.
Guest Stars: Erick Avari as Sanjay Ramachandran | Carlos Gomez as Torres | Kenneth Magee as Judge De Haven | Hamilton Mitchell as Jury Foreman | Tony Plana as Father Rafael Sosa | Larry Bagby as Uniformed Cop | Paul Cassell as Byron Balasco | Wilmer Calderon as Pete Beckway | Juan Garcia as Lab Technician | Romeo Fabian as Miguel Morales | Lorna Raver as Judge Ruth Salke | David Andrews as Captain Silva | Lillian Hurst as Maria Ramos | Marc Brown as Himself | Melody Butiu as Forensics Tech | Tonantzin Carmelo as Erika Sanchez
Director: Kevin Dowling
Writer: David Wilcox

15 :02x03 - 17 in 6

Detective Raymond Cooper looks for help to find those involved in a deadly gang war.
Guest Stars: Jo D. Jonz as Sherm | Vince Green as Young Man | Michael Massengale as Heckler | Destiny Edmond as Nikky | Angela Gibbs as Ms. Singletary | Marcus Brown as Ronald Coleman | Quinn Sullivan as Paramedic #2 | Ryan Honey as Paramedic | Mae Mercer as Mrs. Coleman | Derek Anthony as Bob Wilcox | Cal Gibson as Mr. Pierce | Shawn H. Smith as Lil Mo | Victor Togunde as B-Mo | Danny Mora as Detective Velasquez | Marc Brown as Himself | Al Coronel as Officer Munoz | Todd Felix as Waring | April Weeden-Washington as Victim | D. Reynolds as Ghost Dog
Director: Paul Shapiro
Writer: Joshua Pate

16 :02x04 - The Magic Bullet

The death of a fan at a wild Hollywood party leads the detectives to a record producer with a gun fetish.
Guest Stars: Lee Garlington as Mrs. Price | Andrew Cooper Wasser as Session Guitarist | K.T. Thangavelu as Griff | Todd Felix as Waring | Marci Brickhouse as Charlene Pagni | Hunter Bodine as A&R Guy | Michael Massee as Victor Hellman | Scott Rabinowitz as Detective Selig | Heidi Sulzman as Uniformed Officer | Kim Evey as Jill Soarres | David Anthony Marshall as Michael Jamalski | Jeanette O'Connor as Apartment Manager | Jennifer Sky as Melissa Edgar | Hamish Linklater as Kevin Grimes | Craig Ryan Ng as Bolo | Bruce Katzman as Bernie | Nicole DeHuff as Claudia Hellman | Robin Bartlett as Donna Bostick | Randy Oglesby as guest star
Director: Aaron Lipstadt

17 :02x05 - Slice of Life

When fishermen find a woman's headless body offshore, detectives discover she had recently given birth, but there was no sign of the baby.
Guest Stars: Barry Gordon as Alan Sperry | David Andrews as Captain Silva | Peter James Smith as S.I.D. Tech Stoneman | Dean Norris as Leon Tate | Robin Bartlett as Donna Bostick | Saul Rubinek as Marc Guggenheim | Marc Vann as Fergus Cook | Charles Esten as Carl Savitsky | Kenneth Choi as C.I. Burrell | Dale Dickey as Kathleen Anderson's Mother | John Duerler as guest star | Candace Edwards as Detective Saunders | Kathryn Gordon as Kathleen Anderson | Kyle T. Heffner as guest star | Rebecca Lowman as Amy Savitsky | Jason Padgett as Doug Hess | Sy Richardson as guest star | Robert Rusler as guest star | Alicia Sedwick as Alice Tate | Inger Tudor as Lisa Santos | Justin Urich as guest star | Julianne Dallara as Marcy Tanner
Director: John Behring
Writer: David Wilcox

18 :02x06 - Abduction

The detectives investigate the abduction and killing of the son of a couple involved in an alternative lifestyle.
Guest Stars: Kathy McGraw as LAPD Press Officer | Peter James Smith as S.I.D. Tech Stoneman | Bob Morrisey as Sam Hanson | Robin Bartlett as Donna Bostick | Sharon Brathwaite as Medical Examiner | Smith Cho as Maria | Kendall Clement as Detective Sandy Keers | Richard Holden as Lawyer | Dyan Kane as Swinger Wife | Dylan Kasch as Hugh Higbie | Whitney Leigh as Swinger #1 | Susan Leslie as Swinger #3 | Jeff McCredie as Swinger Husband | Wayne Mitchell as Academy Trainee Simmons | Rick Podell as Swinger #2 | Patricia Skeriotis as Swinger #5 | Michael Storer as Swinger #4 | Crawford Wilson as Bobby Henson | Wayne Thomas Yorke as Biker | Erich Anderson as Paul Dowd | Robin Riker as Wanda Hanson | Brian Bloom as Brett Thorson | Steven Flynn as Virgil Wilkins | Holly Fulger as Mrs. Dowd | Josie DiVincenzo as Adrian Murphy |
Uncredited: Anne Lockhart as Policewoman
Director: Keith Samples
Writer: Jonas Pate

