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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 15/Sep/1986 Pilot
02 01x02 03/Oct/1986 Those Lips, That Eye
03 01x03 10/Oct/1986 The House of the Rising Flan
04 01x04 17/Oct/1986 The Princess and the Wiener King
05 01x05 24/Oct/1986 Simian Chanted Evening
06 01x06 31/Oct/1986 Slum Enchanted Evening
07 01x07 07/Nov/1986 Raiders of the Lost Bark
08 01x08 14/Nov/1986 Gibbon Take
09 01x09 21/Nov/1986 The Venus Butterfly
10 01x10 04/Dec/1986 Fry Me to the Moon
11 01x11 11/Dec/1986 El Sid
12 01x12 18/Dec/1986 Sidney, the Dead-Nosed Reindeer
13 01x13 08/Jan/1987 Prince Kuzak in a Can
14 01x14 15/Jan/1987 The Douglas Fur Ball
15 01x15 22/Jan/1987 December Bribe
16 01x16 05/Feb/1987 Beef Jerky
17 01x17 12/Feb/1987 Becker on the Rox
18 01x18 19/Feb/1987 Fifty Ways to Floss Your Lover
19 01x19 26/Feb/1987 The Grace of Wrath
20 01x20 26/Mar/1987 Sparky Brackman RIP ?-1987
21 01x21 02/Apr/1987 Oy Vey! Wilderness!
22 01x22 09/Apr/1987 Pigmalion

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
25 02x03 29/Oct/1987 Cannon of Ethics
26 02x04 05/Nov/1987 Brackman Vasektimized
27 02x05 12/Nov/1987 The Brothers Grimm
28 02x06 19/Nov/1987 Auld L'Anxiety
29 02x07 03/Dec/1987 Rohner vs. Gradinger
30 02x08 10/Dec/1987 Goldilocks and the Three Barristers
32 02x10 07/Jan/1988 Full Marital Jacket
33 02x11 14/Jan/1988 Gorilla My Dreams
34 02x12 21/Jan/1988 Hand Roll Express
35 02x13 11/Feb/1988 Beauty and Obese
36 02x14 18/Feb/1988 Pettycoat Injunction
37 02x15 25/Feb/1988 The Bald Ones
38 02x16 03/Mar/1988 Fetus Completus
39 02x17 14/Apr/1988 Belle of the Bald
40 02x18 21/Apr/1988 Open Heart Perjury
41 02x19 28/Apr/1988 Leapin' Lizards!
42 02x20 05/May/1988 Chariots of Meyer

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
44 03x02 10/Nov/1988 The Son Also Rises
45 03x03 17/Nov/1988 Romancing the Drone
46 03x04 01/Dec/1988 Sperminator
47 03x05 08/Dec/1988 Princess and the Pee
48 03x06 15/Dec/1988 Dummy Dearest
49 03x07 05/Jan/1989 To Live and Diet in L.A.
50 03x08 12/Jan/1989 I'm in the Nude for Love
51 03x09 19/Jan/1989 Victor/Victorious
52 03x10 09/Feb/1989 The Plane Mutiny
53 03x11 16/Feb/1989 Izzy Ackerman or Is He Not?
54 03x12 23/Feb/1989 The Accidental Jurist
55 03x13 23/Mar/1989 Barstow Bound
56 03x14 30/Mar/1989 Leave It to Geezer
57 03x15 06/Apr/1989 The Unbearable Lightness of Boring
58 03x16 27/Apr/1989 His Suit Is Hirsute
59 03x17 04/May/1989 America the Beautiful
60 03x18 11/May/1989 Urine Trouble Now
61 03x19 18/May/1989 Consumed Innocent

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
62 04x01 02/Nov/1989 The Unsterile Cuckoo
63 04x02 09/Nov/1989 Captain Hurt
64 04x03 16/Nov/1989 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
65 04x04 23/Nov/1989 The Mouse That Soared
66 04x05 30/Nov/1989 One Rat, One Ranger
67 04x06 07/Dec/1989 Lie Down and Deliver
68 04x07 14/Dec/1989 Placenta Claus Is Coming to Town
69 04x08 04/Jan/1990 The Good Human Bar
70 04x09 11/Jan/1990 Noah's Bark
72 04x11 25/Jan/1990 True Brit
73 04x12 08/Feb/1990 On Your Honor
74 04x13 15/Feb/1990 Whatever Happened to Hannah?
75 04x14 22/Feb/1990 Ex-Wives and Videotapes
76 04x15 15/Mar/1990 Blood, Sweat and Fears
77 04x16 22/Mar/1990 Bounds for Glory
78 04x17 29/Mar/1990 Justice Swerved
79 04x18 05/Apr/1990 Watts a Matter?
80 04x19 26/Apr/1990 Bang... Zoom... Zap
81 04x20 03/May/1990 Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sued
82 04x21 10/May/1990 Outward Bound
83 04x22 17/May/1990 The Last Gasp