19 :02x07 - Frame of Mind

The killing of a traveling salesman maybe connected to the unsolved murder of an adult movie star's father.
Guest Stars: Sarah Brown as Nicole Harrison | Zachary Quinto as Howard Simms | Anthony Azizi as John Saadi | Nicole Randall Johnson as Uniformed Cop | K.T. Thangavelu as Griff | Danny Strong as guest star | Dennis Boutsikaris as LaPlatt | Graham Beckel as Police Detective | Karl Makinen as Greg Larson | Alex Alexander (1) as Elaine Barnes | Robert Baker (1) as Robert Allen Payne | Rob Brownstein as Judge Sinclair | Reggie DeMorton as Bailiff | Namrata Singh Gujral as Yossi Saadi | Jay Harik as Eberhimi | Shireen Kadivar as Saadi's Aunt | Mary Ellen Lyon as Jill Fleisher | Dougald Park as Marino | Diane Rodriguez as Judge | Stuart Smith as Jury Foreman
Director: Joe Ann Fogle
Story: Josh Pate, Tyler Bensinger | Teleplay: Josh Pate

20 :02x08 - Retribution

Detectives suspect an alleged victim of sexual abuse is responsible for decapitating an Orthodox priest.
Guest Stars: Tom Ayers as Mortimer 'Mort' Johnson | Ned Eisenberg as Peter Radic / Vukov Regad | Robin Bartlett as Donna Bostick | Kim Evey as Jill Soarres | Tony Amendola as Father Saonja | Tom Wright as FBI agent Jay Delmore | Cynthia Ettinger as Patricia Milena | Sam Witwer as Stephen Baylor | Robert Baker (1) as Robert Allen Payne | Paul G. Gray as Andrew Milena | Todd Felix as Waring | Ryan Honey as Paramedic | Stana Katic as Miriam Nelson | Mark Lewis (2) as S.I.D. Tech Lewis | Lee Ann Powers as Detective |
Uncredited: Anne Lockhart as Policewoman
Director: Jeffrey Reiner

21 :02x09 - Riddance

The deaths of an artist and his girlfriend lead the detectives to a case of poisoned drugs; when they arrest the dealer, they have to prevent more people from dying and find the man who made the drugs.
Guest Stars: Jake Bern as Charlie Kisselback | Matthew Bartona as Sergeant Blake | Joe Spano as Bill Kutler | Susan May Pratt as Joanna Kutler | Manny Perez as Sergio | Robin Bartlett as Mrs. Guidry | Joel Polis as Kutler's Attorney | Scott Klace as Mr. Zeigler | Davenia McFadden as Methadone Clinic Director | Richard Gant as Chemist | Jackie Harris as Joanna's friend | Tim Edward Rhoze as Medical Examiner | John Rosenfeld as Harold Guidry | Eve Brenner as Mrs. Kutler | Barry McEvoy as Art Dealer | Johnny Asuncion as Uniformed Officer # 2 | Christie D'amore as Mia | D.J. Harner as Mrs. Kisselback | Fernando Jimenez as Uniformed Officer | Alexis Raich as Dana Guidry | Ping Wu as Boga | Lee Ann Powers as Detective
Director: Steve Shill

22 :02x10 - Killing Field

When a man is arrested for shoplifting while using a missing person's car, the police find the belongings of two other missing people in the car. The suspect kills himself while in custody. Soon afterward, the detectives find in his house not only torture elements and videos but also human bones and several graves; one of the videos indicates that there was an accomplice.
Guest Stars: Art Chudabala as Thomas Lee | Rusty Schwimmer as Lorraine Watson | Tina Holmes as Alex Lang | Brett Rickaby as John Wesley Fuller | Robin Bartlett as Donna Bostick | David Andrews as Captain Silva | K Callan as Lee's Adoptive Mother | Jeff Bowser as Joe Connelly | Kenneth Choi as C.I. Burrell | Andres Delgado as Officer Sanchez | Dan Desmond as Kenneth Lee | Marjie Gum as Dana Miller | Nambi E. Kelley as Haley Powell | Allan Kolman as Elliott Stearns | Claudette Roche as Kim Evans | Fred Saldone as Jenkins | Dan Warner as Officer | Michelle Wolff as Jane Bukowski | Lee Ann Powers as Detective
Director: Kevin Dowling
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 02, 2003
Ended: December 04, 2004
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