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
84 05x01 18/Oct/1990 The Bitch Is Back
85 05x02 25/Oct/1990 Happy Trails
86 05x03 01/Nov/1990 Lie Harder
89 05x06 29/Nov/1990 Vowel Play
90 05x07 06/Dec/1990 New Kidney on the Block
91 05x08 13/Dec/1990 God Rest Ye Little Gentleman
92 05x09 03/Jan/1991 Splatoon
93 05x10 10/Jan/1991 Pump it Up
95 05x12 07/Feb/1991 He's a Crowd
96 05x13 14/Feb/1991 Dances with Sharks
98 05x15 14/Mar/1991 The Beverly Hills Hangers
99 05x16 21/Mar/1991 Good to the Last Drop
101 05x18 04/Apr/1991 As God Is My Co-Defendant
102 05x19 25/Apr/1991 Speak, Lawyers, For Me
103 05x20 02/May/1991 There Goes the Judge
104 05x21 09/May/1991 On the Toad Again
105 05x22 16/May/1991 Since I Fell For You

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
106 06x01 10/Oct/1991 Something Old, Something Nude
107 06x02 17/Oct/1991 TV or Not TV
108 06x03 31/Oct/1991 Do the Spike Thing
109 06x04 07/Nov/1991 Spleen It to Me, Lucy
110 06x05 14/Nov/1991 Monkey on My Back Lot
111 06x06 21/Nov/1991 Badfellas
112 06x07 12/Dec/1991 Lose the Boss
113 06x08 19/Dec/1991 The Nut Before Christmas
114 06x09 09/Jan/1992 Guess Who's Coming To Murder?
115 06x10 16/Jan/1992 Back to the Suture
117 06x12 13/Feb/1992 I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. Markowitz
118 06x13 20/Feb/1992 Steal It Again, Sam
119 06x14 27/Feb/1992 Diet, Diet, My Darling
120 06x15 19/Mar/1992 Great Balls Afire
121 06x16 26/Mar/1992 From Here to Paternity
122 06x17 16/Apr/1992 P.S. Your Shrink Is Dead
123 06x18 23/Apr/1992 Love in Bloom
124 06x19 30/Apr/1992 Silence of the Lambskins
126 06x21 14/May/1992 Double Breasted Suit
127 06x22 21/May/1992 Say Goodnight, Gracie

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
128 07x01 22/Oct/1992 L.A. Lawless
129 07x02 29/Oct/1992 Second Time Around
130 07x03 05/Nov/1992 Zo Long
132 07x05 19/Nov/1992 My Friend Flicker
133 07x06 03/Dec/1992 Love on the Rox
134 07x07 10/Dec/1992 Helter Shelter
135 07x08 17/Dec/1992 Christmas Stalking
136 07x09 07/Jan/1993 Odor in the Court
138 07x11 21/Jan/1993 Bare Witness
139 07x12 28/Jan/1993 Parent Trap
140 07x13 18/Feb/1993 Hello and Goodbye
141 07x14 25/Feb/1993 Where There's a Will
143 07x16 08/Apr/1993 Cold Shower
144 07x17 15/Apr/1993 That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp
146 07x19 29/Apr/1993 Vindaloo in the Villows
147 07x20 06/May/1993 Testing, Testing, 1...2...3...4
148 07x21 13/May/1993 Bourbon Cowboy
149 07x22 27/May/1993 Hackett or Pack It

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
150 08x01 07/Oct/1993 Book of Renovation, Chapter 1
152 08x03 21/Oct/1993 How Much Is That Bentley in the Window?
153 08x04 28/Oct/1993 Foreign Co-Respondent
154 08x05 04/Nov/1993 The Green, Green Grass of Home
155 08x06 11/Nov/1993 Safe Sex
156 08x07 18/Nov/1993 Pacific Rimshot
157 08x08 09/Dec/1993 Eli's Gumming
158 08x09 16/Dec/1993 Rhyme and Punishment
159 08x10 03/Feb/1994 He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother
160 08x11 10/Feb/1994 McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey
161 08x12 17/Feb/1994 Cold Cuts
162 08x13 24/Feb/1994 Age of Insolence
163 08x14 10/Mar/1994 God is My Co-Counsel
164 08x15 17/Mar/1994 Three on a Patch
165 08x16 24/Mar/1994 Whose San Andreas Fault Is it, Anyway?
166 08x17 14/Apr/1994 Silence is Golden
167 08x18 21/Apr/1994 Dead Issue
170 08x21 12/May/1994 Whistle Stop

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S05 - #1 06/Feb/1991 100th Episode Celebration
Episode Air Date Episode Name
12/May/2002 L.A. Law: The Movie

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Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 15, 1986
Ended: May 19, 1994
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